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Management 14-18

An interdisciplinary field dedicated to the study of how individuals and groups tend to act in organizations is
organizational behavior.
Which of the following refers to work behavior that goes beyond job requirements and contributes as needed to the organization’s success
Organizational citizenship
____ refers to a positive attitude toward one’s job
Job satisfaction
Roy is a top executive at a cigarette manufacturing company who believes that cigarettes are dangerous products and they kill people. This condition can be described as
cognitive dissonance
The cognitive process people use to make sense out of the environment by selecting, organizing, and
interpreting information is called
Which of the following describes the last step in the perception process?
Organizing the selected data into patterns
____ is the process by which individuals screen and select the various objects and stimuli that vie for their attention.
Perceptual selectivity
Which of the following refers to the tendency to see one’s own personal traits in other people?
Which of the following refers to the tendency to place the primary responsibility for one’s success or failure
either within oneself or on outside forces?
Locus of control
Individuals who believe that they control their own destiny are described as having a
high internal locus of control
Jason has been unemployed for three months. When his wife asked him why he was not looking for a job, Jason responded, “If I am lucky, I will get my old job back.” Jason would be considered as having a(n)
external locus of control
People with an external locus of control are
easier to lead
Which of the following is defined as the tendency to direct much of one’s behavior toward the acquisition of power and the manipulation of others for personal gain?
Research shows that ____ are predisposed to being pragmatic, capable of lying to achieve personal goals,
more likely to win in win-lose situations, and more likely to persuade than be persuaded.
high Machs
Type A behavior pattern is characterized by all of these EXCEPT
relaxed lifestyle
____ is the ability to influence people toward the attainment of organizational goals.
Which of the following refers to the highest level in a hierarchy of manager capabilities?
Level 5 leadership
Researchers at the Ohio State University identified two major behaviors called
consideration and initiating structure.
The key assumption of Hersey and Blanchard’s situational theory is that subordinates vary in their
readiness level.
Hersey and Blanchard are responsible for which theory
Situational theory
Charismatic leaders are often ____ than transactional leaders
less predictable
Some of the key characteristics associated with charismatic leaders include
a. visionary skills.
b. communication skills.
c. motivation skills.
d. all of these.
power comes from organizational structure and promotes stability, order, and problem solving within the structure.
____ power comes from personal sources that are not as invested in the organization, such as personal interests, goals, and values.
Which of the following is the power coming from a formal management position in the organization?
Legitimate power
____ power is based in the ability of the leader to do such things as recommend promotions
Which of the following types of power is vested in the manager’s ability to punish employees?
Which of the following types of power stems from a leader’s special knowledge?
b. Referent power
c. Legitimate power
d. Coercive power
e. None of these( answer)
Referent power depends on the leader’s
personal characteristics
A fire that ignites followers” is used to describe which leadership characteristic?
Which of the following is the arousal, direction, and persistence of behavior?
____ refers to a reward given by another person.
An extrinsic reward
____ is an example of an intrinsic reward
An employee’s feelings of self-worth
Which of the following is a content theory that proposes that people are motivated by physiological, safety,
belongingness, esteem, and self-actualization needs?
Hierarchy of needs theory
Which of the following is NOT a need proposed by Maslow in his hierarchy of needs theory?
Compensation needs
Nelson is motivated by a strong need for recognition and is continually seeking credit for his contributions to the organization. According to Maslow, Neil is motivated by which category of needs?
____ describe the most basic human physical needs, including food, water and oxygen
Belongingness needs
Which need describes the desire to be accepted by one’s peer, have friendships, be part of a group, and be
Belongingness needs
According to Maslow, the highest order needs are
self-actualization needs
According to Herzberg, ____ is an example of a hygiene factor
Which of the following is based on the relationships between effort, performance, and outcomes?
Expectancy theory
Which of these is sometimes called negative reinforcement?
Avoidance learning
Which of these refers to the withdrawal of a positive reward, meaning that behavior is no longer reinforced
and hence is less likely to occur in the future?
____ systematically moves employees from one job to another, thereby increasing the number of different tasks an employee performs without increasing the complexity of any one job.
Job rotation
Which of the following combines a series of tasks into one new, broader job?
Job enlargement
What percentage of a manager’s time is spent in direct communication?
80 percent
Communication is defined by the text as the process by which information is
exchanged and understood by two or more people, usually with the intent to motivate or
influence behavior
Which of the following, in the communication process, has the responsibility to decode the symbols and interpret the meaning of the message?
____ and ____ are potential sources for communication errors, because knowledge, attitudes, and background act as filters.
Decoding, encoding
____ refers to the amount of information that can be transmitted during a communication episode
Channel richness
Which of these is the richest medium for communication?
Face to face contact
Which of the following comprises the lowest channel richness?
The term ____ is defined as “an individual’s level of fear or anxiety associated with either real or anticipated
communication apprehension
____ is defined as communication transmitted through actions and behaviors rather than through words.
Nonverbal communication
Which of the following is the most familiar and obvious flow of formal communication?
Downward communication
Many organizations use suggestion boxes, open door policies, and surveys to facilitate
upward communication
Upward communication is usually used to communicate information about all of the following EXCEPT
____ is the acquisition and cultivation of personal relationships that cross departmental, hierarchical, and even
organizational boundaries.
Personal networking
Messages that convey data or statistics or simply put into words what managers already agree on and understand are referred to as:
Routine messages
During breaks at work, Albert and Daphne talk occasionally about the problems that they are working on at work, in hopes that they can help each other out. This is an example of what type of organizational communication?
Lateral communication
Which of the following is a component of a team?
A performance goal is shared between team member
A functional team is also referred to as a(n):
command team.
Which of the following refers to a formal team composed of employees from about the same hierarchical
level but from different areas of expertise?
A horizontal team
A ____ is a group of employees from different departments formed to deal with a specific activity and existing only until the task is completed.
Task force
Which of the following teams are created outside the formal organization structure to undertake a project of
special importance or creativity
Which of the following teams are described as a team that uses computer technology and groupware so that
geographically distant members can collaborate on projects and reach common goals
What is the ideal size of work teams?
Which of the following is the first stage of team development?
The forming stage of team development is characterized by
During which stage of team development should the team leader help clarify team roles, norms, and values?
Which of the five stages of team development is marked by conflict and disagreement
During the ____ stage, the team leader should encourage participation by each team member
During which stage of team development does team unity emerge?
Dale’s work team is beginning to resolve its conflicts and consensus is developing on such things as members’ roles. Dale’s team is in which stage of team development?
During the ____ stage of team development, the major emphasis is on task accomplishment.

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