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Leading Examination

An interdisciplinary field dedicated to the study of how individuals and groups tend to act in
organizations is called
organizational behavior.
People generally experience ____ when their work matches their needs and interests, when working conditions and rewards (such as pay) are satisfactory, and when the employees like their co-workers.
job satisfaction
____ refers to loyalty to the heavy involvement in the organization.
Organizational commitment
Roy is a top executive at a cigarette manufacturing company who believes that cigarettes are
dangerous products and they kill people. This condition can be described as
cognitive dissonance.
A high degree of ____ means you can accurately assess your own strengths and limitations and have a
healthy sense of self-confidence.
Individuals who believe that they control their own destiny are described as having a
high internal locus of control.
Which of the following is defined as the tendency to direct much of one’s behavior toward the
acquisition of power and the manipulation of others for personal gain?
Which of the following refers to a change in behavior or performance that occurs as the result of
Stress can be caused by
task demands, role demands, interpersonal demands, physical demands.
Type A behavior pattern is characterized by all of these EXCEPT
relaxed lifestyle.
All of the following are essential parts of any definition of leadership EXCEPT
influence and people only.
Leadership is reciprocal, according to your text. This means
it occurs between people.
Peter has the ability to convince others to work toward organizational objectives. This ability is known
All of the following are leadership qualities EXCEPT:
The distinguishing personal characteristics of a leader are known as
Recently, Beagle Boutique was attempting to hire a middle manager. They were looking for an intelligent, active, and creative individual. Which approach to leadership was Beagle using?
The trait approach
Which of the following types of leader is one who has the ability to motivate subordinates to transcend
their expected performance?
Charismatic leaders do all of the following EXCEPT
work alone to accomplish important tasks
____ power comes from personal sources that are not as invested in the organization, such as personal
interests, goals, and values.
Which of the following is the power coming from a formal management position in the organization?
Legitimate power
Which of the following is the arousal, direction, and persistence of behavior?
____ refers to a reward given by another person.
An extrinsic reward
Nelson is motivated by a strong need for recognition and is continually seeking credit for his
contributions to the organization. According to Maslow, Neil is motivated by which category of needs?
Which need describes the desire to be accepted by one’s peer, have friendships, be part of a group, and
be loved?
Belongingness needs
Frank is primarily driven by a need to establish close social relationships with other people. ERG
Theory would say he is motivated by
relatedness needs.
According to Herzberg, ____ is an example of a hygiene factor.
Which of the following are high-level needs, according to Herzberg, and include achievement,
recognition, responsibility, and opportunity for growth?
The majority of hourly workers at Formatting Unlimited are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. What
would Herzberg recommend if your goal were to increase their level of satisfaction?
Increase the level of motivators
One of your fellow team members at work is continually disrupting the team’s work with jokes and general horseplay. You hope that by ignoring him he will stop this senseless behavior. You are
attempting to use which reinforcement tool?
Larry is looking for ways to increase the number of different tasks that an employee performs without
increasing task complexity. He should try
job rotation.
What kinds of skills are fundamental necessities in every part of a manager’s job?
Communication is defined by the text as the process by which information is
exchanged and understood by two or more people, usually with the intent to motivate or influence behavior.
The receiver ____ the symbols to interpret the meaning of the message.
Some ways to improve communication with a non-native English speaker include all of the following
cover your mouth with your hand
Which of these is the richest medium for communication?
Face-to-face contact
Which of the following comprises the lowest channel richness?
____ is defined as communication transmitted through actions and behaviors rather than through
Nonverbal communication
The skills of ____ require receiving messages to accurately grasp facts and feelings to interpret the
meaning of the message.
Characteristics of a good listener are someone who
asks questions, summarizes, and listens to central themes.
Many organizations use suggestion boxes, open door policies, and surveys to facilitate
upward communication.
Which of the following refers to a unit of two or more people who interact and coordinate their work
to accomplish a specific objective?
A team
All of the following are common dysfunctions of teams EXCEPT:
Results orientation
A(n) ____ is a person who benefits from team membership but does not make a proportionate
contribution to the team’s work.
free rider
A ____ is a group of employees from different departments formed to deal with a specific activity and
existing only until the task is completed.
task force
Effective virtual team leaders use technology to build relationships through all of the following ways
Scrutinize electronic communication patterns
What is the ideal size of work teams?
Josh is a manager at On-The-Go Cars. He recently has read quite a bit of literature on the benefits of work teams. He is particularly interested in forming a vertical team. There are twenty-eight employees
in his department. Josh should
divide the group into four teams of seven employees each.
Amber is a member of a work team at Buchanon Dance, Inc. She often attempts to help disagreeing
parties reach agreement. This is an example of which socioemotional role behavior?
Which of the following is the first stage of team development?
During which stage of team development does team unity emerge?

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