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Knowledge Management System for the Personnel Selection Essay

This expert system will be used by a corporation which co-operate with enterprises and organizations as well as with candidates aiming at coverage agencies to informing relevant to labor market and the support of the young seeking for work. The system will be based on registry specific Information both for the candidates and the enterprises. The expert system with the help of Rule-Based System will be able to suggest candidates for specific positions in the enterprises.

Methodology The methodology practice of the selection and positioning candidates mechanism to the appropriate employment positions initially includes the collection of information. 1 Definition of the enterprises in which candidates have been engaged in so far. Definition of the sensible topics, skills that have been offered from the enterprises so far. 3 Definition of the skills that have been requested from the candidates so far. We select the enterprises with which the corporation has been co-operated in the past with the employment of the candidates and we categorize them based on the activation as well as the specialties.

Afterwards, there should be a setting of knowledge, abilities and skills required per position for sensible topics and specialties. Moreover, it is defined whether particular skills are required

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according to he qualifications of the innervations of the enterprise. The setting of skills and qualifications that are required for every specialty is done by the people In charge of the enterprise. The grade of significance for skills and qualifications are defined by the enterprise. (Appendix 1 The evaluation of the significance will be general sense. 1 org interest for the suggesting working positions.

The setting of abilities and skills of the candidate required per position will be evaluated by the C.V. (curriculum vitae). Next, those elements for clearly defining the profile of officials must be introduced into the yester. Apart from the personal data inventory (name, surname, certified education professional experience etc. ) other data could be included both qualitatively and quantitatively. Qualitative data could be obtained after an interview with candidates of the 3 officers of the company and filling out a form that contains a personality test (Appendix 2).

Then the managers will complete a questionnaire (Appendix 3) drawn up for the extraction of qualitative information of each candidate (hence responsibility creativity etc). Moreover, the profile of the company which wants to employ the official candidate should be identified by completing a prescribed brochure. Having set all the above there should be the choice of placement the officers to establish the rules matching between candidates and Job offers. The initial placement of candidates in working positions is done by a person responsible for placement.

Depending on the satisfaction of the requirements of the staff member’s job in the company recruited as well as the satisfaction of the requirements of the company’s performance by the official responsible for placement, the right and successful matching of the position offered and the employee can be considered for and will be scored out of 20. Both the employee and the business will rate the requirements with the best 10. The rating of the controller placement will be calculated from the sum of the two scores. The satisfaction of the company will have greater significance in relation to employee satisfaction.

If the positioning controller has participated in more than one placement, the average score will be calculated. Then the people responsible for the installation will be categorized by specialty and spelling and according to the average of the marks will be collected to fill a table of classification that has the highest rating in that the lower category. The above methodology describes how to identify the best placement managers who then will be the Experts in the original wording of the rules of placement officials offered a special position and requirements.

Then we set the rules to select and place candidates to specific working positions that are offered taking into consideration the profile of the firm, the profile of candidate, knowledge, skills and abilities and acquirement of the position offered and the requirements of candidates for the profile of the firm. These rules are determined at the interview with the so far experts as well as from a questionnaire completed by the experts during the interview with the candidate.

The extraction rules are become after recording the grounds of the expert with whom there has been the matching between the officials and the position offered by the firm. During the interviews the criteria that are taken into account by experts are reflected. These rules could also be determined using neural networks. The profile of the candidate, the profile of the firm that the employee was placed, the satisfaction of the employee and of the company would be introduced into the system and with the use of neural networks the potential rules in which the controller has been based for this matching will be determined.

Having set the rules into the system, we make the profile of the employees interested in the Job as well as fill the profile of the companies that offer the working positions. We implement the placement of the candidates in the offered working positions using the expert system plopped, while setting the experts placing the same candidates that their profile were entered to the expert system to the offered working positions. Following this procedure, we compare the results the system has given to the results of the experts. The control of the systems performance is achieved by this comparison.

If a matching is common as a result in both the expert system and the placement of the expert the afterwards progress of the choice as to the correctness and success is examined. Following the placement of candidates and the completion of the process the employees and the companies are called to rate again the satisfaction of their claims and the success of the placement. And in this case the score for each satisfaction will become a perfect 10 and the final grade will be calculated from the sum of two scores with a maximum score of 20.

The system can correct the rules alone without iterative method of feedback through special software data mining. Finally procedures to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of the system and the results of these procedures were used to show that the system is working. HIRING PROCESS FLOW DIAGRAM START Choice of candidate Defining working Place Interview Display Interest Hiring of the Candidate Collection of the Applications Acceptance of the position Defining Quantitative and Qualitative data End of the process part B In this section we will apply the expert system in a particular company.

The company which will find use of the system that created is the В«CareersВ» which was founded in 1997 by a group of particularly young people, aiming to fill the gaps in briefing on the labor market and the support of young people seeking for work. In the years that allowed, the company has set the basis for her evolution in a flexible and quickly developing body, continuously designing new products and services career, which meet the growing needs of the potential labor market area.

The aim of the company is to constitute a comprehensive and continuously updated online Journal of finding employment and labor, to serve as a useful tool for both candidates and employers with a large number of companies that are looking to employees and Job seekers. So far (before the use of expert system) when a Job vacancy opened the enterprise informed the company about the type of positions and the requirements. Then the company informed the website with the new position so that the candidates to express their interest by completing an application.

Afterwards, the candidates sent their C.V. memo so that the quantitative data to be gathered. After gathering the resumes, an interview by experienced people followed and a form was filled out that included a personality test for the extraction of qualitative information of candidates. Having gathered the qualitative and quantitative data of candidates, the experts were tidying the requirements set by the company and did the matching. Then each candidate was appointed in the position deemed suitable by the experts.

After some time in the specific position, the employee filled out o form on how pleased is from the company and from the position as well as and how pleased the company is from the employee. In this way, the experts for the placement were Judged. Now that the expert system that was created has been installed and will be used the process of recruiting people will become simpler, faster and with greater success in matching. Three major companies have contacted the company В«CareersВ» to search the appropriate employees in 5 different Job specialties.

The ratings that the companies are interested in recruiting employees are two accountants, a developer, a project manager and a Procurement Manager with the following requirements: Accountant ; ; ; ; ; ; A higher education degree in Accounting or Economic Direction Authorization to practice first class (or ability to obtain this) 3 years experience in industrial company Very good knowledge of Industrial Cost, KVASS, Personal Income Tax Law, GELS

Very good knowledge of English Very good knowledge of computers (MS Office, Accounting Programs) Organizational & communication skills Accountant ; ; ; Graduate Business School University Excellent knowledge of English (knowledge of French or German desirable) Using computers, professional responsibility, industriousness, organizational and creative spirit, analytical and synthetic thinking, ability to manage time, maintenance deadlines. Developer ; ; University Degree in a specialization in Computer Science (Greek or recognized institutions abroad) Knowledge of programming platform of Java Enterprise.

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