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Job description Essay

Job description is the basis for any job created or designed by any organization. This is the outcome of post completion of a comprehensive analysis of the job and is also described as the document created or developed after the thorough analysis of the specified job has taken place. The description of the job is based on the analysis conducted by an external party usually a human resource consultant or by the human resource professionals of the firm itself based on the evaluation and feedback from the line managers who actually are the creator of the job.

The job description actually points out the key skills for the job, the responsibilities which will b assigned to the candidate and how accountability would occur in order to ensure the employee is following the tasks assigned and clearly stated in the job description. The job description also includes the kind of environment of the job and adaptability and compatibility is tested of the candidates during the recruitment, then training and then further on in the job evaluation and appraisal process which determines the growth of the employee both for the organization as well as personal grooming as a professional.

Any new employee who joins

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an organization must be able to analyze and understand their role in the organization better and understand what are the minimum level of skill sets required to perform the assigned tasks. For those employees, who are fresh in a new job role, and the tasks and responsibilities are also new in a way that they demand extra effort from the employee itself, then the best thing to do is to utilize one’s own experiences and understanding to decipher the job description and assess the job description to ensure whether the employee assigned the job has the capability to perform the assigned tasks or not.

For manufacturing organizations the job description is usually consistent but for service oriented organizations the job descriptions are usually dynamic as they are based on the demand from the customer and the kind of service the organization wants to provide their customers in order to keep the business profitable. These results in constantly fluctuating job descriptions which need a learning environment to thrive in and capitalize on the opportunities available. Role of Business analyst

The core function of a business analyst is to keep a close check, monitor and then analyze the comprehensive flow of information which is related to the problem assigned to them. A business analyst is a person who has the skills to recognize and understand that the information is significantly applied. The results and the consequences of a particular solution are then located and analyzed by the business analyst themselves. Project feasibility and all the activities which are related to the project are assessed by the business analyst. Responsibilities

A business analyst is the person who holds the responsibility to complete the projects as he is accountable to not only the firm but also the client such as the upgrade of the legacy billing system by Rick Auto Enterprises. The responsibilities of a business analyst are given below: All the assessments and digging for information is conducted by the business analyst The business analyst is responsible for ensuring that adequate coaching and training is provided to all the members of the team. The business analysts should be capable enough to do internal research for information.

The business analyst would lead different teams over the period of time depending on the projects and project teams assigned (HR Village, n. d). Skills Business analysts’ key performance indicators are the skill sets they carry around. Their style of working and their aspirations to achieve the set goals can be determined by their skill set. The most important skills of a business analyst are the skills which are used for the completion of any project undertaken or assigned. Different skills under the above categories are as follows:

Business analysts should show strong motivational skills as they are directly involved with the clients. Business analysts should have the urge and the drive to dig deep for new and innovative ways for completion of the project. Change management at all levels of the project are directly done the business analyst. A good business analyst should portray good communication skills with other members of the team as bad communication within the team results in negative impact on the work of every individual and the project is directly harmed by the teams under performance.

The business analyst should act as a leader at times and appreciate the good work of the outstanding members without any bias. The business analyst should have good relationship and interpersonal skills to thrive on the network they develop in order to effectively and efficiently execute the project. The business analyst needs to have complete knowledge of the technological requirements to develop and execute the project.

Robin is the best choice for this position as a business analyst as her availability is relatively higher in terms of hours/week and her hourly rate is $165. She also brings in her experiences two billing systems up gradation as a business analyst. Another reason for selecting her is her high level of participation in the progression of a custom web-based application. Although her web programming skills are limited, still her involvement in the web based programming makes her the right choice. (HR Village, n. d) Team leader Roles

Team Leaders in the modern organizations are key individuals who are responsible for the successful completion of the jobs and projects assigned and ensure high quality results to achieve desired results for the organization. Of all the roles assigned to a team leader, the most significant role of them all is the team leader’s role of motivating and driving the other team members in order to increase the overall performance of the team and deliver effective and efficient results which would help the team members to grow as a professional as well as the organization to benefit from their hard work.

The team leader is said to be the bridge between the team members and the higher management staff who conveys the demands of the team to the higher authorities on member’s behalf and conveys the desired results and outcomes set by the higher management to the team members. Team leaders job is o hold constant meetings with their team members both formally and informally to ensure that the team is well gelled together to perform tasks together and then the team leader evaluates and performs appraisal for every member of their team.

The team leader acts as a supervisor for their team and also this is one of the important jobs of the team leader to perform. The team leader supervises in terms of acting as a mentor where they help other team members to develop them to perform better, coaching, leading, and usually as a problem solver. The guidelines and principles for the moral conduct and performance are developed by the team leader who performs them while leading the team into any new task or project assigned.

They appoint the staff associates full of activity in the job. The team leader comprehensively discusses the job roles of each team member in order to ensure they have a clear understanding of the work they are to do and the kind of result which is expected from every individual in the team. A leader of the team has to provide constant coaching to their team mates in order to make sure all members are on the same page of understanding about the job (Lindenberger, n. d ) Responsibilities The team leader is the heart of every team.

It has to act in such a way that all members around them function smoothly and coherently in order to ensure the project is a success. They need to act as leader, mentor, and coach and sometimes as an arbitrator in order to ensure every member of the team has equal voice and the best idea to prevail. Skills A team leader should be well versed with the knowledge of how to function in teams A team leader should have good interpersonal skills A leam leader should have good problem solving skills

A team leader should act as a catalyst for the team A team leader requires addtional skills of performing evaluation of the team members involved and also act as a menor to ensure their growth in terms of professionally as well as personally. Terry should be selected for the position of team leader. His availability for 24 hours a week with the rate of $ 110 per hour makes him stand out relative to the rest of the candidates. Terry is the easy choice for this position as he was present when the up grade took place in the company last time.

Role of End user The end user for the project of upgrading the billing system is the technical user of the billing system. Their key role is to use the online billing system to post transactions which will directly update in the database at real time basis. Their role is to offer technical support to the billing system with the help of their skills and best of ability in order to handle the web based version. At different times they also handle the customers using the same system.

The feedback from the customer can be taken by the end user of the billing system. Their main task is to ensure that all transactions are posted and the business functions smoothly. Responsibilities The nature of the work determines the responsibility of the end users of the billing system. They are responsible for the day to day transactions and to make sure that the accounts are complete and up to date as the accuracy of the system depends of the completeness of the transactions posted during the day.

The end users are also responsible for the privacy and control of the system such as protecting the data from any un authorized attack from hackers or protect the system from being effected by virus attacks, keeping a back of all data at the end of each day, making sure that all products used by the system are licensed in order to avoid litigation issues due to their online presence. All end users are responsible to make sure that their account access passwords are well kept and not leaked out. (Lindenberger, n. d) Skills

The skills required for the end users are the common skills related to information technology as a general. The end users for the billing system will require computer skills which includes commonly used technological skills in order to run the billing system. The end users must have strong interpersonal skills as they are directly involved with the key stakeholder of the business, that is, the client and should show flexibility towards adapting the new billing system and every sort of technology used in the billing system.

For the position of the end user, Robert should be preferred. He will bring in his experience of development of websites skill and also has knowledge related to software testing. He also has worked in the job role of customer management, which makes him the perfect choice for this job. Conclusion Job description is a key tool that the human resource departments of various organizations use to analyse and understand the need of the line managers and to accommodate new employees in order to get the work done efficiently.

This has not only allowed recruitment to become streamlined but also have allow the line managers a benchmarked system which they can use to conduct performance appraisal of the employees. References Sample Job Description Santa Barbara County Human Resources Department, (2002). http://www. jobaps. com/sbc/specs/CSPEC6104. asp Lindenberger, J. (n. d) Retrieved on July 19th 2010 from http://www. businessknowhow. com/manage/jobdesc. htm HR Village. (n. d) Retrieved on July 19th 2010 from http://www. hrvillage. com/hrjobdesc/SystemsAnalyst. htm

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