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Kinn’s Chapter 13 Study Guide

Roberta has a _________ tone in her voice when she speaks to the office staff, and this has caused friction between her and the employees.
Most of the mail the Blackburn Clinic sends is classified as __________ mail, which means it is sent within the boundaries of the United States.
Savannah asked Noble to __________ a memorandum among all the employees.
Dr. Lupez suggested that the clinic sell or donate all the ________ computer equipment once the new system had been installed.
Jaci sometimes gets confused about subject and predicate _______ when she is writing.
Mrs. Abernathy reminded the students to make the margins ______ to the left when writing memorandums.
Dr. Lawler asked Roberta to order new stationery and specifically requested that the ____ be of a high quality.
All the staff members enjoyed having Alicia as an intern because of her _______ personality with the patients.
The physicians considered rearranging the drug sample shelves ____________ according to type of drug.
Dr. Hughes’ ____ remark was out of character, and Suzanne was certain that he was simply stressed over a patient.
Ellen forgot to measure the ______ of a package before taking it to the post office to mail.
Jacqueline has a talent for writing _______ documents that are easy to understand.
Angela was _______ the newsletter yesterday afternoon.
What is a watermark?
A watermark is a marking in paper that results from differences in thickness that are usually produced by the pressure of a projecting design in the mold or on a processing roll. The watermark is visible when the paper is held up to the light.
Why is a portfolio useful in the medical office?
A portfolio is a set of pictures, drawings, documents, or photographs that are bound in book form or loose in a folder. If examples and copies of various letters and documents used in the office are kept, the style can be copied and used for future correspondence. If the portfolio is kept on a disk or on the computer, the documents in it can be quickly altered for multiple uses. This saves time and effort for the administrative staff.
Explain how a ream of paper is determined.
quantity of paper
weight or consisting of various 480,500,516 sheets of paper
List several pieces of equipment used for written communications
Computers, word processors, handwritten notes and telephone messages, typewriters, copiers, and scanners
List some of the supplies used for written correspondence.
Stationery, notepads, envelopes, pens, pencils, telephone message pads, prescription pads, and other supplies
What is standard letter-size paper?
8½ × 11 inches
List the four parts of a letter.
a. Heading
b. Opening
c. Body
d. Closing
Name three items that should be on a continuation page.
a. Name of the addressee
b. Page number
c. Date
What is the difference between registered and certified mail?
Registered mail is mail of any class particularly of high value such as equipment.
Certified mail is mail of any class without intrinsic value such as contracts, deeds, etc.
Name and briefly define the parts of speech.
a. Noun—Person, place, thing, thought, idea, or concept
b. Pronoun—Replaces a noun and provides the writer with shortcuts so that proper nouns do not have to be constantly repeated
c. Verb—Action word that expresses movement; linking verbs express a condition or state of being.
d. Adjective—Describes nouns and pronouns or may show which one, how many, and what kind of
e. Adverb—Describes verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs; specifies when, where, to what extent, or how
f. Preposition—Connecting word that show a relationship between nouns, pronouns, or other words in a sentence
g. Conjunction—Part of speech that joins words or phrases
h. Interjection—Word that shows strong feeling; often followed by an exclamation point and sometimes by a comma
List and describe the four types of letter styles
a. Block letter style—All lines start flush with the left margin. This style is considered the most efficient but is less attractive on the page.
b. Modified block letter style—The dateline, complimentary closing, and typewritten signature all begin at the center. All other lines begin at the left margin.
c. Modified block letter style with indented paragraphs—Identical to the block style except that the first line of each paragraph is indented five spaces.
d. Simplified letter style—All lines begin flush with the left margin. The salutation is replaced with an all-capital subject line on the third line below the inside address. The body of the letter begins on the third line below the subject line. The complimentary closing is omitted. An all-capital typewritten signature is entered on the fifth line below the body of the letter.
List three things to do before answering a business letter.
a. Annotate
b. Draft the letter
c. Correct the draft
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