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Management at google Essay

From there, Google’s founders decided it needed a new name to open up to the internet, which Is how Google got Its name. Google Is a play on googol which is one followed by a hundred zeros which was done to represent the vision of the company to organize indefinite amounts of information on the web (Google ). Starting in 1998, Google Inc. , was started. Google has since expanded from Just an Internet search engine to many other systems. Google has Its own email system, known as Gamma, GAPS known as Google maps, as well as a video channel, Youth, and social networking, known as Google+.

Due to all this, Google employs ever 30,000 people worldwide in several different locations. To run this, large of a company, It takes a well- developed management team to oversee a company this size. Management Team As Google states, “this management team represents some of the most experienced technology professionals in the world. ” Google’s management team ‘OFF consists of six executive officers, fifteen members make up the senior leadership division, and ten members form the board of directors. This creates the top management at Google. Each member has contributed to the continuing growth

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and success of the company.

This team works together along with other employees of Google to continue expanding the company and keeping up with the latest technology. Management Practice From the start, Google has been a successful company that continues to grow due to successful managing. For over a decade Google has been managed through group managing rather than a single CEO. Instead of bringing in one CEO with experience to lead a new company like many others do, Google brought in Eric Schmidt to act as CEO but also as an “adult supervisor” to the young co-founders (Nassau 2011).

Schmidt, a former CEO, was able to guide the young co- founders, and bring in adhering as well as technological experience from his past. This approach is being called bi- generational leadership. This integrates the new younger generation known as Gene Seers and Genders with an older manager such as a Boomer manager (Nassau 2011). This helps narrow the gap from the old generation practices and the new. Past experience is there to guide the new leaders who can help bring in new ideas to keep up with the ever changing technology today. This leadership style has shown to be effective and provide benefits that continue to help Google grow.

Organizational Structure The organizational structure was created by co- founders Page and Bring. Their decision for management structure was to create a very flat hierarchy where top management is only one level above lower level employees. This creates the ability to concentrate more on individuals and small groups. Employees are grouped in to small teams to work on different projects where the leader for each project changes. Each of these teams becomes very different due to the diversity of employees at Google. This diversity brings creativity and innovation which in turn creates successful ideas. Dangles 2011). Organizational Culture Google’s organizational culture is unique to them. Google values their employees and their commitment to the organization. Google wants to hire the best employees in their technology and be able to keep these employees happy. Google encourages relaxation and creativity. There is a casual dress code, flexible working hours, on site benefits such as gyms and massage places. Google wants to reward its employees for their accomplishments. By creating this work environment, it encourages workers to stay motivated on their own, as well as retain the employees.

They feel self- titivated and Job commitment is higher. (Hernandez 2008) If Google want to continue to grow and succeed and they must do this through their employees. In order to do this, management team has created much openness and creativity for their employees to thrive on. One way management has created this openness is by creating what they call TGIF Friday meetings. They want everyone to be able to share their ideas, opinions, and questions. Employees are able to present themselves to top managers and even the co- founders through an open mimic.

This happens at every one of Google’s office locations worldwide. Also to encourage reiterative, they have what is called 20% Projects, where employees can create take led to big reward to the company’s success such as Gamma (Google). Another success by the management team is to offer the employees the opportunity to continue to learn and grow. They offer employees the ability to teach other employees something that they are knowledgeable I and also offer employees the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities. Google’s organization is open and flexible.

They are goal focused and reward based. Google does not have an everyday 9-5 work schedule. It operates on a project eased quarterly schedule. So if you are working on a project and are ahead of schedule and feel like coming in a bit later the next day, there are no consequences. This is positive reinforcement for employees and which in turns creates motivation for employees to complete their work (Google). Finally, as part of Google’s culture, they value the importance of friendship and family. Employees at Google don’t Just see each other as Just that.

They see each other as friends and family. They enjoy spending time together whether it’s as part of a sports team, a party or a celebration. They enjoy having fun together and Google encourages this, Management offers on site activities such as ping pong and pool tables, gyms, and outdoor activities. They also offer cafes, and other eating venues right on-site for people to get together and enjoy a meal. Finger food is also prepared for their weekly Friday meetings. Google also brings in authors, artists, performers, politicians and other celebrities to share their ideas and successes.

This is Just fun for them, it creates a learning experience. Google values fun and creativity and encourages it through it the work place. Although, most people may not think this type of environment would work, it has irked successfully for Google. It has maintained their originally vision as well as encouraging growth and creativity from employees. This creates Job satisfaction for employees which will result in Job commitment from these employees. Leadership Lessons Learned While working for Google, many leadership lessons have been learned for employees.

An article written by Jay Yarrow, shows eleven lessons learned that former Google employees have carried with them through their careers. Lesson one is “don’t fall prey to hiring people Just because you have an opening and no one can come up tit anything negative to say about the person. ” ( Yarrow 2011). This means Just because no one else has something negative to say, as a manager don’t be afraid to say what you think. Don’t be afraid to hurt someone’s feelings if they are not going to be a good fit for the company. Lesson two is focus on the long term future.

This means set goals not Just for the immediate future but goals to keep your company around for the long run. This will be a company that people believe in. Lesson three is to allow people to be creative and create new ideas that can be successful. Lesson our states use data to make decisions. Don’t go in to an idea blindly. Use testing and data to make sure this is going to be successful. Lesson five is to make sure there is a group decision. Google allows people throughout the company to make decisions about the business and new products. Lesson six goes with lesson four, give people the ability to move up in the company.

Google wants to know where people want to go with their careers and gives them the chance to grow by being a creative questions. Google has meeting on Fridays to allow for openness, questions, and ideas from their employees. Lesson eight is to use the human resources department. Google makes use out of their HER department. It is used throughout the interview process, as well as for feedback from its employees and to give mangers feedback about their departments. Lesson nine is to have a high standard for hiring for continued growth and longevity of the company.

Lesson ten is to find the best fitting partners for a company not the biggest names. When looking for a partner for the company, Google doesn’t Just go with the company with the biggest name; they want to go with the best fit for their company regardless of name. Lesson eleven is to look towards a future that is exciting. Google want to continue to expand and strives to be the best it can be. These are eleven lessons that former employees have learned from working with the company. These eleven lessons though, are what Google’s management team follows and have led to the continued growth and success of the company.

Inside Access to Google The value of innovation at Google is something that everyone knows of but not something that everyone has been able to see hands on. Swedish researcher from Chalmers University if Technology has done research that no one else has been able o do. She has spent a year on site at a Google campus in California gaining first hand research to how this innovated company is operated and managed. She has done this by conducting interviews with twenty eight employees. Google’s culture comes straight from that of its founders. This value of innovation was created by them.

One way this value hold true, she found, is that Google needs to recruit and hire people that best fit that values that hold true to Google. Google, altogether has eleven characteristics that it looks for in individuals but three are most important to hem, They want to hire people that are ” having a passion to change the world through internet, being smart, and being nonpolitical. ” (Swedish Research Council 2012) Hiring employees who believe in these values, along with other values and norms the company follows is how it maintains the continued success with creativity and innovation.

Leadership Style by CEO Larry Page Larry Page is the Chief Executive Officer for Google who does not follow normal management styles. He believes in his unique style which he has learned from his background and previous experiences which he carried forward to the workplace today (Elmer 2011). He shares his ideas to leadership, all the time in meetings with employees and executives, and in speeches such as commencement. In the article written by Vickie Elmer on Commonly, Larry Page shares five leadership strategies that he believes in. The first strategy is to “pay attention to crazy ideas and cultivate them” (Elmer 2011).

He encourages believe in any idea no matter what it may be because you never know the outcome it can produce. It may be something that can change the world. The second is to ” build your team, avoid bureaucracy’ (Elmer 2011). From the start Page wanted to be involved in the hiring process. To start he hired many colleagues from the University of Michigan and Stanford where he and the co-founder attended graduate school. Some of these early hires are still around today. The third strategy is to “be quick and concise” (Elmer 2011). Page asks staff to paragraphs.

He also encourages openness and fast decisions. The fourth one is “to recognize the significance of small moves” (Elmer 2011). Small ideas, such as an improvement to an already made app for phones and other electronic devices, are important to the company as well as the big ones. These small moves can lead to big rewards. The finally strategy is to “preserve” (Elmer 2011). If something does come about right away keep trying. It may not happen overnight, it may take years but if it’s a good idea keep trying because one day that can lead too big reward.

These are five leadership strategies that Larry Page follows and teaches others. They may be his own but it has worked and continued to contribute to the success of Google. Best Company to Work For Google continues to successfully make Fortune magazines “Best Companies to Work For” rankings. This is due to the continued support by employees and those joking to be hired by Google. It has been shown by the Universes Ideal Employer Survey that one in five undergrads chose Google as their ideal employer Monsoon 2010). Why is this? It is all due to the organizational structure and culture at Google.

Google’s culture is motivation, influential and productive. This is a draw to people who want to work there and it helps maintain current employees. The flat organizational structure and the continued hands on support from co- founders only add to this. This is what continues to make Google one of the best companies to work for. Monsoon 2010) Conclusion Google is a highly successful internet search engine that many people dream of working for. Those who are fortunate to be employed by them continue to stay committed to the organization.

This success is due to the unique management style and organizational culture provided by Google. Who wouldn’t want to work for a company that provides such great benefits and encourages fun? Although there management style seems so different, for them, it is what works. A company that has been around for nearly two decades, and is continuing to grow and expand must be doing something right. Google encourages creativity, innovation, and fun. This is what Google’s top managers believe in. In return, they have a successful company that will continue to grow.

Although there leadership style is unique it increases employees’ self- motivation which in return increases their productivity. The openness of this company contributes to this success. Being able to bring an idea or an opinion to top managers and Coos of large companies is not something that is seen all the time. This policy motivates the employees and allows them to be creative. Being able to work on a project that you’re passionate about, during works hours is something unusual. But for these co- founders it was something they believed in.

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