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Knowing your work place

Knowing your ideal work culture is beneficial in every area of the work place. Organization, values, vision and work language are all, different forms, of work culture. This essay will examine the work culture; appropriate channels for communications, ways to improve the quality of the work culture, and steps that can take to create a better work culture. The first question we examine will be how can knowing your ideal work culture help you in determining appropriate channels for communication?

Every job has a different work culture. Understanding my ideal work culture helps me focus on my strengths and my weaknesses. Fairness is one of my strong points at the work place. All employees should be treated equal and this characteristic should displayed by all employees. Knowing yourself will allow you to understand the proper communication with others. Some employees might not be as passionate about equality and justice in the work place. Knowing my ideal work culture, will allow me speak on the behalf of other who are not so strong in that area. The same communication skills can be taken from the job to your house hold. Learning more about yourself will enhance your communication skills with others. The next topic we will discuss is the result of my communication skills.

Teamwork will always help improve the atmosphere of the work place. Teamwork is dream work, and a job that promotes unity is a job built on a strong foundation. The career plan results declares, that I enjoy working in small knits groups, that I promote interdependence and that I am friendly and supportive of colleagues. The best communication is showing other that your there to help them in any way possible. Encouraging one another, uplifting each other, sharing and promoting responsibility will always be helpful in the work place. The last issue we will discuss are ways to improve the quality of the work culture.

Communication is the main key when improving the quality of the work culture. Every situation at the work place should be handling among colleagues. Leaning the strengths and weaknesses of others can always improve the quality of the work culture.