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management 3320

one of the first factors that increased the importance of human resource management was
a. the 1964 Civil Rights act
b. the worker revolution
c. technological advances in computers
d. the increase in manufacturing
e. the growth in the service sector
the human resource function in organizations today
a. has grown into the role of strategic partner
b. does little beyond ensure compliance with labor regulations
c. is vital to the smooth operation of the business, but is not influenced by the organization’s strategy
d. dominates the other functional areas and dictates strategy to the organization
e. is organized and managed very much as it has been for the last century
a large computer chip manufacturer has just hired another firm to perform its applicant background checks. which of the following is likely part of this process?
a. theory z
b. theory x
c. organizational culture
d. strategic organization
e. outsourcing
a small restaurant is concerned about increasing worker productivity and tries to better structure it jobs to maximize output and service delivery. the restaurant is likely using some of the principles discussed in
a. downsizing
b. outsourcing
c. theory X
d. scientific management
e. theory Y
early research determining that individual and group behavior was important to organizations involved the
a. hawthorne studies
b. scientific management groups
c. total quality management investigations
d. use of employee testing
e. outsourcing studies
the basic notion of the human relations movement was that
a. employees had to be intimidated to be motivated
b. technology was in decline
c. satisfied employees would work harder for the company
d. unions were a waste of time
e. group work must be avoided in companies
in the 1930’s and 1940’s, units within a company that dealt with employee’s behavioral challenges and issues were called
a. TMQ groups
b. scientific administration
c. personnel departments
d. MBO operations
e. planning parties
during the 1950’s and 1960’s, all of the following developed within the field of human resource management except
a. selection tests from WWII were adapted for use in private industry
b. reward and incentive systems became more sophisticated
c. government legislation expanded, adding more complexity to human resource management
d. unions became more powerful and demanded more benefits for their members
e. the human resource management function was recognized as being critically important to organizational success
the 1964 civil rights act made it illegal for corporate managers to make decisions based on all of the following except
a. gender
b. age
c. religion
d. race
e. national origin
___ include all individuals who gain knowledge and utilize the information effectively to enhance the organization
a. group members
b. recruiting teams
c. selection specialists
d. knowledge workers
e. training networks
a human resource management system integrates which of the following functions?
a. finance function
b. operations function
c. marketing function
d. other fundamental organizational functions
e. all of the above
all of the following researchers contributed to the early growth of the human resource function except
a. elton mayo
b. frederick taylor
c. douglas mcgregor
d. thomas edison
e. abraham maslow
which of the following is NOT one of the four basic goals of the human resource management function as discussed in the text?
a. helping the global economy
b. promoting individual growth and development
c. complying with legal and social obligations
d. enhancing productivity and quality
e. facilitating organizational competitiveness
which of the following activities MOST directly relates to the basic HRM goal of facilitating organizational competitiveness?
a. developing a strategicc perspective to human resource management that satisfies goals and objectives
b. investing in employee training that enhances productivity
c. complying with government regulations
d. designing “outreach” programs to attract minority job applicants
e. developing formal mentoring programs to help women and minorities advance in the organization

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