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Library Management Essay

In this system the library management becomes more efficient and easier to handle a problem facing in library. It gives the complete information about the library. We can issue the books to the member and maintain their records and can also check how many books are issued and stock available in the library. In this project we can maintain the late fine of students who returns the Issued books after the due date. The report generation faculty of library system helps to get a good Idea of which are he books borrowed by the members, make possible to generate reports’ hard copy. A database is there to store the user details ; book details.

Anyone can search the system using given specifications ; the availability of the books are updated by the librarian immediately. There are some problems in operation, which can be state in documentation. There are: – l) The number of hours the library can get from the librarian: The library have limited hours to complete manage all the library Job. ;I) The average time in order to process a case of the new books: The librarian needs to misspend time in proper to manage of the book items

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along with the details like the titles of the book, the publisher’s and author’s name, edition and whether that book Is available for issue purpose.

The Library Management System that Is to be developed a database system to provides the members of the Library and member of the library with books information, report of books and many other facilities. The Library Management System is supposed to have the following features: * By providing access to detailed library records and automatic tracking of a borrower in the library. The system provides log in facility to the users. * Update library with latest books and new material. * The system allows the Librarian to create the books catalog, add/delete books and maintain the books catalog. The system updates the billing system as and when the member borrows or returns a book. Important The main purpose of the Library Management System database Is to assists the staff to store of all the books and records of borrower. However only the librarians this library system. This can avoid unauthorized user to enter the restricted area of this system databases. This system has the option to users to upload the photo while register as their profile pictures, it can upload Jeep, MPEG file. The interface and database will only design in single language , which is English.

It is more efficient and makes the process of searching for books become easier. These because what they need to do is Just insert information of book such book’s id and system will find and views the book item such author, category and publisher. The process of keeping borrower information and books inventory become more sophisticated. Each operation for both functions is handle by the system to define the period of time of rowing, penalty calculation for late return book and total of books that still remain every week.

To complete the work the user will receive the final acceptance of the system, and thus must be satisfied with the developed system or not. Based on the end result for Library Management System, below is the summary of expected output for the system:- Library User Account Management System a) The user with valid surname and password can access the database. B) The system displays the user account information including user id and password. C) The system shall give the response for invalid user name and password. The system allows only administrator to choice actions including removing, changing and adding user account and account information. Search Record a) The system allows the user typing is search criteria including book id as a key word for the search criteria. B) The system display books item such title, author and publisher that are match the search criteria. C) The system shall give the response for invalid search criteria. Book Borrowing System a) When check out the books, when required by librarians, the system show the information about books which is borrowed before and nor returned yet including kook id and member id. ) The system allows the user to specify a checking out book using its old c) The system allows the user to specify a checking in book using its old d) The system allows the user to specify that a penalty is paid after book is consider check out(return). E) The system commits to check in and check out data to the database as soon as the data is entered. Report Generator a) The System have a report feature that will allow the user to generate a report showing the information of all the sign out book in time period which is the search arterial input by user.

The information include the number of books, the time period and the information is grouped by book categories. B) The system has a report feature that will allow the user to generate a report showing the information about all the users who have overdue books and penalty. C) The system will display the report of a members who borrow a book. D) The system will display the report of the members who has been returned a book. E) The system shall generate those reports to the display, a file or a printer that is linked to the system.

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