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Management Chapter 1

staying ahead of competitors in customer responsiveness, innovation, quality, and efficiency will result in?
Competitive advantage
Between the years 2010 and 2030, the number of U.S. citizens over the age of 65 is expected to
more than double
Monitoring performance, comparing it with goals, and taking corrective action as needed is the management function known as
Which of the following titles would be held by a top manager?
A. Department chair
B. Regional manager
C. Plant manager
D. Chief operating officer
E. Production supervisor
Chief operating officer
A commonweal organization offers services to a more complete group of clients than other types of ________ organizations.
Mintzberg defined three broad managerial roles: interpersonal, informational, and
Conceptual skills needed by managers include
the ability to understand how parts of the organization work together.
The pursuit of organizational goals efficiently and effectively by integrating the work of people through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the organization’s resources is called
A group of people who work together to achieve some specific purpose is/are called
an Organization
To be ______ as a manager means to make the right decisions and successfully carry them out to achieve goals.
The _________ effect states that a manager’s influence on the organization has implications far beyond the results that can be achieved by one person acting alone.
The ability of an organization to outperform others by producing goods or services more effectively than its competitors is called its
competitive advantage
Which of the following is not an area in which an organization must stay ahead of its competitors to achieve competitive advantage?
A. Innovation
B. Quality
C. Being responsive to customers
D. Environmental action
E. Efficiency
enviornmental action

Competitive advantage is the ability of an organization to produce goods or services more effectively than competitors do, thereby outperforming them. This means an organization must stay ahead in four areas: (1) being responsive to customers, (2) innovation, (3) quality, and (4) efficiency.

In seeking competitive advantage, the first law of business is to
take care of the customer
Finding ways to deliver new or better goods or services is called
Which of the following is one of the four principal functions of management, also known as the management process?
Setting goals and deciding how to achieve them is called
Monitoring performance and taking corrective action as needed is called
Managers who implement the policies and plans determined at the highest levels and coordinate the activities of lowest-level managers are called
middle manager
Managers who make short-term operating decisions and direct the daily tasks of the nonmanagerial employees are called
first-line managers
A ______ manager is responsible for just one organizational activity.
Which of the following is an example of a decisional role that managers play?
E.Resource allocator
resource allocator
_________ means taking risks to try to create a new enterprise.
The belief that you control your own destiny is called
internal locus of control
According to researcher Robert Katz, which of the following is one of three principal skills acquired by experienced managers?
A. Human
B. Coordination
C. Intuitive
D. Comprehensive
E. Evaluative
______ skills consist of the job-specific knowledge needed to perform well in a specialized field.
The ability to think analytically, to visualize an organization as a whole, and to understand how the parts work together is associated with ______ skills.
______ skills consist of the ability to work well in cooperation with other people to get things done.
Even for nonprofits, sooner or later there will be no organization without ____.
Donna manages the service desk and makes routine decisions related to customer refunds and merchandise returns. Donna also oversees the daily tasks of the cashiers and front desk employees. Donna is a(n) ____ manager.
Conceptual skills consist of ____.
the ability to think analytically, to visualize an organization as a whole, and to understand how the parts work together
According to management scholar Henry Mintzberg, managers play three roles:
interpersonal, informational, decisional
At ABC Manufacturing, employees work together to achieve the company goals and purposes. This describes ___.
an organization
When the manager of a local restaurant sets goals and then develops a plan on how to achieve them, she is ____.
Today nearly one in six American workers is _____.
As organizations strive to obtain a competitive advantage, taking care of the customer is the ____.
first law of business
The discipline concerned with creating computer systems that simulate human reasoning and sensation is known as ___.
artificial intelligence
With production today, companies emphasize _____.
Using state-of-the-art computer software and hardware to help people work better together is known as ____.
collaborative computing
Donna received a degree in management and has several years of strong management experience. As a result of her education and experience, researcher Robert Katz believed that Donna acquired which of the following principal skills?
technical, conceptual, human
The principal functions of management are ___.
planning, organizing, leading, controlling
Managers are classified into the four levels of ____.
top, middle, first-line managers, team leaders
The vice president of marketing, while meeting with the district sales managers, mentioned that management theorist Peter Drucker compared ____.
the workplace of the future to a symphony orchestra
Studies show that dealing with excessive and unimportant e-mail and text messages in the workplace can lead to ____.
increased employee conflict and stress
Greg, a supervisor, is known by his managers to be sharp in his decisions and has a good track record of meeting his goals; Greg is a(n) ____ manager.
New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman noted that globalization has leveled the competitive playing fields between industrial and emerging-market countries. This phenomenon proposes that ____.
the world is flat

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