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Management In Civic

Consider the CIVIC, it has caused some Interdepartmental conflict and agreement In company. For example, different department managers have different view and plan about CIVIC and they becoming uncommunicative. Julie Crandall as an executive vice-president, she likes to keep tight control over the organization and department managers have to check with her before making major decisions. This report analyses Mallard Manufacturing Company’s the organization part of the management process and the two communication issues In company.

Then It will offer some recommendations on what Julie can be done to address this robber and make each department work together to achieve goals. Many Issues include organization structure and inappropriateness of communication between departments, managers and leaders in development of productions. It is suggested that It is suggested that adopt formal strategies that focus on successful production of CIVIC In order to keep the company in an advantage place in the control valve industry. Long-term collaboration between each department will gain company a foreseeable future. Discussion 2. 1 Organization structure Organizing is one of management of process and its process leads to the creation of organization structure, which defines “the way tasks are divided and resources deployed”. ( textbook ) In general, Organization

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structure is a framework of management system. With organization structure, companies can perform more efficiency and achieve organizational goals with Its resources. Centralization and decentralization play an Important role In organization structure, and they are related with hierarchical level in a companies, such as making decisions.

Centralization defines “the location of decision authority at a single point”, and it usually near the top of the organization. In a centralized organization, it rely on the top levels of the organization to make decisions and provide direction for the company, such executive president. As for decentralization, which means “decision authority Is pushed out and downward to lower organization”. Decentralized organizational structures often have several individuals responsible for making decisions and the lower level manager can also make some of the decisions, such as apartment managers.

In this case study, Mallard Manufacturing Company has approximately 1400 employees and has produced a standard line of control valves that are accomplished create organization structure in management of process. Moreover, department managers have to check with Julie Crandall in the Mallard Manufacturing Company. Because she is the executive vice-president and she likes to keep tight control over the organization. It embodies a one of organization structuralizes about Centralization and decentralization.

Mallard Manufacturing Company is a centralized organization, because most of important decisions are made by Julie. Centralization has some advantages. For example, it is easy to manage and monitor organizing for Managers. Especially, higher-lever managers can avoid mistake in making-decision when the low-level managers do not have the ability or experience. However, it also brings some problems. According to the case study, Julie Crandall is too busy to unable to keep things running smoothly, because the span of control is so large and there are too many decision that waiting for her.

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