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According to Bulla and Scott (1994), an organization is supposed to identify all its human resource requirements, and human resource planning is the process to make sure that all of those acquirement are satisfied. In human resource planning, people are defined as the most Important strategic resource. Human resource planning Is concerned to achieve both long term requirements and short term requirements of an organization. For an organization, the effectiveness could be improved by the employment and development of people, as a result of applying human resource planning.

Therefore, human resource planning plays an important role in management. The contribution of Human Resource Planning Applying human resource planning could help an organization to increase the radioactivity of employees by several ways, such as offering monetary incentives, Improving Job skills of employees to produce more in less time or at lower cost, redesigning work process and methods In order to achieve greater outputs, and using more efficient equipment so that greater outputs could be achieved. The evolution of human resource planning brings many developments to current society.

Firstly, the human resource information system is computerized. Secondly, the links between the activities of human resource manager became much closer to the business environment. Lastly,

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the skill databases are improved in order to adjust to shortages of skills. Human resource planning plays an important role in business planning. The goals and behavior and skill requirements of an organization could be determined by applying human resource planning. It helps an organization to figure out which person is required in order to complete some specific tasks.

According to Quinn Mills (1 983), human resource is a decision making process that Includes three activities. The first activity is to identify the required skills for a task and acquire the people with those skills in the proper amount. The second activity is to motivate them to complete the task efficiency and effectively. The last actively Is to link business objectives interactively with people planning activities. Model of human resource planning The human resource planning model Is the method that an organization applied In order to ensure that each functions are carried out by proper employees.

There are three key elements of human resource planning model. The first key element Is forecasting the needs of employees, There are some factors to be considered, such as financial situation, the demand of service or product of an organization, and the Roth expectations. The second key element is evaluating the supply of both internal and external staff by evaluate the demographics of the workplace. Factors t Off regulations, and education, etc. The final key element is to balance the supply of employees available with the demand for employees. The balancing of full time employees and part time employees is considered as well.

Approaches to human There are three approaches to human resource planning: 1. Quantitative Approach This approach is known as a management driven approach that focus on forecasting of human resource surplus and shortage in an organization. This approach is based on the human resource inventory level and the analysis of human resource management information system. Different kinds of quantitative techniques and tools could be used in order to forecast the demand of employees, such as mathematical model, market analysis, trend analysis, and so on. This approach is major applied by top management. . Qualitative Approach This approach focuses on the training, creativity and development of employees. Moreover, it focuses on matching organizational needs with individual employee concerns, such as employee safety, welfare and incentives, etc. In this approach, lower level employees play the major role. 3. Mixed Approach This approach combines both quantitative approach and qualitative approach of human resource planning. It is applied to balance the antagonism between managers and employees. It is expected to produce the best result by applying quantitative approach and qualitative approach.

Each level of management and employees of an organization could participate equally. In order to apply these approaches, an organization should be aware about: 1 . The resources, culture, systems and industrial relations of the organization. 2. Both the external and internal business environment and labor market 3. The commercial performance requirement, such as market segments and profits. Professionalism in human The first part of professionalism is to understand customer requirements and providing customer satisfaction.

In current age, human resource is treated as a service to both business and employees. Thus, the goal of human resource should be delivering the right services to the right person at the right time with the right cost and quality. In the current global business environment, there is a rapidly change in the customer demand of human resource. From the business point of view, there are several things that need to be known by human resource, such as the core competencies and the culture of the organization and the changing resounding requirement of the organization.

From the employee point of view, the increasing needs for workplace flexibility and distance, improvement of work-life balance and the accessibility of human resource operations must be understood clearly by human resource. Professionalism requires human resource to be practiced fairly. In current business environment, legal obligation is set for organization to ensure that employees are treated equally in the areas of race, age, disability, sexuality, religion, etc. Thus, human resource should make sure that all the levels of organizations adhere the regulations of equal opportunity.

Some factor such as working conditions and customer relations should be covered by policies and practices. In this area, criteria and formalism capturing customer requirements. This could be applied by all aspects of human resource practices, such as recruitment, selection and promotion. Within the organization as a whole, professionalism could also be enhanced by engendering a culture of respect and equality. For example, an organization could provide workforce diversity training to all levels of staff in order to achieve this goal.

Limitations of human resource planning 1. Future uncertainty Although the notion of human resource planning is well established in human resource management, it must be recognized that it does not seemed to be embedded as a human resource activity. As Retell (1995) suggested, there has been little research evidence of increased use or of its success apart from isolated example. The gap between theory and practice has been explained be Retell as rising from the impact of change and the difficulty of predicting the future. 2.

Problem of surplus of staff A clear solution has been giver by human resource planning. However, it mostly affects the psyche of the existing employees when certain employees are removed from company. For example, they may feel insecure, stressed out and even lose faith in the company. Moreover, human resource planning is less effective for some country with large amount of available manpower, such as India and China. 3. Time consuming activity Human resource planning collects information about the demand and supply of response from all departments.

Therefore, the activity takes a lot of time as a result of all the information is collected in detail. Conclusion The whole theory presents the importance of human resource planning to support human resource management by analysis the contribution of human resource planning. The importance in addressing all three approaches to planning has increased as response to the importance of identifying core competencies and sponsoring new techniques. Furthermore, this essay discusses the professionalism in human resource planning. At last, the limitations of human resource planning have en presented.

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