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Under the general supervision of Chief Timekeeper, checks daily attendance; prepares “Job Tickets” by describing work performed and indicating hours spent on each job by worker for labor cost determination; prepares overtime permits for signature of Supervisor; makes daily time report to Accounting Section on number of work hours of each employee, based on “Job Tickets” for payroll purposes; does related work. 1. Checks daily attendance; makes “Department Absence Report in four copies for Personnel Department, Shop Superintendent, Labor Union, and Files;

o Percentage of Time: 15% 2. Through observations or from “Work Assignment Sheet” submitted by worker, makes out “Job Ticket” of work done on each job order; describes briefly work performed and number of hours spent, fills out man number, occupational code, daily rate, and department number of employee, and indicates the job order number, item number, account number, and date; submits to Accounting Section for labor cost determination; o Percentage of Time: 25 % 3.

Prepares overtime permits for signature of Supervisor; indicates name of employee, man number, department number, date, authorized work period, and purpose of overtime on “Authorization for Overtime Work” form; submits to Accounting Section for payroll purposes; o Percentage of Time: 25% 4. Prepares daily

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report on all employees, based on “Job Tickets”; lists man number, number of hours worked – overtime and standard, amount of overtime, meal allowance, attendance, and remarks, if any, on “Daily Time Report” form; submits to Accounting Section for payroll purposes;

o Percentage of Time: 25% 5. Performs miscellaneous duties, such as: prepare Accident Reports, Vacation Leave permits, Monthly Attendance Record report, Sick Leave and Medical Check-up notes, and related tasks. o Percentage of Time: 10% Knowledge and skills required for successful job performance 1. Must have completed two years of college work or its equivalent, preferably in Engineering or Commerce; 2. Must have above average ability in arithmetic and written English, with a good memory for names and faces, work operations, and numbers. 3.

Some experience in metal or mechanical shop work, and clerical work highly desirable but not necessary. Compare and Critique you actual job duties to the job description. The job description is quite fine with me. However, I would prefer that the fifth set of tasks or the “related tasks” be removed from my assignment since the other four tasks are more than enough for a single person to handle. I would have wished that there be a job rotation, perhaps once or twice a year, so I can also get to learn other types of tasks not just the kind I could handle now.

I am aiming for a more financially rewarding job but I can’t get past that because my training is very narrow. I would welcome this important change if given a chance. PART B: Write twenty past behavior questions for this position in three categories (technical, motivational and cultural fitness) I. Technical 1. What aspects in your previous position or work prepared you for the kind of job you have now as a timekeeper? 2. In your schooling, what did your teachers or instructors say about your abilities to memorize or not especially historical figures?

3. How do you find the writing exercises in school? Did you find them taxing or irritating things to do? 4. Have you had any experience or exposure with checking or monitoring people in whatever capacity? 5. Are you familiar with various forms that are regularly found in business offices or in similar jobs? 6. Are you methodical or organized in your personal recordings such as your budget, expenses and purchases? 7. How did other workers with the same position you had deal with some difficulties that go with the assignment? 8.

What tools, materials, and equipment that you used in the other employments you had? 9. What methods and processes were you involved with in doing your previous works? 10. What was the most important duty that you had as a worker connected with Handyman? 11. What were your minor duties? 12. Were these duties performed regularly or occasionally? 13. How much time was spent in doing each part of your job in the most recent one? II. Motivational 1. In your previous employment, do you find working with strict or rigid schedule enjoyable? 2.

Did those routinary activities a source of irritation to you? 3. Were you patient in dealing with the people on a daily basis? 4. How did you find the idea of working with supervisor and others above you when you had your on job training? 5. How was the pay with your last employer? 6. Why did you leave your employment at the Zeal Surveying firm? 7. Were you meticulous when it comes to computing man hours of your previous employment? 8. How did you react when a customer started to shout and started to cuss before you when you were not the person concerned with regards his complaints.

9. What were the most enjoyable moments in your stay with any of your previous employments? 10. Why was the job done in the first place? 11. What was its overall purpose? 12. What was the purpose of each task? 13. What was the relationship of each task to the other tasks in the job and to the total job? III. Cultural Fitness 1. Have you had many encounters with people from different kinds of ethnic backgrounds? 2. What were the worst situations that you experienced with another person within a workplace? 3.

What were your biases against say, Europeans or Asians, if any? 4. What encounters later convinced you that you had stereotyped people and made you change your mind against those biases of yours? 5. Which kinds of foreigners or from what ethnic origin you have such great fears of? 6. What did you have to say concerning the government’s move of limiting people from other countries to be granted work visa in this country? 7. If your opinion had to be asked, which groups of aliens will you allow to work with you and which group will you ban?

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