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MAN 4701 EXAM 3 (copied)

A technological application that uses biological systems or living organisms to make or modify products or processes for specific use is called:
A hijacked computer that can be remote-controlled by the attacker to respond to the attacker’s commands is called a:
The practice of duping computer users into revealing their passwords or other private data under false pretences is called:
The digital divide describes the gap between those:
Individuals who have technology and those who do not.
The self-reinforcing feature of technology means that:
Technology acts as a multiplier to encourage is own faster development.
By 2008, the ratio of computers to students in the United States was:
One to one
The practice of downloading copyrighted songs was challenged because it:
Denied legitimate compensation to the recording artists.
Individuals or groups who hack into government or corporate computer networks and then release information to try to embarass those organizations or gain leverage against them are called:
The use of publicly accessed servers to store users’ text photos, videos and other data at remote sites, rather than on their own computers is called:
Cloud computing.
When businesses adopt voluntary policies for protecting the privacy of individuals’ information disclosed during electronic transaction, this is called:
Industry self-regulation.
One alternative to product liability lawsuits is called:
Alternative dispute resolution.
In some cases, businesses have banded together to agree on how they will treat their customers. This is called:
Voluntary industry codes of conduct.
Many companies have argued that the evolution of strict liability has:
Unfairly burdened them with excess costs.
Which Federal agency is in charge of motor vehicle safety standards?
A goal of the consumer movement is to make consumer power:
An effective counterbalance to the rights and powers of firms that sell goods and services.
In the United States, manufacturers making false or misleading claims about a competitor’s product is considered:
Illegal and unethical.
A prime social responsibility of business is to safeguard consumers:
While continuing to supply them with goods and services they want.
In the United States, which of the following agencies enforces the laws prohibiting deceptive advertising?
Federal Trade Commission
In the case ‘Big Fat Liability’, McDonald’s was shown to have taken NO steps to address the obesity epidemic in the United States.
Which of the following is an argument against employee drug testing?
It is an intrusion on individual privacy.
Which of the following is true about romantic relationships in the workplace?
Many companies allow managers to become romantically involved with subordinates, so long as they do not supervise them directly.
Employees in the United States have a legal right to
A safe and healthy workplace.
When groups of companies define industry-wide standards that they can all agree to, these are called:
Industrywide codes of conduct
When an employee believes their employer has done something that is wrong or harmful to the public, and he or she reports alleged organizational misconduct to the media, government, or high-level company officials, what has occurred?
Which of the following is true about random drug testing of employees?
It screens randomly-selected employees at various times through the year.
Which of the following is (are) true about honesty tests?
It is a written psychological test trying to predict employee honesty on the job.
Privacy rights seek to protect the employees’ private lives from:
Intrusive and unwarranted business actions.
According to the new social contract
Companies try to attract workers by giving them interesting and challenging work.
The company which was the focus of the case ‘No Smoking Allowed’ was what type of business?
It was a hospital
When a mother or father is granted time off when children are born or adopted and during the early months of a child’s development, this is called:
parental leave
Which of the following is/are NOT true about occupational segregation?
The large pay gap for Hispanic workers partly reflects their concentration in several high-paying occupations.
By 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that what percentage of all workers will be women?
Which of the following is an action that companies take to manage diversity effectively?
Set up a diversity council to monitor the company’s goals.
The variation in the important human characteristics that distinguish people from one another is called:
Which ethnic group, as defined by the U.S. Census, is predicted to grow the fastest as a proportion of the labor force?
Age, ethnicity, gender, mental or physical abilities, race, and sexual orientation are what dimensions of diversity?
Reverse discrimination occurs when:
One group is unintentionally discriminated against in an effort to help another group.
Sexual harassment applies to:
Either men or women who are being harassed.
How do “glass walls” differ from “glass ceilings?”
Glass walls focus on sideways promotions in the organization.

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