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Lesson 1-1-1

Should you have your reference open when you answer the lesson questions?
What should you read first on every lesson?
Introductory information
You are answering the questions in the text as you go along. What shouls you do instead?
Answer as many questions possible with your references aside.
What is the lowest acceptable test score?
Approximately how many years will you be an apprentice?
Three and one half years
Your apprenticeship is divided into how many steps?
How many hours of OJT are required to complete your apprenticeship?
What do the initials AJATC mean?
Area Wide Joint Aprenticeship Training Committee
Who agrees to use every effort to keep the apprentice employed but cannot guarantee employment?
What does ajatc examine before advancement?
Work and school records
What does NECA stand for?
National Electric Contractors Association
What are the four qualities the AJATC detected in you?
Who will determine if you will succeed as a journeyman?
What qualties does a competent craftsman have?
Knowledge skills at
Who is responsible for establishing rules, policies and standards?
We must all work to satisfy the?
What are some qualifications a journeyman substation technician
Patience knowledge craftsmanship
What percent does the construction industry employ in the usa
Lowering the prime interest rate can lead to increased employment
Productivity of construction workers is one of the most critical factors in shaping our economy and keeping it rolling.
The construction industry is projected to expand by nearly what percent annually
Over 10% of the total construction workforce is employed by electrical contractors.
List some developments as whichcan provide employment oppurtunites in the electrical industries
Lasers fiberoptics super conductivity
Of the thousands of electrical contractors who run union shops in the US what percent once worked in the trade?
List the two basic types of sexual harrasement
Tangable employment action, hostile environment
What year did the courts establish the reasonable woman rule concerning harrassment situations
What year were the first telegraph wires strung and between what two cities.
1844; washington and baltimore
An early generation plant was established in new york in what year on pearl street?
In what year was the first incandescent lamp invented and by who?
1879 thomas edison
When was the IBEW formed and in what city and state
1890 st louis missouri
Who was the first president of the NBEW (later known as IBEW)
Henry Miller
There have been few changes to the constitution since its first adoption in 1891
What year did the first president of the ibew die and from what result
July 10 1896 fall from a pole
From 1903 to 1919 who served as the first fulltime president of the IBEW
Frank mcnulty
What split nearly destroyed the IBEW
Reid Murphy 1908
IBEW membership rose from 23500 in 1913 to 148072 in 1919
The international office of the IBEW is located in
Washington DC
What do the letters EWBA stand for
Electrical Workers Benefit Association
When and why was the EWBA formed?
1922 death benefits
What act is more commonly referred to the Wagner act
National labor act 1935
The IBEW membership today totals nearly
National apprenticeship standards were first registered in
Who was elected at the 36th convention
Who was chosen as neca first president and what year
Charles eidlitz 1901
Where are neca regional offices located
Eastern souther Midwestern western
When did the IBEW and neca establish the national labor management cooperation committee
The national electric code is how many pages and was printed in what year
56 pages and 1897
CIR decisions are reached by unanimous decision by how many member from the IBEW and neca
6 from each
Who is responsible for the production of the magazine the quality connection?
The national labor management cooperation committee
When was the CIR formed and what is its purpose
1920 and hear cases on areas of disagreement between labor and management
When does the CIR council meet
The board of governors establish what
NECA policy
A basic estimating tool is NECA’S
Manual of labor units
How often do NECA board of governors meet
Neca chapters are grouped into 10 districts. District 10 covers outside work only.
How many member is the national joint apprenticeship training committee composed of
12 from neca and 12 from IBEW
NJATC stands for
National joint apprenticeship and training committee
What was the original name of the njatc
National joint apprenticeship standard committee
When did the name change
August 14 1941
By 1960 how many contracts included language establishing trust for the purposes of financing training
What years was the curriculum for the outside and inside program
1961 and 1969
There are how many IBEW members instructing in our apprenticeship classrooms
When did the national training institute begin?
What is the twelfth order of business in an IBEW meeting
Unfinished business
What is the fourteenth order of business in a IBEW meeting
Good of the union
How many vice presidential districts are they?
How many international executive council districts are there?
The international convention is held every
Five years on the third Monday in September
How often does the executive council meet
Money collected by the IBEW is divided into what funds
Two, general fund pension benefit fund
All requests for legal assists will be investigated by
International president
What is the minimum number of members to start a local union
No local union shall meet more than how many times a month
Meeting shall adjourn no later that
How many members must be present to conduct a meeting of the Union has 75 members
Nomination of officers is held in what month
What percentage of admission fee must accompany your application fee for membership
All charges against members except officers and representatives shall be tried by the local union
Executive board
Name the five general branches of the IBEW
Outside utility worker inside electric communication worker railroad electrical manufacturing
How many outside apprentices are in the neca IBEW program
Electrical workers have over 100 proud years serving the public
Crews having to merge or double up due to absenteeism is the cause of what percent of accident s

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