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Management Essay

The best technique for developing efficient habits of time use is to prepare a time list that combines long-range and short-range planning: (1 ) a Eng-term schedule for an entire semester, (2) an intermediate schedule per week, and (30 a more specific short schedule per day (“Time Scheduling” ). Long-term Schedule – a list of fixed commitment you are required to meet every week during the semester,e. G. , classes, Job hours, organization meetings church, etc. Intermediate Schedule (one per week)- a short list of major events and amount of work to be completed in each subject, including nonstop activities.

Prepare a new list for each week every Sunday night. List day first. Post the list on a wall in your bedroom. Short- term Schedule (one per day) -? a list of specific things to be done Write your schedule for the next day before sleeping. Carry the schedule with you, and cross out each item as you accomplish it. Study Area. A good study area Is any quiet place with adequate lighting where you can study without anyone bothering you. Have a study desk with a chair that supports your back. Never try to study on your bed, because that

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invites you to lounge and eventually fall to sleep.

Reading. The way you read while studying Is not like reading for pleasure. You can make your study reading more effective by using the CORPS method (“Study Skills”). Stands for purpose, survey, Question, Read selectively, Recite, “Rite”, Reflect, and Review. Purpose: Before starting to read, determine your intention for reading the material. Are you looking of general concepts or specific Information? What does your instructor want you to do? Survey; Have a quick scan of the whole material, taking note of chapter headings, topics, and subtopics.

This valuable way to save time, as you can focus on the portions relevant to what you need to study. Question: Decide on the questions that you have to answer. This allows you to actively search for answers to particular problems and ration your time per problem while reading. Writing: Effective writing Is quality writing. To achieve this, analyze your writing for two characteristics: content and form. In other words, what you say and how you say it. Writing without form is like a human body without skeleton; writing without content is like a skeleton with no flesh.

The writing process consists of the following steps preprinting, organizing, and rating, revising, editing, and writing the final draft after several revisions. Preprinting is brainstorming. Its purpose is to create as many ideas related to the subject as possible, and as quickly as possible. Examples of brainstorming are listing, fast writing, spindling, and mapping. Organizing is selecting an opinion about the subject, choosing enough of the right type of detail from the preterit and adding when needed, and creating an order for those details and fitting them into the form. OFF ideas into complete sentences, and adding when needed. Revising is adding and deleting information, changing the order of the details and the form, and looking for major mechanical errors. Editing is checking the writing for basic writing errors like spelling, punctuation, and grammar. After several revision you are finally satisfied with what you have written, write your final draft. Note Taking. To take good notes, think of note taking as an active listening process and be selective in what your write down.

Before the lecture, read the assigned material or skim it for five to ten minutes o that you can identify the most relevant information from the lecture. Concentration. Like any other student, you may not be able to concentrate while studying nor remember the material that you studied. To improve your concentration and memory, try these techniques. Arrange what you are going to study in order of relation importance. Break your study time into manageable periods of time. Schedule a regular break.

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