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Management 3302 Test 3

Behavior modeling is especially useful for improving:
interpersonal skills
Keith and his team, employees of an online retailing company, are being trained on cyber surveillance and user security. As part of their training, they are working to identify a solution to the problem of cyber-phishing and data breaches. Which of the following forms of group-building methods is being employed by Keith’s team?
Action learning
In the context of principles of learning, which of the following is defined as the difficulty level of written materials?
Which of the following includes on-the-job use of knowledge, skills, and behaviors learned in training?
Transfer of training
Using avatars for training purposes would be an example of _____.
Which of the following characterizes electronic performance support systems?
They provide expert advice when a problem occurs on the job
Matt, the training coordinator at Joaquim Solutions, inspected the training material for a new training program and concluded that the material was not very readable. Which of the following most likely caused Matt to arrive at this conclusion?
The training material was composed of too many long paragraphs
Which of the following forms of experiential training is a teamwork and leadership training program that uses challenging, structured outdoor activities?
Adventure learning
Allinall, a firm that specializes in building construction, hires Kyle, an unemployed teenager, to work in its carpentry division. Since Kyle does not have the required skills to work as a carpenter, he is provided training that helps him pick up carpentry skills on the job. Kyle learns by assisting other master carpenters and journeymen. In addition to the skills Kyle acquires, he is paid by Allinall. The form of training exemplified in this scenario is called _____.
Which of the following is the main objective of diversity training programs that focus on behavior?
To change organizational policies and individual conduct that inhibit employees’ personal growth and productivity
KTPO Telecom wants to implement an on-the-job training program for its sales staff who are unaware of the technical aspects of the firm’s products. The lack of technical knowledge among its sales staff is harming the company’s prospects of securing lucrative contracts. Although KTPO’s IT team is well versed in various technologies, it is not well suited to handle a training program. However, the best IT trainers in the industry cost more than what KTPO can afford to spend on the training program. This scenario illustrates _____.
situational constraints
New employees at a pesticide manufacturing company have been producing excessive or inadequate quantities of pesticides, which are toxic in nature. Robin, the firm’s HR manager, conducts a person analysis to assess the needs for training these new employees. Which of the following reasons may have prompted Robin to conduct a person analysis?
Employees of the firm’s production department lack clarity in decisions regarding minimum quality levels for manufacturing pesticides.
Faulkner and White Company, a firm that builds enterprise resource planning products for customers, wants to implement training programs for its employees as an HR initiative. Senior management proposes the use of an instructional design process. Which of the following should ideally be Faulkner and White’s next step?
Organization analysis
Team training in which team members understand and practice each other’s skills so that they are prepared to step in and take another member’s place is referred to as:
The difference between adventure learning and cross-training is that:
adventure learning helps team members understand themselves and each other, while cross-training helps team members learn each other’s job roles
Organizations provide orientation to their new employees because:
it relieves the shock and surprise experienced when starting a new job
Which of the following consists of an organization’s planned effort to help employees acquire job-related knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors?
Windel Auto, an automobile manufacturer based in the United States, partners with a Japanese manufacturer, Telspar, to supply automobile parts. To ensure that its employees do not miscommunicate with its Japanese partner, Windel implements a training program to expose its employees to Japanese customs, language traits, and interpersonal traits. It secures the services of Andrea, a Japanese interpreter, to conduct the training program. Which of the following forms of training has Windel Auto used in this scenario?
cultural immersion
Readiness for training depends on which of the following broad characteristics of the work environment?
situational constraints and social support
Which of the following best describes needs assessment?
It is the process of evaluating the organization, individual employees, and employees’ tasks to determine what kinds of training are necessary
Which of the following is defined as a combination of employee characteristics and positive work environment that permit training?
Readiness for training
Which of the following processes identifies the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that should be emphasized by training?
Task analysis
_____ refers to the ways an organization’s people encourage training
Social support
Which of the following statements is true of an apprenticeship?
An apprentice usually assists a certified tradesperson at the worksite
Carla, a student at Cardinal College, is pursuing a degree in international business management. As part of her program at Cardinal College, she is required to work at Wong Consulting for a period of six months, where she will gain experience related to her field. Carla’s employment at Wong Consulting is an example of a(n) _____
Identify the correct statement regarding case studies
Cases encourage trainees by giving them practice in weighing and acting on uncertain outcomes after evaluating a case
_____ is a training method that coordinates the performance of individuals who work together to achieve a common goal
Team training
_____ involves training sessions in which participants observe other people demonstrating the desired behavior, then have opportunities to practice the behavior themselves
Behavior modeling
Identify the profession that would typically employ interns
Identify the training method that is used for conveying facts or comparing alternatives
Presentation method
Which of the following is a characteristic of task analysis?
It is usually conducted along with person analysis
Level On, a firm that creates games for mobile devices and PCs, has a unique training program for all its new employees. The program lasts for five days and does not involve doing any work. During this period, the trainees are helped to settle in and understand the work culture at Level On. Among other things, the trainees learn about the company, its work culture, various department functions, their own job roles, and the roles of other employees. The form of training method used for new employees at Level One is known as _____.
Fernando is hired as a seasonal firefighter by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. The training used to prepare Fernando for his firefighting job involves an online training module. In this game-like module, Fernando is virtually placed in a real-life scenario such as a garage fire or a restaurant fire, and his goal is to put out the fire and save as many lives as possible. This form of training is referred to as a(n) _____.
Identify the correct statement regarding audiovisual training
It is not affected by an individual trainer’s goals and skills
Information such as facts, techniques, and procedures that trainees can recall after training and skills that trainees can demonstrate in tests are examples of _____.
Assessment of training
Which of the following is an example of the cross-training method?
Olivia, a cashier, is being trained to stock shelves in case there is a shortage of employees
Identify the primary variable(s) in a person analysis that can be affected by training
The employee’s ability and skills
The stage to prepare for evaluating a training program is:
when the program is being developed
A customer at Danielle, a French restaurant, complains to Jason, the manager, about a dessert being unacceptable. Jason inspects the dessert and finds that brie, a type of cheese, is overripe and has an ammonia-like taste. When Jason questions the pastry chef, Mario, he acknowledges that he knew the brie was bad. Jason analyzes the situation and concludes that Mario should be put through additional training to avoid such mistakes in the future. Which of the following, if true, would strengthen Jason’s decision?
Mario was unaware that the overripe brie could have been substituted with camembert, another type of cheese.
Which of the following statements is true of an apprenticeship?
An apprentice can earn an income while learning a trade
Phonyton Inc. decides to implement a specialized training program for 200 employees on using a new software application to handle their daily tasks. Philip, the training administrator, decides to hire an external consultant to conduct the training program. However, Larry, the sales manager, believes that hiring an external consultant will add to the mounting costs incurred on implementing the new software. He believes that employees should learn the application using the support documents provided with the software. Which of the following arguments should Philip use to persuade Larry that the decision to hire an external consultant is the best option?
The money spent in implementing the software application will be wasted if the employees do not receive proper training on how to use the application.
Russell claims that an apprenticeship prepares one better for a job than an internship. Which of the following, if true, strengthens Russell’s claim?
Unlike interns who mostly file paperwork, apprentices have hands-on experience during training.
_____ is the limit on training’s effectiveness that arises from the conditions within the organization.
Situational constraint
Trainees are likely to respond more positively to which of the following approaches of diversity training?
Teaching employees skills for constructively handling communication barriers, conflicts, and misunderstandings that arise when different people try to work together
_____ refers to a process of systematically developing training to meet specified needs
Instructional design
Thompson Design, a popular furniture manufacturer, provides employee support through various workshops on interior design techniques. It also offers three-month courses on various aspects of decorating a home, from suitable paint for a media room to contemporary outdoor furnishings. This adds to employees’ existing knowledge and skill sets, helping create customer satisfaction. In this scenario, which of the following approaches to employee development is Thompson Design taking?
Formal education
Which of the following is true of the relationship between training and development?
The goal of training is preparation for the current job, while the goal of development is preparation for changes in the current job.
Identify the correct statement regarding the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).
The MBTI is a valuable tool for understanding communication styles.
The step in the career management process in which psychological tests, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory, are used is:
data gathering
A move to a job with a similar level of responsibility within the same organization is called a(n):
lateral move
Which of the following is true of formal education as an approach to employee development?
Organizations organize formal educational programs at the workplace or off site to support employee development.
Which of the following is a characteristic of a successful formal mentoring program?
Managers are rewarded for employee development.
An employee’s tolerance for uncertainty and the ability to get along with others are assessed in _____.
personality tests
Identify the correct statement about succession planning.
It provides a set of developmental experiences that managers must complete to be considered for top management positions.
The career management process starts with:
The process of developing a succession plan begins with:
identifying the positions to be planned for.
Which of the following is true of job enlargement?
It involves adding challenges or new responsibilities to employees’ current jobs.
According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Extroverted types (E) gain energy through:
interpersonal relationships.
The energy dichotomy of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator indicates _____.
individuals’ degree of introversion or extroversion
The _____ is a self-assessment tool that helps employees identify their occupational and job interests.
Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory
In the case of succession planning, job assignments for high-potential employees are based on:
the successful career paths of the managers whom these employees are preparing to replace.
Chang works at a leading restaurant. She is usually scared of making any mistakes at her workplace but is very keen on details. She also prioritizes quality in her work. In the context of Inscape’s DiSC assessment, she would most likely fall under the behavioral style of _____.
Myrtle Flower Company, a retail florist, decides to evaluate its employees after successfully completing one year of business. The method of conducting the assessment includes creating small groups and assigning work to those groups within an allotted time frame. The team members would have to work together in tackling problems that they might face, without a source to whom they can refer any questions. In this scenario, which of the following types of exercises is Myrtle Flower Company conducting?
Leaderless group discussion
For assessment to work efficiently, an employee must be:
provided suggestions to improve his or her weak skills
In _____, a participant takes the part of a manager or employee in a situation involving the skills to be assessed.
role plays
According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, how do Introverted types (I) gain energy?
by focusing on inner thoughts
The glass ceiling is likely caused by:
a lack of access to developmental relationships.
Marcus, a manager at Royal Memphis Hotel, is training a new group of employees. After each training session, the employees complete various exercises to test their knowledge. After evaluating the results, Marcus speaks one-on-one with the employees to help them define their areas of weakness and encourage them to keep fine-tuning their strengths. In this scenario, Marcus is providing his employees with _____.
The decision-making dimension of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator relates to the:
amount of consideration given to others’ feelings when making a decision
Which of the following is true about a transfer?
It is an assignment of an employee to a position in a different area of the company, usually in a lateral move.
Employees at Akesson Inc. are frustrated with their manager, Ryan, who does not believe in providing feedback because he thinks it’s a waste of time. His employees argue that they do not know how to hone their skills if they are not told what areas they should work on and what areas are satisfactory. Which of the following statements would strengthen the employees’ arguments?
Employees who receive feedback gain more clarity on their roles and are able to contribute to an organization in a more effective manner.
In assessment centers, typically, each assessor observes and records _____ employees’ behaviors in each exercise.
one or two
Job rotation involves:
moving an employee through a series of job assignments in one or more functional areas of the company.
Which of the following is true of in-basket exercises?
They simulate the administrative tasks of a manager’s job, using a pile of documents for the employee to handle.
Which of the following is true about job rotation?
The system ensures that employees understand the specific skills to be developed.
Valarie Robbins, a project manager at Schmitt and Co., believes that she should create an opportunity for all employees to gain knowledge about the different areas in the organization. She believes that it will make her employees familiar with all departments of the company. Her manager advises her that this strategy could cost the company time and money. Which of the following statements supports Valarie’s belief?
This strategy will allow employees to develop new skills and will keep them empowered.
A pharmaceutical company, TechnoGene, has initiated a system where high-potential employees are identified and trained for senior positions in the company. Which of the following processes is exemplified in this scenario?
Succession planning
Which of the following categories in the DiSC inventory means that a person emphasizes relationships and also displays optimism?
Which of the following assessment center exercises is being used when a team of five to seven employees is assigned a problem and must work together to solve it within a certain time period?
Leaderless group discussion
According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which of the following is true of individuals who are Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging (known as ISTJs)?
They appear to be too task-oriented.
A(n) _____ is a career that frequently changes based on changes in a person’s interests, abilities, and values and in the work environment.
protean career
During the action planning and follow-up step of the career management process, the employer:
should identify the resources needed
Usually an employer conducts the reality check as part of a performance appraisal or as the _____ stage of performance management.
The final step in the career management process is:
action planning
A(n) _____ involves moving an employee into a position with greater challenges, more responsibility, and more authority than in the previous job.
Walter, a senior manager at BottleCap Creations, believes that rather than pointing out the limitations of his subordinates and making them lose their sense of self-worth, he should allow them to identify their strengths and weaknesses on their own through various tests. His colleague, Veronica, claims that the opposite approach, pointing out mistakes, is a good way to create improvements. Which of the following statements, if true, would weaken Veronica’s claim?
Employees will realize their limitations and strengths better when they evaluate their own skills.
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) identifies individuals’ preferences for source of energy, means of information gathering, way of decision making, and _____.
Michael Nolan, a newly appointed executive manager at Zeta Inc., realizes that his team, consisting mostly of women, has not received a pay raise even though they have been working in the organization for many years. He believes this is because the company has purposely not provided the necessary tools for them to aim for better positions in the company. Michael’s senior manager, Howard, says that Michael’s belief is wrong. Which of the following statements supports Michael’s belief?
The company must break away from the stereotype attached to female employees that they are not fit for senior positions.
Martha Wong has been through a series of self-assessments and has received constant feedback. She has listed her goals for the future and thinks of various ways in which she can accomplish them. The act of determining the various methods to accomplish Martha’s goals is an example of _____.
an action plan
Training refers to any planned effort by a firm to facilitate the learning of job-related knowledge, skills, or behavior by employees.
Instructional design logically should begin with needs assessment
readiness for training is a combination of employee characteristics and positive work environment that permit training
social support refers to the ways an organization’s people encourage training
effective training objectives include performance standards that are measurable
presentation methods are preferred over hands-on training methods in helping trainees handle interpersonal issues
the training technique most widely used in the workplace is behavior modeling
for on-the-job training (OJT) programs to be effective, an organization should review OJT practices at companies in similar industries
along with physical elements, the training context should include emotional elements
the best stage to prepare for evaluating a training program is after the program has been implemented
the most accurate way to assess training effectiveness is to conduct pretests and posttests and then train all employees
orientation training is designed to prepare employees to perform their jobs effectively, learn about the organization, and establish work relationships
the process of sending employees directly into communities where they have to interact with persons from different cultures, races, and nationalities is known as cultural immersion
Which of the following training methods represents a real-life situation with trainees making decisions resulting in outcomes that mirror what would happen on the job?
Which of the following is the most accurate way to evaluate a training program?
measure performance, knowledge, or attitudes among all employees before the training and then train only part of the employees
Openze Technology, a firm that manufactures mobile phones, has a three-week training program for all of its new recruits. During the training program, the new employees are constantly encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas. Good ideas are rewarded immediately by the trainers, thereby encouraging active participation. This scenario exemplifies _____.
social support
Which of the following is a work-study training method that teaches job skills through a combination of on-the-job training and classroom training?
Identify the purpose of implementing diversity training programs that focus on attitudes.
To increase participants’ awareness of cultural, ethnic, personal, and physical differences in the workforce
Identify the primary variable(s) in a person analysis that can be affected by training.
The employee’s ability and skills
Brown Industries, a consumer electronics manufacturer, has six-week on-the-job training programs for employees who move laterally between departments. The aim of the training programs is to educate employees about their new job roles and departments. Brown Industries uses instructional design programs aided by a learning management system to train its employees. Which of the following accurately describes the learning management system utilized at the company?
Crimson, an application that automates the process of administering and delivering training to Max and Brown’s employees
In the context of planning a training program, even though it is time consuming, putting together a _____ is worthwhile because it helps an organization clarify training objectives, compare vendors, and measure results.
request for proposal
Karen works as a sales manager for Apencience Corp. Karen can read, write, and speak Mandarin, English, and German. She assists top-level management in making business decisions and setting long-term goals for the organization. Which of Karen’s abilities is illustrated in this scenario?
Cognitive ability
Identify a characteristic of effective training objectives.
they include measurable performance standards
Which of the following questions can be answered by performing a person analysis?
Are employees ready for training?
According to Trevor, when faced with a choice between instructor-led classroom training and computer-based training, an organization must always choose computer-based training. Which of the following, if true, weakens Trevor’s claim?
Unlike computer-based training, classroom training involves more interaction and therefore provides a better possibility that trainees will retain the information gained
Identify the on-the-job training program that is typically funded by an educational institution as a component of an academic program.
According to the lifestyle dichotomy of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, individuals with a _____ preference enjoy surprises and dislike deadlines.
Perceiving (P)
The employees at Melly Towers acknowledge that their supervisor is excellent at his work and that he has received many accolades during his 40-year career. However, they claim he is a dysfunctional manager. The supervisor, when confronted, argues that his work should speak for itself and his behavior is irrelevant. Which of the following statements supports the employees’ claim?
The supervisor often discourages employees from challenging tasks saying that they are incapable of accomplishing them.
Which of the following is a component of a basic career management system?
Goal setting
Hollander McKenzie, an employee of Baha Enterprises, is having trouble in his current job. His manager’s constant feedback is that he does not maintain consistency in his work. In a meeting with Hollander’s manager, the HR team decides to shift him to a department that would not require as much as his current position requires. In this scenario, which of the following approaches to employee development is Hollander experiencing?
Downward move
In the feedback step of the career management process, the employee is primarily responsible for:
identifying what skills he or she could realistically develop in light of the opportunities available.
Which of the following is true about an assessment center?
At an assessment center, multiple raters or evaluators evaluate employees’ performance on a number of exercises.
According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, what is true of individuals with a Sensing (S) preference?
They tend to gather the facts and details to prepare for a decision.
_____ increases an employee’s ability to move into jobs that may not yet exist.
Acting as a mentor gives managers:
a chance to develop their interpersonal skills
_____ helps employees select development activities that prepare them to meet their career goals.
career management
Managers provide for _____, a combination of formal education, job experiences, relationships, and assessment of personality and abilities to help employees prepare for the future of their careers.
employee development
Hannah Barboza Inc., a publishing company, regularly assesses employees using different questionnaires. Recent assessments revealed that there were more employees who focused on the relationships between the ideas of the given projects and fewer employees who actually took the time to conduct thorough research on them. Based on these results, the managers were able to correctly assign employees to specific projects for the month. In this scenario, which of the following Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment dichotomies is Hannah Barboza Inc. using to allocate projects?
information-gathering dichotomy
Michelle Antony, an employee at Matthews Inc., finds it difficult to attain a promotion even after working for seven years at the firm. She believes that she is not being promoted because she is a woman. In this scenario, Michelle’s progress in the organization is restricted by a _____.
glass ceiling

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