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KINE 15-17

What are the two most important components of being an effective teacher?
A) knowledge and caring
B) compassion and desire
C) student accountability and curriculum
D) practice knowledge and research literature
Research shows that this is the actual percentage of class time students in physical education classes actually spend engaged in physical activity.
A) 10%
B) 30%
C) 85%
D) 60%
Which of the following does NOT represent a class routine?
A) teaching students how to retrieve and put away equipment
B) teaching students how to practice a drill correctly
C) teaching students how to enter the gymnasium
D) teaching students the stop and start signals for the class
Which of the following is most critical in helping students develop skills?
A) specific feedback
B) ample appropriate practice opportunities
C) ample practice opportunities
D) adequate instruction
Which of the following represents the most pressing goal for school physical education programs?
A) to make sure kids learn how to perform team sports
B) to make sure kids are fit by the time they reach 9th grade
C) to make sure kids learn physical activities that can be carried into adulthood
D) to make sure kids have fun in class
Instructors can best assist students to learn the rules and the routines by
A) having high expectations and being firm but warm
B) allowing the students to choose the activities each day in class
C) giving students tests on the classroom rules
D) limiting the number of rules to 10
Secondary physical education is in a healthier state than elementary physical education.
A) True
B) False
Which of the following best describes content knowledge?
A) knowledge about the most appropriate teaching methods for a particular content area
B) knowledge about the subject matter
C) knowledge about organizing curricular activities
D) knowledge about organizing and managing a classroom
To what does teacher-coach role conflict refer?
A) the similarities of the work environment
B) the values and desires of each position
C) the differences in salary demands
D) the challenge of meeting the conflicting demands of the two positions
A competent bystander is all of the following EXCEPT
A) a student who avoids participation
B) a student who is sometimes not noticed by the teacher
C) a student who is generally well behaved
D) a student who is actively engaged in class activities
Undergraduate students often believe that they know all there is to know about teaching and have little more to learn.
A) True
B) False
What would be the most common concern for new teachers?
A) providing clear feedback to students
B) teacher’s expectations
C) class management and discipline
D) developing expertise through experience and knowledge
What is another term for the study of teaching?
A) professor
B) professional
C) physiologist
D) pedagogy
What is the major professional organization related to teaching physical education?
Teaching others successfully requires a background in knowledge about the _____ of physical education.
A) history
B) pedagogy

C) content
D) fluidity

Which of the following describes a curriculum that emphasizes the development of personal responsibility?
A) social development model
B) conceptually based program
C) fitness curriculum
D) sport education
What is the primary goal of a physical activity pedagogist?
A) to research
B) to retain
C) to win
D) to educate
There has been a dramatic increase in pedagogical research within the past two decades.
A) True
B) False
Which of the following correctly describes an underachiever?
A) individual who has much ability but fails to practice or train
B) individual who has little ability but fails to practice or train
C) individual who has much ability and maximizes potential through practice and training
D) individual who has little ability but maximizes potential through practice and training
As a rule, instructors can best assist students as they learn rules and routines by
A) all of the above
B) being firm but warm
C) describing how rules will be enforced
D) having high expectations
Learned helplessness is a temporary response for someone who is perceived as a low achiever.
A) True
B) False
Which of the following describes professional practice knowledge?
A) knowledge teachers have about the content of their subject matter
B) knowledge teachers acquire from their experience as students in the public schools
C) knowledge teachers have about particular students
D) knowledge teachers acquire as a result of practicing their craft
What is sport pedagogy?
A) study of teaching physical education
B) working with athletes’ feet
C) study of athletes’ feet
D) working with young athletes
Which of the following would NOT help a teacher to survive in an environment that is less than ideal?
A) avoidance
B) commitment
C) persistence
D) compromise
In the first half of the 20th century, the main focus of school physical education classes was
A) expressive movement
B) military drills
C) sports
D) exercise
All of the following characterize teaching excellence EXCEPT
A) automaticity
B) problem solving
C) experience

D) knowledge

Which of the following represents the most common form of discrimination in physical education?
A) physical ability discrimination
B) physical appearance discrimination
C) gender discrimination
D) race discrimination
In a physical activity class, engaged time refers to
A) time actually spent on task, doing physical activity
B) time from the beginning of class to the end
C) time from the beginning of class until time to change at the end
D) time spent stretching
Pedagogy of physical education is often referred to as
A) education pedagogy
B) physical education pedagogy
C) physical pedagogy
D) sport pedagogy
Griffin (1986) summarized the various obstacles to excellence. Which is NOT one of the obstacles?
A) lack of teacher or program evaluation
B) acceptance of mediocrity
C) lack of sleep
D) isolation
The set of standards that should be met by all beginning teachers in physical education was developed by
“With-it-ness” refers to teacher expectations that are clearly enforced.
A) True
B) False
The recommendation for on-task, functional learning time is that for a minimum of ________ of the total class time, students should be engaged in physical activity.
A) 20%
B) 30%
C) 50%
D) 40%
E) 10%
What is the difference between sport instruction and sport coaching?
A) Instruction is for novices and coaching is for elite populations.
B) Instruction is learning and coaching is enhancing.
C) Instruction is acquiring knowledge and coaching is improving performance.
D) The people teaching the class are different.
Teaching and coaching are one and the same.
A) True
B) False
As a teacher-coach you must be able to
A) all of these
B) engage in strategy
C) look beyond wins and losses
D) plan and organize
Although not required for all of the coaching and instructor careers, certifications can be earned for these positions.
A) True
B) False
Coaches direct much of their attention to teaching basic skills rather than enhancing performance.
A) True
B) False
Both clinical and educational sport psychologists teach athletes a variety of techniques for performance enhancement. Which of the following is NOT one of those techniques?
A) nutrition
B) self-talk
C) relaxation
D) mental imagery
Employment opportunities for professional coaches are slim.
A) True
B) False
All of the professions in teaching and coaching are concerned with
A) teaching unskilled individuals
B) winning
C) teaching highly skilled athletes
D) developing fitness and motor skill performance
More coaches are beginning to embrace the importance of developing mental skills in sport.
A) false
B) true
How do the acts of teaching and coaching compare?
A) They have more in common than in contrast.
B) The acts are similar and the professions are distinct.
C) They are more different than similar.
D) The acts are similar and the professions are similar.
What other duty besides coaching is a head coach at a high school most likely to have?
A) serving as the head coach of a second sport
B) determining the school’s athletics budget
C) teaching a math class
D) working as the school nurse
At which level of physical activity coaching are positions least available?
A) public school
B) communities
C) university
D) community college
Schools are the only places where teachers teach.
A) True
B) False
All teachers and coaches require some type of certification.
A) True
B) False
Which of the following statements is the most correct in relation to time spent by coaches and time spent by sport instructors?
A) Instructors spend more time on off-task duties than they do on instruction.
B) Coaches spend more time coaching than they do on off-task duties.
C) Coaches and instructors spend the same amount of time on off-task duties.
D) Instructors spend more time on instruction than they do on off-task duties.
Teaching tends to be directed toward
A) all populations
B) populations with limited performance skills and knowledge
C) professional athletes
D) populations with excellent performance skills and knowledge
Teaching and coaching both involve instruction.
A) True
B) False
In what coaching setting would more time be spent instructing fundamentals?
A) college settings
B) professional settings
C) community settings
D) high school settings
Two organizations that offer certification programs for community sport and high school sport coaches and instructors are
A) National Youth Sports Coaches Association and National Association for Sport and Exercise.
B) National Collegiate Athletic Association and American Sport Education Program.
C) American Sport Education Program and National Federation of State High School Associations.
D) American College of Sports Medicine Instructor Certification and National Federation of State High School Associations.
A teaching pro would most likely teach
A) tennis
B) field hockey
C) football
D) volleyball
Teaching and coaching are roughly the longest-standing professions within the field of physical activity.
A) false
B) true
Which is an institutionalized setting for coaching?
A) private secondary school
C) professional sport organizations
D) national youth sport program
Which of the following best describes middle school coaches?
A) They can teach very complex game strategies.
B) They help students interested in sport to develop a positive view of themselves as athletes and teach them important physical skills and strategies.
C) They are primarily involved with students who are interested in sports and want to invest the time needed in order to become good athletes.
D) They spend much time reviewing game films, developing strategies against a given opponent, and scouting and recruiting potential team members.
How do the duties of teachers and coaches compare?
A) There is little overlap in their duties.
B) Both are based on research conducted in their respective areas of responsibility.
C) There is much overlap in their duties.
D) It depends on the level at which one is teaching or coaching.
What is a serious problem that can occur at the site of competition?
A) dealing with parents
B) dealing with athletes’ issues
C) dealing with officials
D) dealing with crazed fans
Most community colleges require that their teachers have master’s degrees.
A) True
B) False
One of the greatest perks of coaching at the high school level is the additional pay for working with the athletes.
A) True
B) False
Which of the following are activities common to acts of sport instruction and coaching?
A) instructional activities designed to alter attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors with respect to physical activity.
B) specific activities designed to improve performance in regular athletes
C) specific instructional activities for promoting learning in novices
D) specific activities designed to improve performance in elite athletes
Worksites for teachers and coaches are identical.
A) True
B) False
Professional sport instructors offer services (private or group lessons) solely in an activity related to their
A) comfort
B) expertise
C) certification
D) physical ability
Duties of coaches and their off-task duties do NOT consist of
A) meeting with parents
B) talking to the media
C) lesson planning
D) evaluating officials
What is a common task or duty of both sport instructors and coaches?
A) meeting with parents
B) scouting other players
C) keeping financial records
D) repairing equipment
A mentor is best described as an individual who
A) works for the government
B) provides a student or professional with guidance and advice based on his or her own wisdom and related experiences
C) is an alumnus of your university
D) hires interns and works with them during their internships
Program management activities vary across functional areas and sport industry segments. Two of the more common areas are
A) scheduling and maintenance of facilities and equipment
B) sport management and risk management
C) marketing research and employment outlook
D) public relations and sport marketing
Sport entertainment includes
A) paying the players
B) time management
C) paying the coaches
D) event management
The sport industry has existed only since the 1950s.
A) True
B) False
What would be most important for a sport management student to have in securing employment after graduation?
A) good communication skills
B) a variety of practical experiences (e.g., internship)
C) a good mentor
D) membership in a sport management organization and knowledge of events
The 21st century provides many exciting employment opportunities for qualified individuals interested in ________ management careers.
A) therapy
B) industrial
C) private
D) sport
Which job would NOT be a part of sport management?
A) sport agent
B) recruiter
C) athletic director for a high school
D) general manager for a golf course
Risk management is a responsibility of
A) top management only
B) all employees
C) lower management only
D) middle management only
Which of the following connects the sport product or service with the ultimate consumer?
A) promotions
B) advertising
C) sponsorship
D) distribution
Which of the following professional organizations is responsible for the development and continued monitoring of the curriculum standards for sport management degree programs?
Which is NOT a sport management industry?
A) support services
B) participation
C) entertainment
D) presentation
What are tactics that marketers use to communicate with and attract buyers?
A) advertising
B) promotions
C) distribution
D) merchandising
Product development and promotion are examples of which kind of management?
A) public relations management
B) legal management
C) human resource management
D) event management
Which of the following is a for-profit sport participation organization?
A) retail sporting goods store
B) professional sport team
C) golf course
Which of the following represents information placed in the media by an identified sponsor that pays for the time or space?
A) sponsorship
B) distribution
C) advertising
D) promotions
Which of the following is a nonprofit sport participation organization?
B) golf course
C) batting facility
D) professional sport team
Which of the following is NOT a traditional area associated with sport marketing?
A) research and development
B) advertising
C) merchandising
D) compliance
Which type of management deals mostly with scheduling, sales, sponsorships, advertising, and inventory management?
A) event management
B) human resource management
C) risk management
D) financial management
What can a sport manager specialize in?
A) sport risk management
B) sport finance
C) sport insurance
D) sport public relations
What skill or ability is required in order to function effectively in almost every sport management task?
A) finance
B) marketing
C) compliance
D) communication
As U.S. society has grown increasingly litigious, sport administrators have become more concerned about which of the following?
A) financial management
B) human resource management
C) risk management
D) event management
Providing support services, facilities, and other amenities to make the performance and spectatorship of the physical activity experience as enjoyable as possible is the goal of
A) health and fitness
B) physical education teachers
C) sport management
D) therapeutic exercise
Risk management focuses primarily on practices and procedures designed to eliminate financial losses.
A) True
B) False
Which of these best describes the sport management field?
A) It offers many employment opportunities.
B) It focuses only on business aspects.
C) It focuses on athletics only.
D) It is more narrow than other physical activity fields.
Human resource management is concerned with getting the most out of employees while paying them the least amount possible.
A) True
B) False
Which is NOT a profession in sport management?
A) event management
B) marketing management
C) risk management
D) institution management
Ice-skating rinks and bowling alleys would fall under which setting of the sport management industry?
A) entertainment
B) participation
C) support services
D) recreation
The sport industry includes only competitive sport.
A) True
B) False
The growth in the number of spectators at sport events
A) is exciting news for those working in the sport management field
B) is a potential cause for concern of those working in the health-related fields
C) both a and b
D) neither a nor b
Large sport organizations are most likely to have job opportunities in a variety of separate functional areas (e.g., marketing, management, program planning).
A) True
B) False
Which of the following is the greatest asset of any sport organization?
A) customers
B) ownership
C) employees

D) profits

What role does a collegiate licensing company play?
A) allows students to get their licenses in their fields of study
B) manages the licensing programs of universities and colleges
C) licenses students to get more jobs while attending college
D) manages college students to help them balance their studies

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