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The Strategic Management Process

Such positioning is possible with strategic management because this process improves preparedness or unexpected internal or competitive demands. The strategic management process helps Institutions identify what they intend to achieve and how they will accomplish outcomes. The term strategic management Is used to refer to the entire decision- making process. Strategic management must evolve by predicting the future, thinking strategically and creating the future.

Strategic management is defined as a continuous, iterative process aimed at keeping an organization as a whole appropriately matched to its environment (Cert. and Peter, 1991) Leadership goes beyond the Idea of managing day-to-day routine operations. To be a great leader, one must develop leadership skills to properly take on roles and responsibilities necessary to maintain an outstanding organization. For example, developing a sense of direction or vision and the ability to motivate personnel to reach a common goal in various situations are responsibilities that a leader must take into consideration to keep an organization competitive.

At the end of the day, a manager with excellent leadership skills will always stand apart from average managers. Leadership must be visionary, developmental and service orientated, ethical, stimulating and calculative and clear In establishing expectations (Bennie, 1995) Although management and leadership

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are different, they are both a necessity for an organization to be prosperous. Management mainly includes planning, budgeting and other routine tasks. Leadership primarily encompasses developing a sense of direction, goals and vision.

While management concentrates on staffing the organization, developing an organization structure and monitoring activities, good leadership looks toward motivating employees to reach goals that will lead the organization Into the future. Some prefer to differentiate between leadership and management but both are necessary in the achievement of improvement by creating change. Managers are people who do things right and leaders are people who do the right thing (Bennie and Anus, 1986). The differences may be summarized as activities of vision and Judgment effectiveness versus activities of mastering routine efficiency.

Transactional leadership is often associated with management and transformational leadership with leaders. Leadership and management may employ different skills and at different levels. Bill Gates is the leader and pioneer of Microsoft Inc. But he is not a manager. This statement shows the position of the leader and the manager. The manager must have the leadership skills but on the contrary for the leader it is not compulsory to have the managerial skills as these skills are Important for the leader but the vision Is time period and for the certain period of time.

Management and leadership both are important in the organization or even in the industries. Management with good leadership qualities and the leadership with managerial competencies is the emend of the organizations around the globe. Leaders are welded to the performance and it is also the duty of the leaders to increase the productivity in different sectors of the organization. Q. 4. 1 : Plan the development of leadership skills for a specific requirement The firs development method is “on the Job training” which is one of the effective development methods in the companies.

Uniform and Gold (2004) state that the process of the on the Job training is to arrange and the purpose is to enhance the abilities of the employees in the corporate settings of the organizations. The environment in the organization is suitable for the employees and as well as for the leaders to teach and for the employees to learn and understand the guidelines given by the authorities. There are the reasons that make the on the Job training important.

In this the leaders demonstrate the presentations which encourage the trainees to get the idea and after that there is the element of the coaching in which the relationship becomes strong and the trainees learn in a beautiful way. In the trainings, the employees can even get the understanding to get the appropriate knowledge about the other departments in the companies. The second development method is the “Organizational Learning” which is learning method in the organization which is highly appreciated and required.

Mullions (2010) states that the organizations that influence the employees on the regular bases with the knowledge and information. Organizations that promote the practice of the learning are the learning organizations and these learning organizations are run by the HARM because the humans are the main assets in the HARM. So the department does its best to empower the employees with the skills and knowledge. Q. 4. 2: Report on the usefulness of methods used to plan the development of leadership skills.

Planning and Development methods are explained in the above paragraph. Mullions (2004) opines that the advertisements help to know the vacancy in the companies and the leadership in the organizations also receives the right selection of the employees. This is the first planning method in the recruiting and the effectiveness can be measured with the results or the achievements done by the companies after the exact staffing in any organization. The next is the online recruiting process in the impasses.

Mugginess (2003) states there are the recruitment which are undertaken with the help of the online recruiting processes. These kinds of the recruitment is the internal and the internal recruitment is the exchanging and the promotions and then the filling of the vacant places in the companies. The effectiveness of the recruitment and selection is monitored and done by the HARM and the results can be seen in the form of the dynamic leaders that are brought every year in the companies by the leadership planning methods. In the development of the leadership there are two methods.

The first one is the on the Job training and this method is very impressive and authentic in the companies. If the trainings are given on the Job then the employees can learn better and be the best part of the organization. The second one is the organizational learning. There must be the organizations which encourage the idea to make the flexible environment for the employees to get the valuable information and then become the dynamic leaders of the companies. Both of these methods are very important and effective in every situation of the organizational learning processes.

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