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Management Ch. 10 quiz answers

A person who has a sense of __________ is conscious of the internal aspects of his/her nature, such as personality traits, beliefs, emotions, and perceptions, and appreciates how his/her patterns affect other people.
Leroy has always been a goal-oriented worker who meets all deadlines without challenge. He is usually the team member who envisions the bigger picture and helps others accomplish their tasks. However, he often makes silly mistakes that his colleagues and managers have to fix. What can Leroy do to address this blind spot?
Complete regular self-assessments so he can improve in certain areas
__________ refers to loyalty to and engagement with one’s work organization.
Organizational commitment
Claudette works for a new eco-friendly fashion line in Vienna, Austria. After studying environmental science and economics in Canada, she decided that she wanted to live in Europe and pursue a career related to sustainable development. When the opportunity to work in eco-friendly fashion came up in Vienna, Claudette knew that this was the change and experience she needed to live a purposeful life. Claudette loves her job and is motivated to do well. Which of the following concepts illustrates Claudette’s feelings about her work?
Job satisfaction
Which of the following enables individuals to screen and select the various objects and stimuli that vie for their attention?
Xavier has been working for a local market for about 6 months now and admires the manager in his department because she is extraverted, bold, and extremely creative. Because Xavier struggles with his shyness and has a difficult time making new friends, he respects anyone who is outgoing. Even though other staff members have complained about the manager’s abrupt and confrontational behavior, Xavier thinks she can do no wrong. Xavier’s perceptions are a result of:
the halo effect.
Jael is a trusting and forgiving individual who gets along with others because she is good-natured and cooperative. Which of the Big Five personality factors does she possess?
Emily Lu manages a team of fifteen visual artists in charge of creating ads and designing billboards for local restaurants in Chicago. Emily is generally seen as a leader because she knows everyone on her team and comes up with strategies and activities so that everyone feels included. Moreover, she values diversity and does not mind sharing with others. Nevertheless, some of Emily’s teammates feel she is not approachable and is self-centered at time. Which of the following traits associated with introversion can Emily learn from?
She can practice listening and taking others’ suggestions.
The tendency to direct much of one’s behavior toward the acquisition of power and the manipulation of others for personal gain is called:
Myeshia works for a charter school in New Orleans and is committed to infusing the arts into her math lesson plans. Her principal warns her that as a new teacher, it may take a while for her lessons to come together the way she imagines and to give it some time. When things don’t go well her first semester at the school, Myeshia is devastated. As an individual who has a high internal locus of control, Myeshia most likely responds to the situation by saying:
“I should have tested out the lesson plans before implementing them in the classroom.”
A(n)__________ is a mental state that arises spontaneously within a person based on interaction with the environment rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by physiological changes or sensations.
Fawn works for a web publishing company, and daily, she is charged with solving challenging software algorithms and ensuring that her clients’ materials are managed efficiently and are secured. If Fawn thrives on the relationship management aspect of emotional intelligence, which of the following options best explains how Fawn might respond to a situation at work?
Fawn would call her clients and communicate about what their needs are and how she might be able to help them.
The basic principles for self-management include:
clarity of mind
The managers at Nirvana’s Sons have extremely high expectations of their architects. Lorenzo, a recent college graduate and a new hire wants to ensure that he is always prepared and ready to work. When he receives his first assignment, the first thing he does is creates an excel spreadsheet of all of his upcoming deadlines and what he needs to complete each; this way he can clear his mind and get things down on paper. What should Lorenzo do next?
Lorenzo should decide the next action.
Type A behavior pattern is characterized by all of these except:
relaxed lifestyle.
Miles is a marathoner who travels internationally to compete. In a conversation with a friend, Miles expresses that he thrives off the stress of competing and pushes himself harder in situations where he knows he will be running with the world’s best marathoners. Identify the kind of stress Miles has described.
Challenge stress
Uncertainty about what behaviors are expected of a person in a particular position is called role ambiguity
The workers at a small tech start up in Rhode Island are often stressed and complain about having heavy workloads. The president of the company wants to figure out how to eliminate some stressors while keeping productivity high. He should most likely:
organize weekly activities in the office so his staff have an opportunity to unwind and mingle.

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