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Kara Jones – FBLA – Business Communication

Which word has the most unfavorable tone?
You will make an initial oral presentation to a board of directors of an international company. All members of the board are competent speakers of English as a second language. You should:
enunciate precisely and speak more slowly than normal
Kevin needs to give an immediate account of a sales conference to ten people. Which of the following is not an appropriate way to communicate this information.
Which sentence most correctly applies effective writing principles?
Your savings start earning interest on the day of deposit.
In delivering an oral presentation, the most important consideration is that the
content is accurate
Emphasizing positive aspects in any speaking situation
is good business practice
When visuals are used effectively, the audience will
retain the message for a longer time
E-mail and phone messages are used
to communicate quickly
E-mail messages should be written
in a format like a memo.
An application letter should be organized as a
persuasive message.
Mandy’s customer service letter includes a heading, inside address, body, and closing. What is missing?
the greeting
Which type of grammatical error occurs in the following sentence? “While reviewing the report, the fire alarm sounded, and everyone left the building.”
dangling modifier
The subject line
sets the stage for the receiver to understand the message.
However fast the train may go, a plane is still faster.
The sentence has correct punctuation.
We discovered that those kind of form letters do not get results. Did you see the picture of President Bush and myself in Newsweek?
Both sentences are grammatically incorrect.
Can you name the _________ of Alabama?
Body language…
includes facial expressions and gestures.
colleague, congradulate, harass
1 misspelled word
prevelent, calender, mathmatics
3 misspelled words
mileage, exaggerate, efficiency
no misspelled words
beneficial, tarriff, serviceable
1 misspelled word
dictionery, competant, witholding
3 misspelled words
impatient, interceed, lible
2 misspelled words
Febuary 21, 2005/Mr. Johnson Shank/9,200 Lakeview Drive/Foley, AL 365350626
3 or more errors
Dear Mr. Johnson;
1 error
We are pleased to enclose your new Lenox Square credit card. You may use these
no errors
card in both our Lenox Square and Buckhead location. Since you have such a fine
2 errors
credit record you will be able to charge as much $4,000.00 of our impeccably-tailored clothing and accessories.
3 or more errors
Hour annual spring sale starts on april 31. A broshure describing our exciting bargans
3 or more errors
are enclosed, too.
1 error
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