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MAN320F Final

The team decision technique of __________ asks everyone to respond individually and in writing to a basic question such as: ‘What should be done to improve the effectiveness of this work team?’
nominal group technique
Len emphasizes cooperation and assertiveness in dealing with conflict situations in his department. Differences are worked through together so that everybody’s concerns are addressed and everyone gains something in the end. Len uses which conflict management style?
The five stages of team development are forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. (T/F)
Which of the following are the main processes that lead to team effectiveness?
effort, knowledge, strategy
Ralph makes it a point to always offer help in technical areas in which he is skilled and knowledgeable. His subordinates trust his judgment, and follow his direction. What type of power is Ralph exerting?
expert power
Team performance can suffer when:
all of the answer choices are correct; goals are unclear, resources are inefficient to accomplish the task, goals are too focused on individual-level accomplishments, when goals are insufficiently challenging
When a team achieves its performance goals regarding quantity, quality, and timeliness of work results, the __________ characteristic of team effectiveness is being demonstrated.
task performance
Having the formal authority to approve or deny employees requests for job transfers, equipment purchases, overtime, or personal time off are examples of a manager’s legitimate power. (T/F)
Accommodation is a conflict management strategy may be used when an issue is trivial.
All of the following are types of position power EXCEPT:
statutory power
The potential advantages of group decision making include more knowledge and expertise being applied to the problem, more alternatives being considered, greater understanding and acceptance of the final decision, and more commitment among group members to making the final decision work. (T/F)
In today’s environment, research shows that managers and team leaders spend relatively little time dealing with conflicts. (T/F)
Considering the framework outlined in the McGinn and Lingo article, the three types of power you can use to resolve tension are:
positional, personal, and relational
Groupthink can be avoided by doing all of the following EXCEPT:
having the leader express his/her preference for a particular course of action.
Which statement about self-managing teams is most accurate?
They should let members plan and control their own work
If you heard from an employee of a local bank, “it’s tradition here for us to stand up and defend the bank hen someone criticizes it,” you could assume that the bank employees had strong _________ norms.
organizational and personal pride
When a team decision requires a high degree of commitment for its implementation, a(n) ________ decision is generally preferred.
The indirect conflict management approach that uses the chain of command for conflict resolution is known as __________.
upward referral
Which approach to conflict management can be best described as both highly cooperative and highly assertive?
Organizational politics occur in the ________ of an organization
informal systems
Which of the following involves the creation of guidelines so that similar work activities are repeatedly performed in a similar fashion?
The four dimensions of transactional leadership include all of the following EXCEPT:
management by example
What choice would you make if you were designing a mechanistic organization that functions like a well-oiled machine?
All of the answer choices are correct; High on centralization and departmentalization, Formal coordination and narrow span of control, High on formalization and standardization
Organizations with __________ possess a broadly and deeply shared value system that can provide a strong corporate identity, enhance collective commitment, provide a stable social system, and reduce the need for formal and bureaucratic controls.
strong cultures
Which of the following set of conditions would require the narrowest span of control?
tasks are complex, when subordinates are inexperienced or poorly trained, or when tasks call for team effort.
Values, underlying assumptions, and deep beliefs make up the ______ component of an organization’s culture.
Engaged employees are more likely to help their colleagues when needed and volunteer to take on extra assignments. These actions are often referred to as:
Organizational Citizenship Behaviors (OCBs)
Leaders influence the culture of an organization by which of the following actions:
All of the answer choices are correct; communicate and behave, allocate rewards, react to problems and crises, hire and fire individuals, what they pay attention to (customer satisfaction, profits, etc.)
The central argument of contingency theories is that situational factors moderate the association between a manager’s leadership style and his/her effectiveness. (T/F)
__________ are groups of individuals with a unique pattern of values and philosophy that is NOT inconsistent with the organization’s dominant values and philosophy.
Complexity refers to the variety of things you need to pay attention to in the environment. The context of the market, environmental considerations, and social changes deal with the:
general environment
Radical change, or transformational change, results in a major overhaul of the organization or its component systems. (T/F)
Functional departmentalization refers to the grouping of individuals by skill, knowledge, and action. (T/F)
Some of the tradeoffs in having control over an organization through centralization is:
Exceptions slow down the responsiveness of your organization
In a business setting, a firm’s system of shared actions, values, and beliefs that develops within the company and guides the behavior of its members is called its __________.
corporate culture
Managers cannot modify the visible aspects of culture, such as the language, stories, rites, rituals, and sagas. (T/F)
The central assumption behind the GLOBE theoretical model is that similar attributes and entities across cultures are most effective in organizations. (T/F)
Individuals who engage in voice likely have a
constructive follower orientation
To help avoid the dangers of charisma, leaders should reduce _______
power distance
When Japanese workers start each day with the company song, this is an example of a(n) ______________.

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