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Management Information System for Cooperative Essay

It has contributed in enhancing globalization and because of it businesses are also able to properly engage and administer their regular operations and activities. Companies nowadays are moving from the manual data handling to computerized handling. Technology Is increasing playing a crucial role in the success of organizations in the information age. The fundamental role of IT is to enable businesses to find new ways to drive down the costs of products, processes, and improve performance. IT revolutionized the phase of business around the world. Local businesses have become international due to a simple website.

Information Technology has helped businesses through advertising. Today, in many Industries, IT enables some businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Those companies that utilize IT for competitive advantage view IT as a strategic business enabler instead of as a cost center, and they work to maximize the efficiency of their operations so they can focus their resources on providing value to the business and respond to today’s environment of rapidly changing business conditions. MIS systems can be used to transform data into information useful for decision making.

Computers can provide financial statements and performance reports to assist In the planning, monitoring and implementation of strategy. MIS

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systems provide a valuable function In that they can collate into coherent reports unmanageable volumes of data that would otherwise be broadly useless to decision makers. By studying these reports decision-makers can identify patterns and trends that would have remained unseen if the raw data were consulted manually. Mangling Onset Hotel and Restaurant is a traditional Japanese style hotel situated at Los Banns, Laguna.

Onset or natural hot springs are recommended for people with muscle Injury, body aches and pains, rheumatism, joint problems, and nervous tensions. Mangling Onset has hotel and restaurant here guest can enjoy Japanese inspired rooms, and serve dishes from Japanese, Korean, American, and Filipino cuisines. Incorporating the technology today in hotel and restaurant business Mangling Onset Hotel and Restaurant will reach more potential customers and develop a business relationship with their potential customers. The company will benefit through streamlined operations, costs service to their customers and allow them to better guide the business.

Review of Related Literatures and Studies To further understand the concept of the study this part will discuss some review of related foreign and local studies and literature. Review of Related Literatures Foreign Literatures According to Suffusion (2008) in his book entitled “Business Information Systems: Concepts and Examples”, computing as a tool at work, a systems department deals with individual problems, ranging from difficulties within Job responsibilities, rifts, and business inadequacies, including systems operational problems and the people involved in such activities.

With the cost of hardware rapidly reducing, online systems are now becoming easier to Justify and develop. Before online systems of any form have been difficult to Justify because of cost of additional hardware needed to sustain speedy response times, systems software needed to support individual terminal activity and additional design overhead for systems assurance. Today modern applications are easily Justified giving benefits such as speedier data entry, reduced data error rates, faster processing cycles, and quick response to user enquiries.

In an article written by Rosa (2007) entitled “Information Systems for Hospitality Business” the writer related that technology for hotels can be expensive. Though expensive, it seems to be driving the industry at the present time, as hospitality professionals scramble to provide the best service possible to their customers. The hospitality industry has been somewhat slow to adopt useful technology, with a 2000 survey showing that only 27 percent felt that there are positive aspects to taking on sophisticated technology.

Most hotels now include technology strategy as an aspect of their company’s general business plan, with the most interest being shown by the chief financial officer. Shaman (2009) in his article entitled “Latest Information System in Hospitality Industry’ pointed that the use of computerizing in the hospitality has altered greatly over the past twenty years. The commencement of cheaper personal computers in the early sass initiated an outburst in the use of information technology that has continued till today.

Truly integrated hotel information systems and internet-based reservations systems, will have an insightful effect on how hospitality organizations carry out their business and perhaps even on the structure of the hospitality industry itself. Computing isn’t Just about personal computers anymore, it’s also about networking, connectivity, and communication. Integrating this connectivity creates one of the biggest challenges for the future. The companies that successfully use Information Systems will be the ones with the most enhanced customer service.

With the astonishing growth of the Internet, many companies are finding new and ways to expand upon their business opportunities. There are very few successful companies there are few companies that do not use E-commerce. To emphasize the point that the effect of the Internet is so widespread in today’s business communities, one online article stated that more than 100,000 companies have Internet addresses, and 20,000 companies have Web-sites on the Internet. E-commerce is the exchange of business information between two or more organizations.

An example of this would be buying and selling products or services over the Internet. E-commerce became very popular soon after it proved to be an efficient means to conduct long distance transactions. The purpose of this report is to discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of E-commerce for hotels and resorts, as well as examining its potential for the future of business. (Weiss, 2006) Henderson (2010) in his article entitled “Inventory system in small business administration” stated that Inventory systems are use in many different companies today as a tool to make sure the company strives into success.

Inventory systems serve several different functions for assignees; one purpose is promoting the sales function by ensuring that a sufficient amount of product is available for customers. Another purpose is shrinkage control, that is monitoring the frequency of loss, theft, or breakage of products received. Another very important function of inventory control systems is asset valuation; that is establishing the value of the products on the shelf for tax purposes at the end of the tax year.

According to the Small Business Administration, all inventory systems strive to strike a balance between managing costs and the business advantages of a broad selection of goods to offer to customers. All inventory systems, regardless of technology, require some element of visual inventory management. Point of sale, bar code, or stub control systems will all require manual verification periodically. Local Literatures Philippines e-commerce has grown rapidly in recent years according to (“Economist Intelligence Unit”, 2006).

Scores of businesses now operate their own website or use the internet for customer and supply-chain transactions. Business-to- Consumer (BBC) websites also are growing rapidly, providing online banking and financial services, bill payments, travel bookings, shopping and cinema reservations. Hey. Mom has emerged as a major Philippine portal allowing Filipino consumers to pay for online purchases using their ATM cards instead of credit cards through Platypus payment gateway solution.

In the travel industry, air carriers such as Philippine Airlines, Cube Pacific, and Air Philippines have introduced online bookings and electronic ticketing for domestic and international flights. In the article entitled “E-commerce – Innovative Online Business Strategy’ by Reattach (2011) he stated that in E-commerce Web Development, you have to do everything online. The mode of sharing your products, their benefits, reliability all an be made known to the visitors is only through the company’s website. Web success of the business.

Just like in shops mostly customers come for window shopping; in online shopping they also do online window shopping. The winning strategy is that you should make your website in such a way that it should enforce the customers to switch from doing online window shopping to shopping online. You should always keep in mind that each and every aspect of your products should be made visible to your website visitors. Anatolian (2011) in his article entitled “Inventory control system” stated that Inventory control systems maintain information bout activities within firms that ensure the delivery of products to customers.

The subsystems that perform these functions include sales, manufacturing, warehousing, ordering, and receiving. In different firms the activities associated with each of these areas may not be strictly contained within separate subsystems, but these functions must be performed in sequence in order to have a well-run inventory control system. In the article “Today’s business environment” according to Miranda (201 1), even small and mid-sized businesses have come to rely on computerized inventory management systems.

Certainly, there are plenty of small retail outlets, manufacturers, and other businesses that continue to rely on manual means of inventory tracking. Indeed, for some small businesses, like convenience stores, shoe stores, or nurseries, purchase of an electronic inventory tracking system might constitute a wasteful use of financial resources. But for other firms operating in industries that feature high volume turnover of raw materials and/or finished products, computerized tracking systems have emerged as a key component of business strategies aimed at increasing productivity and maintaining competitiveness.

Moreover, the recent development of powerful computer programs capable of addressing a wide variety of record keeping needs-?including inventory management-?in one integrated system have also contributed to the growing popularity of electronic inventory control options. About ten years ago, most hotels had a fully staffed reservation department which was composed of a reservation manager, assistant manager, a supervisor and around 4 to 6 agents depending on the size of the hotel.

The internet has caused quite a few changes in the way hotels conduct their business, for example, hotels now use a centralized system to book their reservations. Potential guests looking to book a room can either call a toll free number or book directly on the Internet. Consumers that visit the Holiday Inn website can expect a user friendly environment, the site provides certain criteria that consumers are interested in when looking for a hotel room such as rates and availability, locations, specific room features, amenities and even provides Information of the surrounding area.

The information is so plentiful, almost as if you were actually at the location you are Inquiring about, many people use the Internet to book travel arrangements because of the convenience of having the accessory information available and at hand (Sanders, 2007). Review of Related Studies Foreign Studies The study of Group ETC (Norwegian and Rubles , 2006) entitled INSIST Hotel Information System supports the management and operation for the Front and Back- are implemented as twelve modules, whose specific procedures were programmed to become the content of a business rules repository.

The following is a list of those modules and the business context that organize their operations: Reservations. Individual reservation, group reservations, airline crew management, rooming lost, availability control, availability forecasting. Front desk. Guest check-in, group check-in, hotel status, credit management, guest folios, client’s account statements, guest checkout. Housekeeping. Room status, room blockade, guest requirements service, maid work orders. Telephone control.

Tariffs catalog, schedule discounts, service costs, receipt printing, telephone switch control, maid status, line management, call accounting. Night audit. Daily room update, automatic posting, cashiers shift review, audit sheet. Sales. Sale statistics, packages and plans, travel agencies, allotments control, groups, sale forecasting. Guest history. Guest stays history, promotional plans, guest preferences. Club Management. Resort club services: spa, boutique, snack bar, therapies control, special plans, tennis, golf. Accounting.

Forecasting, departmental accounting, transactions, uniform system accounts, financial models, executive financial information. Accounts receivables. Statements, AR projection, balance due. Accounts payable. Buy conditions, payments suggestion, discount advantages, partial payments, multiple payments, payments projection. Inventory control. Physical inventory, item location, inventory value, inventory cost, inventory bevel. Purchase orders. Order quote, authorization levels, automatic purchase order generation, automatic orders, merchandise reception.

Another study entitled “The Impact and Benefit of Information Communication Technology in the Development of the Hospitality Industry in Nigeria” by Crackle and Kaufmann (2009) stated that in hospitality business perspective, the most valuable commodity for effectiveness and efficient operation is, a reliable up to date information hence the need for computers and the benefits they provide in information, storage, manipulation, and communication. Many hotels now have their own websites which serves as an electronic brochure that usually offers opportunity to reserve accommodation.

This is already having an impact on global distribution company and traveling agent and the way they do business. Many restaurants and other catering operation are also using website as a valuable means of promotion. For all hospitality industry businesses, the potentials offered by information and communication technology are unlimited. It can provide them with access to a vast range of global data and expertise that can be used in the operation of the business. A case study entitled “Case Study on MIS: Information System in Restaurant” found out the advantages of an online computer system and its advantages to the management.

Using computer system eliminates carbon copies, waiter’s handwriting issues, out-of-stock message, and faster feedback helps waiters to service the customers. Its advantages to the management are cost accounting details, helps in planning the menu, and sales figures and percentages item-wise. The process goes like this: the order is routed to a printer in the appropriate preparation area: the cold item printer if it is a salad, the to-item printer if it is a hot sandwich or the bar printer if it is a drink. A customer’s meal check-listing (bill) the items ordered and the respective prices are automatically generated.

This ordering system eliminates the old three-carbon-copy guest check runs out of a food item, the cooks send out an ‘out of stock message, which will be displayed on the dining room terminals when waiters try to order that item. This gives the waiters faster feedback, enabling them to give better service to the customers. Other system features aid management in the planning and control of their restaurant business. The system provides up-to-the-minute information on the food items ordered and breaks out percentages showing sales of each item versus total sales.

This helps management plan menus according to customers’ tastes. The system also compares the weekly sales totals versus food costs, allowing planning for tighter cost controls. In addition, whenever an order is voided, the reasons for the void are keyed in. This may help later in management decisions, especially if the voids consistently related to food or service. Acceptance of the system by the users is exceptionally high since the waiters and waitresses were involved in the selection ND design process.

All potential users were asked to give their impressions and ideas about the various systems available before one was chosen (Anonymous, 2011). Wall-Mart runs its stores on a perpetual inventory system. This system records the quantity of items sold as items are purchased. The computer system at Wall-Mart constantly keeps up with additions or deductions from inventory and tells management what items are on hand. The organization also conducts counts of employee manual counts of inventory periodically.

When an item arrives at the Wall- Mart distribution center it is scanned into the inventory system. When the items are purchased by the consumer, the point-of-sale system reduces the inventory from that purchase. According to Wall-Mart’s Gail Leveled, a leaner inventory will help clear out store clutter and help Wall-Mart focus on specific brands and products that consumers want (The Associated Press, 2006). According to the U. S. Small Business Administration, “Inventory refers to stocks of anything necessary to do business” (Anonymous, 2010).

The U. S. Small Business Administration publication describes what constitutes successful inventory management (balancing cost versus infinite of inventory), including 1) Maintaining a wide assortment without spreading the rapidly moving items too thin, 2) Increasing inventory turnover without sacrificing service, 3) Keeping stock low without sacrificing performance , 4) Obtaining lower prices by making volume purchases, 5) Maintaining an adequate inventory without an excess of obsolete items. Local Studies Fajitas Philippines, Inc. 2010) conducted a case study entitled “How to improve customer service of McDonald’s Philippines via technology’ stated that as one of the world’s leading food service retailer and most well-known and valuable brands, it olds a leading share in the globally branded quick service restaurant segment of the informal eating-out market in virtually every country in which it does business. In As a result, managing its day-to-day operations is a major challenge and that the information and communications technology requirements and infrastructure should be well placed.

To ensure the company’s success, McDonald’s opted to avail of the help desk service from Fajitas Philippines Inc. With the implementation of Held Desk service, monitoring of the inventory systems, the application of the SMS, and monitoring of documents were addressed. This also allows the company to retrieve some information from and to the stores from the Help Desk for updates of the pricing, downloading of memos etc. , as well as email exchange of information from the head office and suppliers.

Easy communication provided by network consolidation also covers the local announcements from the head office to the stores which also allows for faster deployment of applications. Because of McDonald’s technology enhancement the operations of the company are greatly improved, ultimately benefiting not Just McDonald’s but its millions of customers in the Philippines as well. Adamson (2011) on his study entitled “Online Reservation System of Dugan Garden Village Hotel” stated that today it is possible through online to make reservation for a hotel anywhere in the world.

Hotels can create web site and post new content on it every day. Dugan Garden Village Hotel encountered several problems in reservation like phone call misunderstandings; the management has no clear conversation with the guest over the telephone with regards to the information from the guest. Another is conflict regarding the availability of rooms, the guest reserves a room personally without knowing that the rooms are fully booked. Waste of time for the customers is another problem; the guest will have to find another hotel when rooms are fully booked.

Online reservation for Dugan Garden Village Hotel will provide users a unique, spontaneous and easy to use interface to give quality service to the customers. The online hotel reservation is the only growing section between the different methods of reservation. The 40% of rooms in cities were reserved online in 2009 and this rate is increasing because there is more and more online reservation system. Online reservation systems are very useful because the traveler can compare prices, can see the other travelers’ opinions and ratings from the hotels and their services.

In this way it is easier for the client to choose the right hotel. It saves time and money for travelers. From 2008 to 2009 the world’s 30 largest hotel chains increased their online reservations with 6%, and this number is growing each year. Before, people entered directly on the hotels websites to book a room, but today, influenced by the crisis, travelers are more sensitive to prices and they prefer to compare prices and book cheaper.

Also business travelers, who usually spend more than other travelers, tend to search for special offers and better prices, but with the same quality than before. The online reservation systems also make life easier for the hotels, because sale is not any more their task or at least they sell fewer rooms directly. They only have to give the data and the rest is the work of the reservation websites. Hotels have an easy to manage, own page where they can change the availability and can check the reservations (Anonymous, 2011).

According to the study of Tailoring (2010) on Great Food Corporation the inaccuracies of information were minimal, like the identification of units supply and sometimes the personnel were making a mistake with the number of units-?but the possibility of problems that the company would like to include in the study was the lack manpower in the inventory department. In inventory department, SGF only had four personnel to invent the supply to be delivered in the customer.

The outcome was that the company had a hard time in accommodating those large numbered supply, and that made it hard for other customer to wait in line. Another problem of the company was the generation of forms. The customers needed to fill-up the Order slip, Request slip, and Receipt for the copy and record of the accounting office, the inventory department and for the customer themselves. Customer were consuming a lot of time in doing such. Since the customer are manually filling-up the official documents the company, data redundancy has a great possibility in causing further complexity in the ordering process.

To solve the following problems he developed an Online Customer Monitoring and Supplies Inventory System for Great Food Corporation that will compensate the company’s lack of manpower, file-handling, and fast generation f forms and other documents. The problem of the conducted research of Parental and Decent (2011) is about the company’s sales monitoring and inventory system. Keeping records of sales and inventories manually are the current method used by the company. Due to this current method of inventory system, the company has encountered several problems regarding the monitoring and stocks checking.

Manual method is very hassle and time consuming process of inventory. It has many drawbacks as there are many mistakes while recording large data and it disturb some important transaction sometimes. Upon hearing this, the researchers developed a system which will help the management keep record of inventories in systematic way and help them produce report about the inventory or stock currently available in their store in automatic way. Through this the hassles and committing mistakes while recording large data could be avoided. Also the work of the management and the time consume during inventory will be minimize.

Synthesis The studies mentioned above focused mainly on online reservations, restaurant information system, hospitality information system, and e-commerce. Mangling Onset’s proposed management information system can be categorized as a Business Information System. This aims to have a faster transaction processing, reduced error rates, and quick response to user enquiries. By implementing the system, Mangling Onset Hotel and Restaurant will surely have a quality customer service that will make their customer visit them more often and refer them to other guests.

Though Information System is very expensive for a hospitality business the industry still complies Just to provide the best service possible to their customers and use genealogy strategy as an aspect with the company’s general business plan. The implementation of the system will surely be costly but this will prove to be a good investment in the long run for the business because by using the proposed system the company can also give the best possible service to their customers which is similar to the above mentioned study “Impact and Benefit of CIT in the Development of Hospitality Industry in Nigeria. In business it all comes down in customer service. Will be on how their customers really like how they were treated or served especially n hospitality business. With the implementation of the Online Reservation for Mangling Onset Hotel, the organization will carry out business differently. The successful use of Information System in the company will enhance the customer service especially in hospitality business. E-commerce is also like shops. Customers come for window shopping before actually shopping.

E-commerce is actually also like that, customer first go for online viewing of products or services before actually buying it. The winning strategy is to make website in a way that it should enforce the customers to really buy the product or service. INSIST HIS is composed of modules such as reservations, front desk, housekeeping, telephone control, night audit, sales, guest history, club management, accounting, accounts receivables & payable, inventory control, and purchase orders.

The proposed system will not comprise of all the modules in their study but some of it will be included in the system like reservations, front desk, sales, and guest history. In the restaurant billing eliminating carbon copies, issues in waiter’s handwriting, determining out-of-stocks, faster dieback, and weekly sales are the primary problem encountered by Mangling Onset Restaurant in doing their business so the proposed system will address those problems to improve how their transactions flow and business is done.

Checking of room availability and misunderstanding while talking in telephone for reservation, to address those problems the proponents also will develop an online reservation system similar to the study “Online Reservation System of Dugan Garden Village Hotel. ” Conceptual Framework The conceptual framework will help Mangling Onset Hotel and Restaurant to evolve software that will ease their difficulties in doing their everyday transactions. Figure 1. 1 PIP Diagram Figure 1. Shows the Input-process-output (PIP) Diagram which illustrates that the conceptual framework can give a contribution in studying and analyzing the system that leads the proponents to think of a solution to address the problems of Mangling Onset Hotel and Restaurant. Figure 1. 2 Diagram of the Proposed System system can address the problems leading to fast retrieval of data, easy access to guest records, faster billing transactions, accurate computations, and secured records.

Statement of the Problem How can the proponents effectively develop a Management Information System and Online Reservation for Mangling Onset Hotel and Restaurant? Specific Problems What are the requirements needed to develop a Management Information System and Online Reservation for Mangling Onset Hotel and Restaurant? What user design is appropriate for developing Management Information System and Online Reservation for Mangling Onset Hotel and Restaurant? What programming language is appropriate to use in developing Management Information System and Online Reservation for Mangling Onset Hotel and Restaurant?

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