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ITMG 100 Chap 1,2,10,11

The title of the executive who is in charge of the people who design and build information systems, the people who use those systems, and the people responsible for managing those systems is the
What does a systems analyst do?
interfaces between end users and programmers
Which of the following is the correct hierarchy from the lowest level to the highest level?
data, information, knowledge
_____ conveys understanding, accumulated learning, and expertise as they apply to a current problem.
A listing of all courses offered at your university would be considered _____, whereas a listing of all courses required in your major would be considered _____.
data, information
An organization’s information technology architecture:
provides a guide for current operations.
provides a blueprint for future directions.
integrates the information requirements of the organization and all users.
is analogous to the architecture of a house.
An organization’s _____ consists of the physical facilities, IT components, IT services, and IT management that will support the entire organization.
information technology infrastructure
The IT infrastructure is comprised of _______ and ________.
IT components, IT services
Enterprise resource planning systems
use a common database for all functional areas.
Refer to IT’s About Business Section Reference 1: 1.1 – Warby Parker : whats true
Warby Parker’s innovative IT based business model can be easily replicated. Warby Parker is using IT to provide better customer experience
Telepresence Robot
enable an individual to maintain a consistent connection with co-workers, customers, or clients.
Modern industrial robots must be suited to the following situations:
They can be used in the same production line as human workers
They can easily be modified to learn new tasks
Healthcare organizations will use them for home care
You have just been hired by the largest manufacturer in your area to join their management trainee program. You enjoyed your “computer course” in college and hope that you’ll be able to put that knowledge to good use. Which of the following might you expect to do during the management training program?
Become familiar with tools to support using data for decision making
As a manager in your company, you expect to retrieve ______ from operational systems and present it as _________ to your boss, who will react based on his ____________.
data, information, knowledge
In your new position, you are told that you will be working with a business analyst. What would you expect this work to entail?
Explain the business process
All business processes must be owned by one and only one functional area in any organization.
A(n) _____ is a collection of related activities that produce a product or a service of value to an organization.
business process
The goals of business process reengineering are to
Reduce waste.
Increase customer satisfaction.
Increase cycle time.
Increase productivity.
Optimize operations.
Business process management includes methods and tools to support the design, analysis, implementation, management, and optimization of business processes.
Organizations depend on IT to facilitate their transition to the globalization of their operations
In today’s business environment, it is rare for a company not to have a significant Web presence. This trend can be attributed primarily to:
Technological pressures.
The term “digital divide” refers to the gap between:
Individuals who have access to information and communication technologies and those who do not.
The Internet can both reduce and increase the bargaining power of suppliers, depending on the specific circumstances.
Selecting and adhering to a single competitive strategy is sufficient to counter all of Porter’s five forces and be successful in the long term.
Business-IT alignment refers to the synchronization of a company’s IT operations with its:
Business objectives
Wells Fargo replaced Wachovia’s online banking applications with its own because:
They were more customer friendly.
The functional area information systems are the most fundamental information systems in the organization.
The data processed by transaction processing systems provide the inputs for other organizational information systems.
Business transactions that are processed as they occur is an example of
The most fundamental information systems in an organization are
transaction processing systems
What is not a characteristic of a transaction processing system?
small amounts of data are processed
Which of the following is false
TPS need large computers to process the transactions.
Business transactions can be processed when they occur.
Business transactions can be processed after they occur.
Data for transactions can be collected by sensors.
A transaction is a business event.
TPS need large computers to process the transactions.
What is not a process within an information system for Accounting and Finance?
Inventory management
What is not a process within an information system for Human Resource Management?
Firing decisions
What are processes in information system for Human Resource Management?
Peer evaluations
Benefits administration
Which of the following is false?

ERP systems are an evolution of functional information systems.
ERP systems look the same to users as functional information systems.
ERP systems have much the same functionality as functional information systems.
ERP systems produce the same reports as functional information systems.
ERP systems use the same data as functional information systems.

ERP systems look the same to users as functional information systems.
Enterprise resource planning systems take a(n) _____ view of the overall organization.
Business process
_____ integrate the planning, management, and use of all of an organization’s resources, and are designed to tightly integrate the functional areas of the organization.
Enterprise resource planning systems
Enterprise resource planning systems are very _____ software products, meaning that companies typically have to change their _____ to accommodate how the software functions.
structured, business processes
_____ are interorganizational ERP systems that provide Web-enabled links between an organization’s key business systems and its customers, suppliers, business partners, and others.
ERP II systems
What was not included in early ERP systems?
Sales and marketing
The ______________ process originates in the warehouse and end in the accounting department.
The ____________ process originates in the sales department and ends in the accounting department.
Ad hoc
reports that contain special information not found in routine reports.
reports that are produced at scheduled intervals.
_____ reports summarize the performance of critical activities.
Key Indicators
Refer to Opening Case – IT Transformation at Ford Motor Company: Which of the following is true?
Consolidation and redundancy elimination is an important aspect of improving IT infrastructure
What is an important enabler of CRM?
recognizing that there are many customer touch points
360 degree view
The complete data on a customer
What is the most important enabler of the 360-degree view of the customer across an organization?
the organization’s data warehouse
Operational CRM
_____ systems support the front-office business processes which directly interact with customers.
The sales, marketing, and service functions are part of:
operational CRM
In _____, company representatives use multiple communication channels to support the communications preferences of customers.
customer interaction centers
_____ is the component of an operational CRM system that automatically records all the aspects in a sales transaction process.
Sales force automation
AT&T sells telephone services that include local and long-distance service, voice mail service, caller ID, and digital subscriber line access to the Internet. This is a form of:
A check-in kiosk at the airport would be what type of CRM application?
Customer touching
_____ creates statistical models of customer behavior and the value of customer relationships over time.
Analytical CRM
_____ is a CRM system that is hosted by an external vendor in the vendor’s data center.
On-demand CRM
_____ is the ability for all organizations in a supply chain to access or view relevant data on purchased materials as these materials move through their suppliers’ production processes and transportation networks to their receiving docks.
Supply chain visibility
Inventory velocity
is the time between the receipt of incoming goods and the dispatch of finished, outbound products.
A(n) _____ refers to the flow of materials, information, money, and services from raw material suppliers, through factories and warehouses to the end customers.
supply chain
A company’s suppliers, suppliers’ suppliers, and the processes for managing them is the:
upstream portion of the supply chain
Packaging, assembly, or manufacturing take place in which segment of the supply chain?
A company’s organization and processes for distributing and delivering products to its final customers is the:
downstream portion of the supply chain
Distribution or dispersal takes place in which segment of the supply chain?
Returned products, recycled products, and disposal of materials or products are called:
reverse flows
In the _____, the production process begins with a forecast.
push model
The bullwhip effect comes from
poor demand forecast
price fluctuations
order batching
rationing within the supply chain
When Wal-Mart sells a package of diapers, the company captures data on that sale at its point-of-sale terminal and transmits that data to the company that makes the diapers. When it is necessary, the diaper company restocks the diapers in that Wal-Mart store. This process is called:
vendor-managed inventory
_____ portals automate the business processes involved in purchasing products between a single buyer and multiple suppliers.
Refer to Opening Case – Customer Relationship Management in the Internet Age: What is true
Tweets containing certain words or brand names can be easily tracked down to the user
Once a comment or review is made it online, it go viral and be easily seen by millions of people
Social media like facebook, youtube and twitter can affect a company’s reputation both positively and negatively
Refer to Opening Case: What is true?
An organization has to act on posts about itself on Twitter and Facebook.
Refer to IT’s About Business 11.2: Which of the following is true about the CRM system described in the case:
It helps predict frequent customer needs
Refer to IT’s About Business 11.6: By creating manufacturing super centers, 3M was able to make its supply chain more efficient and achieve the following benefits:
Easier product customization
Airbus is able to track all the items in its supply chain using
Refer to Closing Case – Cengage Uses Information Technology to Improve Warehouse Operations: The updated warehouse management system has created the following benefits?
Increased worker productivity
Lower training time
Fewer errors
Faster cycle time
Benefits of being an informed user
1. you will benefit more from your organizations IT apps because you will understand what is behind them
2. provide input into your organizations it apps thus improving quality of those apps
3. be in a position to recommend or participate in the selection of IT apps that your organization will use
4. be able to keep up with rapid developments in exiting info tech, as well as the intro of new tech
5. understand the potential impacts that “new and improved” techs will have on your organization and therefore will be qualified to make recommendations concerning their adoption and use.
6. play a key role in managing the info systems in your organization
7. will be in a position to us IT if you decide to start your own business
Transaction Processing system(TPS)
support the monitoring, collection, storage and processing of data from the organization’s basic business transactions, each of which generates data
Functional Area info systems (FAIS)
Support a particular functional area within the organization
Interorganizational information systems (IOSs)
support many interorganizational operations, of which supply chain management is the best known
Enterprise resource planning
systems correct a lack of communication among the FAUSs by tightly integrating the functional area ISs via a common database.
Electronic commerce
enable organizations to conduct transitions with other organizations (called business to business electronic commerce)
Office Automation systems
typically support the clerical staff, lower and middle managers, and knowledge workers, by enabling them to develop documents (word processing and desktop publishing software), schedule resources (electronic calendars), and communicate(e-mail, voice mail, videoconferencing, and groupware.
Business intelligence
provide computer-based support for complex, non routine decisions, primarily for middle managers and knowledge
expert systems
attempt to duplicate the work of human experts by applying reasoning capabilities, knowledge, and expertise within a specific domain!
Potential It impacts to managers
1 may reduce the number of middle managers
2 provide managers with real-time or near-real-time info, meaning that managers will have less time to make decisions
3increase the likelihood that managers will have to supervise geographically dispersed employees and teams
Business Process
An ongoing collection of related activities that produce a product or a service of value to the organization, its business partners, and/or its customers .
Examples of Functional area business processes
managing accounts payable, managing accounts receivable, managing post-sale costumer follow-ups, managing manufacturing change orders, applying disability policies, hiring employees, training staff and computer users, and applying Internet use policy
Business process reengineering
is a radical redesign of an organization’s business processes. Key is to examine business processes from a “clean sheet”
business process improvement
incremental approach to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of a process that is less risky and less costly than BPR. it relies on a structured approach and many methodologies
Business process management
a management technique that includes methods and tools to support documentation, design, analysis, implementation, management and optimization of business processes. Coordinates individual BPI activities and creates a central repository of a company’s processes, generally by utilizing software such as BPMS
Market Pressures
Powerful customers. customer relationship management is an effective IT response that helps companies achieve customer intimacy
Technology Pressures
Ex: information overload. Search engines and business intelligence applications enable managers to access, navigate, and utilize vast amounts of info
Societal/Political/legal pressures
ex: social responsibility, such as the stat of the physical environment. Green IT is one response this is intended to improve the environment
Cost leadership strategy
produce products and/or services a the lowest cost in the industry
Differentiation strategy
offer different products, services or product features
Innovation Strategy
introduce new products and services, put new features in existing products and services, or develop new ways to produce them
Operational Effectiveness strategy
Improve the manner in which internal business processes are executed so that a firm performs similar activities better than its rivals
Customer-orientation Strategy
concentrate on making the customers happy
Transaction processing systems
they monitor, store, collect, and process data generated from all business transactions. These data provide the inputs into the organizations database.
Major business functional areas
production/operation management, marketing, accounting/finance, and human resources management.
integrate the planning, management and use of all of the organizations resources. The integration enables info to flow seamlessly across the various functional areas.
Procurement process
originates in warehouse department and ends in the accounting department
Fulfillment process
originates in the sales department and ends in the accounting department
Production process
originates and ends in the warehouse department but involves the production department as well.
Customer relationship management (CRM)
an organizational strategy that is a customer focused and customer driven. organizations concentrate on assessing customer’s requirements for products and services and the providing high-quality, responsive service. It includes acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers, and growing relationships with existing customers.
Collaborative CRM
a CRM strategy where data consolidation and the 360-degree view of the customer enable the organizations functional areas to readily share info about customers.
Customer- facing CRM applications
customer service support, sale force automation, marketing, and campaign management.
Customer-touching applications
include search and comparisons capabilities, technical and other information and services, customized products and services, personalized Web pages, FAQ’s, emails and automated response and loyalty programs
Analytical CRM systems
analyze customer behavior and perceptions in order to provide business intelligence .
Mobile CRM
interactive systems where communications related to sales, marketing, and customer service activates are conducted through a mobile medium for the purpose of building and maintaining customer relationships between an organization and its customers
Open-source CRM
those whose source code is available to developers and users. the benefits of open source CRM system include favorable pricing, a wide variety of applications, easy customization, rapid updates and bug fixes, and extensive free support info. fall back quality control.
Supply chain
flow of materials, info, money, and services from raw material suppliers, through factories and warehouses, to end customers. Three segments upstream, internal, downstream
sourcing or procurement from external suppliers
where packaging, assembly or manufacturing takes place
where distribution takes place, frequently by external factors

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