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Management and Reflection Book/ Portfolio Essay

The student behaves in a manner tolerant of the rights and responsibilities of the society they live in. The student mostly makes ethically sound decisions. Expression Expressing once Idea through technology MAP Unit Question How does advertising persuade consumers to Purchase Assessment What task(s) will allow students the opportunity to respond to the unit question? What will constitute acceptable evidence or understanding? How will students show what they have understood?

Essay Advertisement Essay (A, D) Design and make a commercial TV advertisement to promote your product. Use Free software such as movie and Windows Movie Maker to edit your filmed commercials. Web creation sites such as BP Works and Google Sites may be used to create Internet-based advertisements. Use design cycle to finish your advertisement. Students will document their investigation, designing, planning, creating and evaluation in a design folio. Students will also present their results to their peers in a class presentation. 1 .

B: Design D: Create E: Evaluate Stage 2: Backward planning: from the assessment to the learning activities through inquiry Content What knowledge and/or skills (from my course overview) are going to be used to enable the student to respond to the guiding question? Knowledge & Skills: ; Investigation:

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Demonstrate an understanding of three persuasive techniques (pathos, logos, and ethos) and other advertising strategies. Analyses advertisements according to their employment of these techniques, demonstrate an understanding of the concept of demographics and specific audience and create their own advertisement.

Design cycle Approaches to Learning How will this unit contribute to the overall development of subject-specific and general TTL skills? Learner Profile Which characteristics of the learner profile will be emphasized? How will you make students aware of them? Knowledgeable: Principled: Open minded: Caring: Reflective: International Mindedness How will international-mindedness be addressed? Learning Experiences Teaching strategies How will students know what is expected of them? Will they see examples, rubrics, templates, etc.?

How will we use formative assessments to give students feedback during the unit? How will students acquire the knowledge and practice the skills required? How will they practice applying these? Employed? Week 1 Lesson 1 Introduction to Topic(Business Technology) Objective: By the end of the lesson the Students will have a good general idea of what the current unit of work is about and what kind of assessments is expected of them during the quarter. SW: TTL SKILLS: Students will note down all the important points mention in class about the unit and its objectives.

They will also make an initial plan for their assessment and reflect on what kind of skills and contributions are needed from them in future in order to come up with successful assessment submissions. Communication Being informed – Being aware of the usage of tool and inform others about it. Informing others – Presenting information before class using word processing tool and other Communication tools TWO: Teacher will explain the about the topic. Teacher will also explain and give a brief overview of the types of assessment tasks the students are to expect in the coming weeks.

Teachers will start the by encouraging student experiences with and the effects of advertising. Egg: Teacher can ask Reflection: -Keeping a Journal for self- reflection 1 . Where do you encounter advertising? (They will likely mention television, billboards, radio, Websites, school hallways, and so on. ) 2. Which specific advertisements “stick in your head? ” 3. What makes these advertisements memorable? It makes the student to get knowledge about the topic. Students will use their own reflection book/ oratorio to keep record on their daily work and to be submitted to the teacher at the end of the day.

Lesson 2 Introduction to Advertisement Technique: SW: Students work in group to find information about the various advertisement techniques and demographic. They will make a presentation about it. Explain to students how advertisers think of consumers: not as individuals, but as members of groups that tend to believe, behave, or purchase in certain patterns. Ask students to begin applying their understanding of demographics and targeted advertising by showing the first part of a television program of your choice. Facilitate the group discussion.

Students will understand about various advertisement techniques. TTL skills: http://www. Rethreading. Org/accelerometer’s/lesson-plans/ persuasivetechniquesadvertising- 1 166. Being informed – Being aware of the safety rules and inform others about it. Week 2 Lesson 3 Design Cycle: Investigation Students will analyses six advertisements: two print ads, two television commercials, and two Internet advertisements. They will look at some real ads for real products. They will make a presentation about the following 1 . Share with the class about their findings. 2.

How advertisers skillfully use multiple strategies to persuade their audiences. 3. Their recognition of pathos, logos, and ethos in three different modes of advertising(pathos, logo, echo) And present it before the class. They will record all their research in the process Journal. Objective: By the end of the lesson: Students will get an understanding about targeted audience TWO: Explain to students that they will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge by looking at some real ads for real products. Share that the goal of this activity will be to examine how advertisers skillfully use multiple

Being informed – Being aware and inform others about it. To facilitate the class discussion, elicit mind maps and key points from whole class discussion, demonstration of some examples on whiteboard. Organization and to be submitted to the Teacher at the end Self- management- Organizing learning materials under teacher guidance and finishing the task on time. Time Management- Using time effectively in Lesson 4 Design Cycle: Investigation: Student will list down various adds from that they will choose one topic either they can go for making changes in the existing add or making new one for the project

Record all the information in process Journal TWO: Teacher will show a few sample videos to the students about the different advertisement. They will also explain about the various tools used in that. To facilitate the group discussion; elicit mind maps and key points from whole class discussion, demonstration of some examples on whiteboard. Short class quiz conducted by teacher to test understanding of students. And to be submitted to the T at the end of the day. Week 3 Lesson 5 Discussion with teachers Criterion A, D A-The students gather their information.

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