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Management Information System Essay

Ashram’s Hosing ID: 201301043 Date of Submission: Friday, June 07, 2013 Group Work Methodology and Weighted Group members gave full feedback on both cases through email and then all the diebacks are compiled into one. Based on that we all participated equally (20% each) into this task. Limitations This task needed more face to face discussions. Group members live far from each other. Time constrain. Online help was not much available. Feted 1. List the business processes displayed in the video.

As displayed in the video, First, a Feted agent picks up a package and scans it, entering it into the system under a unique identification number. It is then transferred into a hub, or sorting center, via a truck containing other similar packages. Once it reaches the nearest sorting center, the packages are stored via a system on conveyor belt. Then, paddles nudge the packages onto different slides depending on the eventual destination. Some packages require manual sorting instead of this automated method.

Once the packages have been sorted, they are placed into boxes together. The boxes are shaped in such a way that they will fit into a plane with maximum efficiency. A Feted air control center coordinates the arrival

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of trucks and monitors airport and airplane conditions. Once the planes take off, travel and reach their destination, a Feted eerier delivers the package by hand, and scans again to signify the completion of the transaction. 2. List the types of information systems shown in the video. Can you describe how systems that were not shown might be used at Feted?

Transaction Processing Systems in the form of the Feted Sorting System Management Information Systems and Decision Support Systems in the Feted Control Center The type of information systems that was not shown in the video is the Executive Support System. Executive Support System (SEES) can be used for: As reporting tool. For quick access to organized data and as analysis tools. Predict performance outcomes. For statistics and numbers needed for decision-making. 3. The system displayed in the video is an enterprise system. Why is this true? Explain your answer.

The Feted system displayed in the video is an enterprise system because: The ideal enterprise system could control all major business processes in real time via single software architecture. This system collects data from different functions and stores data in single central data depository. Feted system enables coordination of daily activities It permits the integration of data to facilitate operation and coordination of work across the enterprise. The intent is to integrate core business processes (accounting, finance, human resources, sorting and shipment, etc. ). 4.

How important is technology to Feeder’s business processes? Technology is very important to Feeder’s business processes because: leadership. Feted depends on large integrated telecommunications and information systems. Feted customers can identify the location off package at any time. Feted was the first to install computers in vans, provide sophisticated automation in the mailbox and develop tracking capabilities and software. Increases reliability and high rate of efficiency. Feted Provides shipment visibility, status notifications and alerts about critical shipment events, trough latest technology. . How could Feeder’s shipping process be made even more efficient? Feeder’s shipping process can be made even more efficient by: Custom aircrafts can be used. Out sourcing data handling task. Introducing live video chat option. By standardizing its product. UPS 1 . What are UPS “Smart Labels? ” What role do they play in UPS operations? The UPS Smart Label is a computer-generated shipping label that you can create sing your personal computer. One of the key elements of the smart label is the barded. The information contained in a smart-label barded can benefit you significantly.

Among these, a UPS Smart Label provides you with the following: Increased reliability, since the barded contains data imported directly from your system. Improved transit time, because smart-label packages pass through UPS systems at top speed. Access to value-added services reserved for packages with UPS Smart Labels 2. Write out the steps a package takes from pick-up by a UPS driver to livery including the role of AID, the UPS Data Center, and the UPS Package Center. It starts with information about the package and its destination added by the customer.

Once all this information is sent to main database system of UPS, automatically the system generates a “smart label” the same label is attached to the package for shipment. Now this package is picked up by the driver. Each driver has AID ‘V, which is a wireless device that features a built-in GAPS and a CDMA radio, updates in the morning showing the driver his route for the day, and connecting to efferent cell phone signal antennas to download information about re-routings and new pick-ups they might need to do.

Once the package is picked-up or delivered by the driver the package is scanned and all this information sent up to the main data center, it has all the information about the package so that customers can track their package. Every time the package goes through a package center it is scanned and all the info loaded in to the database. When all the information is updated in the system, the final destination center has all the information on hand available, for outing purposes and planning ahead of time. Allowing roles in the UPS system: IT automatically captures customers’ signatures along with pickup and delivery information. It usually takes less than 60 seconds from the time a driver presses “complete” on a AID The AID IV sends delivery information to the UPS data repository as soon as the delivery information is entered. By using the AID, UPS eliminates the use of 59 million sheets of paper per year. Part of what makes the AID such a powerful tool is the system – ODDS (On-Demand Services) – that enables communication with the driver. How has information technology transformed the package delivery business? UPS has made this business quite successful by implementing the information system effective. And they are doing it by increasing wireless technology. The wireless devices are: 1 . AID 2. Upscale 3. NAPE system NAPE 9201-GAPS computer system to maintain continuous storage of data. Information technology has transformed the package delivery business by; It has made delivering packages much easier. Smart labels enable detailed information about the sender, the destination, and when the package should arrive.

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