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Leadership Final Test 1

The weakest link in business and industry effectiveness
Satisfactions of leaders include both
a chance to help others
feeling in on things
Caring leadership means (2)
caring about the task to be done
caring about people
Greek warrior Achilles lead by
Political leadership is to Caesar and Elizabeth as
None of the above
Rosa Parks provided leadership in the area of
Civil Rights
Influence of environmental factors and individual qualities in determining leadership effectiveness is shown in studies by
None of the above
Central message of Theodore Roosevelt’s passage
Better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all
Karl Marx observed
The manner in which a society does its work shapes most things a society believes and does
Leadership is present
In all areas of society and at all levels of responsibility
John W. Gardner identifies the ____ where his leadership emerged from being a _____.
crucible; marine
Researchers have focused upon two main theories of leadership effectiveness
trait; behavior
In ___ Ralph Stogdill and others…
1945; Ohio State; Rensis Likert
Vince Lombardi had a __ personality
Charismatic; values and goals
Antoine de Saint-Exupery spoke to the ___
Imaginative nature of vision
Problems with ___, ____, and ____ are fertile fields for emotional instability
alcohol; money; relationships
“nothing in life just happens, it isnt enough to just believe in something..”
Golda Meir
Most important quality of leadership is __ including __ and ___
integrity; honesty; courage
Successful leaders today function more as __ and __ than __ and ___
Facilitators; teachers; enforcers; disciplinarians
In general, when work to be done is…
Clear cut; routine; monotonous; non-directive; supportive
___ advocated a __ style of leadership and __ advocated a __ style of leadership
Machiavellie; directive; Lao-Tzu; non-directive
Participative followers ____ regular staff meetings, oopen door policy…
___ is a special personal quality that generates others’ interest
Characteristics of followers that influence the leadership process are
respect for authority
interpersonal trust
“he made me feel important” vince lombardi
charismatic personality
Edwin Ghisselli’s 6 traits of leadership do not include
social status
all of the following are factors that influence nature of the situation except
employee wages
Ghiselli identified 6 traits for effective leadership except
strong ego
Qualities of ineffective leaders have been identified by__-
Barbara Kellerman
incompetence, rigidity, intemperance, callousness, corruption, cruelty
___ said “criticism should not be querluous..”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
___ said ” very few men are wise by their own counsel..”
Ben Johnson
Douglas McGregor married the ideas of
Lewin; Maslow
If more than ___% of your job is painful…
___ was a Russian writer
Leo Tolstoy
in ___ stage, member behavior is characterized by a shift from detachment to involvement
The quality of hum relations in any workplace reflects
members; leaders; value of humanity
___ is required when people of different styles live/work together
All of the above
Warren Bennis indentifies 4 principles of effective leadership
only spend time with people who help you
Fully functioning groups are characterized by
all of the above
time tested practices for developing successful teams
all of the above
A leader can create a high performance team by
all of the above
Which of the following is not a positive role someone would play in building…
above it all
research shows that success is enhances..
all of the above
intrinsic factors that are necessary for a satisfying job do not include
job security
The engineers that approved the challenger fell victim to
the hawthorne studies
analyzed working conditions and work relationships
the best human policy is for men and women to treat one another
respect; leader
meta-analysis shows
positive; organizational commitment, job performance, organizational citizenship and retention
___ said “teamwork is the fuel that allows common people..”
Andrew Carnegie

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