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Computerize Numerical Control

For instance is we take mechanical department of the maintenance. Its main objective or its main focus on the strategy. Would be first minimal down time of production plat and to provide services. If some sort of problem occurs in any plant or for example take C. N. C (computerize numerical control) machine. So first the nature of the problem will be identified ,can it be fixed in the house inventory management or the use of spare parts can be applied or they have to order the arts from the out side First the problem or the nature of the problem is checked by the operator.

Weather if the problem is mechanical or electrical or general electronics and if there is mechanical problem. Then the process will proceed by Fault reporting Fault rectification Feedback(to the particular client or if the machine is asset of the organization then it goes to the senior manager ) Hence record r made for every individuals plant by taking out that specific record of that particular plant that’s reporting a mechanical problem is made easy to solve so iris the operator will give the information to the production manager.

Maintenance personnel will also update the plant history

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in the law book of the particular plant . Then the maintenance manager will inform the production manager after receiving a feedback from his team the production manager will inform the senior manager that these activities took place and the current status of the of the plant . Process how the maintenance will be carried out First the Operator will report to the supervisor and then the supervisor will report to the area in charge and the area in charge will report to the production manager. Adduction manager will sent a written request to the maintenance manager . Maintenance manager will allocate the resources to the Job meaning that maintenance manager will provide his men power and he will tell his team to monitor the problem . Those resources will be maintenance personnel and those personnel will carry out diagnostics will rectify the problem or rectify the fault and the team will report back to the maintenance manager and the plant will be handed over to the production manager Then there will be purchasing assurance and spare parts works and etc.

Now when the problem is been rectified the maintenance manager will apply or use the four managerial concerns that is Planning Leading Controlling By using these four managerial concern manager of the maintenance department will solve the current problem Planning The manager will plan to reduce uncertainty he will look ahead and he will develop appropriate response and he will plane according to the objectives . Maintenance manager will look at the current situation he will evaluate the current situation and how the problem came or occurred in the plant.

Maintenance manager with his am members will first look at the target [objectives that weather the plant should be replaced or the fault reporting plant can be fixed in the house inventory or spare part can be used. The maintenance manager will also look at the path and will also listen to the proposals from his team members in order to look for a better idea and solution. He will look at the possible route map for solving the problem he would see the today’s situations he would think of a specific action that is supposed to be taken. He would plan that what resources are required to execute the plan.

And after the landing the maintenance manager will allocate his resources and he will tell his team to start working on the problem. Organizing The will apply five organizing principles: unity of command his words and instructions will be as followed, span of control, delegation of authority, and flexibility. The organizing process involves five steps: determining the tasks to be accomplished, subdividing major tasks into individual activities, assigning specific activities to individuals, providing necessary resources, manager will organize his plans in such a way that all of his plans will be accomplished. Nagger will sub divide his major tasks in individual activities the maintenance manager will assign specific task to the individual ,the manager will provide the necessary y resources and also the manager will chose an appropriate structure. And then the manager will specify the structure by a chart that who is to do the Join and how to do it. The maintenance manager will provide the resources and direction to achieve the planning result the managers chain of command and role specification will apply on his planning Leading The manager will motivate the workers on their performance.

He will show them the future of their careers if they work hard. He will communicate well with his team and will explain the planning and the strategy. The manager will discuss it with his team member and take appropriate feedback, while listening to their feedback that follows up on their expertise and experience. This will allow a more through outlook to the needs of not only the workers but the company as well; as they work with the machinery they know the needs and requirements. The manager will get his team on board with him so that his team will get the sense of owner ship. By addressing work with commitment.

The manager will also look after their interest and in any way he can help them he will, because loyal workers turn to be well worth assets in the near future. The vision of improvement and success will be clear and also his mission. The maintenance manager will guide his team. The manager will apply every effort they need to solve the problem through his understanding power, as he is the key for not only the survival of his company but also for the advancement, he keeps the employees together. With compassion and a sheer will for the betterment f the company, the manager leads the company to unachievable heights of success.

The manager will use the law using the key point’s indicator. He will monitor and he will ask for a feedback on the current status, the operator will check the plant every day for the update and also the manager will not let any problems hinder the production. Using his knowledge and he will address the social problems of the employees’ in such a way that it will not harm the chastity of the company. By appointing proper heads at key positions, he can make sure that each sector is being monitored to the highest degree.

The message illustrated by his strict surveillance will not be that employees are under aggressive monitoring but monitoring to see that every station is functioning properly. By asserting control in work quality, professional behavior, and time, while being lenient in various situations, the manager becomes an understanding character in the eyes of the employees. This in turn will be favorable to the employees making them work harder for longer periods of time and this will prove to be very fruitful for the company. The manager asserts proper control and profits soar.

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