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Leadership style

The research will gather both primary and secondary data, where surveys with questionnaire will bring the primary data. Apart from that data collected from literature review would be the accredited findings of other researchers in published form, the published performance details of the companies, etc. Strict criteria will be applied to maintain the relevance of all data with the proposed study. Survey would adopt the process of collecting the answers from the executives currently engaged in business situations, where their names will be kept anonymous on ethical grounds.

This approach to survey would help to gather many tricks and tips of the trade, which would certainly be beneficial to gain more insight about the subject and formulating the intended solution of the problem dealt in this study. Since such tips and tricks will come from the real business world, they would add more accuracy in establishing the logic behind the proposed solution. To ascertain the validity of the proposed data, same set of questionnaire would be sent to the executives, so that any bias or irregularity can be underpinned and omitted accordingly.

Since a large part of the data are expected to deal with apparently intangible elements like attitudes, beliefs, intrinsic motivation, etc. , philosophical inferences on set situations would also be applied to evaluate their capacity to become positive or negative drivers of the proposed solution. 1. 2. Data Collection and Analysis They questionnaire survey would cover a cross sections of the executives from the current business world, and there would be no gender-specific questions or any other elements that may sound unethical.

The survey would cover 50 such professionals divided into three groups according to the nature of the questionnaire, which would cover the proposed three areas of research, like business philosophy, leadership style and SHRM tools. That data would be evaluated under the light of the data gathered from literature review and the synthesis of the two would form the basis of the inference, Which would again be tested through imaginary application model to ascertain their potential.