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Job Stereotypes

In the business world of today, there are many employers that claim to be “Equal Opportunity Employers”. This means that the company pledges to its applicants that their employees are treated without regard to race, religion, sex, color, age, national origin, physical or mental disability. This pledge encompasses employment, promotions, transfers, recruitment, compensation, and ensuring a work environment that is free of harassment. In order to maintain such an environment, employers must provide training and resources to enhance diversity awareness of these issues in the workplace.

In the scenario with the hiring of a new marketing manager the employee has interviewed a candidate that he believes has the necessary skills and background for the position. But for some reason or other, his coworker feels that the person may not be a good fit for the position. Due to the fact that the candidate has the necessary experience and education for the position, it leads me to believe that the coworker’s decision stems from some sort of social bias or stereotype.

You will find more men that are in more authoritative positions than females. That provides fewer female role models for female employees. While a woman can often take a male mentor, many

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women would argue that there are differences in the way they communicate.And while stereotypes are often exaggerated, research shows gender characteristics do exist and play an influential role in the workplace.

Stereotypes are a part of our everyday life. We see stereotypes daily and just about everywhere. Sometimes we can put ourselves in a situation where we make stereotypes for a large group of people. Every person, boy or girl ,young and old is labelled to either be a positive or negative stereotype. Stereotyping is exactly how people see each other. Each person is called by name, that doesn’t really fit him or her. Stereotypes affect people’s daily lives, emotions, and how they interact with their environment and people around them.

There maybe times that you are not really in the mood or want the idea of meeting new people, and making new friends. You don’t feel like going outside, because we have put our own set of rules in this world. We know that we get criticized about what we wear every single day! We are criticized by everything we do like what type of music we listen to, what we look like, how we act, and who we hang out and interact with. We are also criticized on every other personal trait and imperfection that we as individuals have. We just have to set the bar way up high, probably too high for our potentials.

We cannot afford all the stereotyping that is going on between us. After we come and we say to people to just be who they are. If we say to a person that he or she is a hippie, just from the way they are dressed, that is just totally wrong. Hippie is someone who rejects the culture, not just the one who has long hair and wears beads. We are using the words in the wrong way. There are many people that have no friends, because they are tired of their critique. Leave everything behind and don’t let stereotypes ruin your social life.

Stereotypes have an enormous impact of how we look and feel towards others. That makes people have no motivation; therefore they won’t perform at any level in their life. For if a kid is stereotyped as black and obese, how can these words make him feel good, so that he/she can move on to the next level? This can create psychological pressure. Other people face stereotypes as a threat. For example there is a stereotype that says that women are bad drivers. It puts even more pressure on how they feel, not only being around people who are labelling them, but being around people that they trust. They will try to prove to them that this is just a stereotype and it does not exist. In addition, this occurs in situations where people worry for their performance and how they look like. Besides that people don’t want their poor performance to lead to negative stereotypes.

People who stereotype other groups of people worry of what they are doing is right, and this makes them stressed, because they think that they have to be perfect, in all aspects of their lives! People get tired and become fed-up with being criticized all the time. When there is no way possible to close other people’s mouths, they start to pretty much isolated. It’s the same thing as when they don’t talk, because they are afraid to say something wrong, so that they won’t look or seem out of place to others . They are afraid to fail and be a disappointment .

For example, people seem amazed whenever they see a man cry or deeply emotional. They think and feel that men are not allowed to express their feelings, or men don’t have no feelings at all. Men are not put away , they have feelings just like anyone else, but that is just a stereotype and a generalization that our society has labeled them as. It is easy to see that with are actions and sayings we are trying to kill emotions and thoughts! We all as a society must learn how to control our feelings ,emotions and thoughts , instead of letting every stereotype control it.

In addition, the things around you may also be affected as well. If you already having a bad day because someone had stereotyped you, then when you get home to family or to your friends you are going to be really nervy. Then you would be very provoked and feel sad all at the same time . You’ll maybe just go to your room or be alone somewhere. When your family or friends see you like that they are not going to feel any better, because your emotions will show them how you deal with them and that you will pass them around.

Furthermore there are times teachers question their students “Did I create a good environment, so that you can be able to talk and share ideas with the rest of your class?” Well, sometimes teachers cannot change this situation. The only people that can create a comfortable and happy atmosphere are us – the students. They are many stereotypes going in and out of every classroom. That’s why sometimes students can be afraid to share ideas, because before they were stereotyped as nerds. These days’ people are afraid to be themselves, because they fear other people. They don’t want people to think something bad for them. Secrets, thoughts, and ideas, are all held down. Stereotypes can be an obstacle as to how open you are with people and how you make people feel when you are with them!


Instead of focusing on all the mistakes of everyone around you made , we should start paying more attention of how unique each person in their own ways and how they impact the world as an whole. Stereotype causes people to feel out of place and it can even lead to depression. It’s also harmful not to their environment but also their social lives. We should completely take stereotypes out of the how we live our daily lives , even though sometimes we can be stereotyped ourselves. Stop and take a look at the person before you decide to stereotype of judge them , shake their hand , meet them and watch how your whole outlook will changed about people

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