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Management Information Systems – Test 1

An organization’s information technology architecture
integrates the information requirements of the organization and all users
Which of the following is an IT job within an organization?
Program Manager
System Analyst
Network Manager
___ consists of information that has been processed to convey expertise as it applies to a business problem.
Telepresence systems can help make ___________ a more popular choice for small and medium enterprises
global outsourcing
_____ is (are) data that have been organized to have meaning and value to a recipient.
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of today’s business environment?
The title of the executive who is in charge of the people who design and build information systems, the people who use those systems, and the people responsible for managing those systems is
Which of the following is a useful, cost-effective, hands-on, and safe teaching tool in the medical field?
Simulation environments
IT affects middle managers by _______________.
Increasing their productivity
If Amazon uses a list of all your purchases (books bought, price paid, dates) to recommend other books to you, then Amazon can be said to be applying _____.
Which of the following statements concerning the management of information resources is NOT true?
Managing mainframes has become more difficult
Managing information systems in a modern organization is challenging because:
The systems are very expensive to acquire, operate, and maintain. & the systems are critical to the organization’s operations.
_____ is/are the computer hardware, software, and communications technologies that are used by IT personnel to produce IT services.
IT components
Global outsourcing helps an organization to:
Implement spatial and temporal flexibility.
Find the best person for the job.
Find more economical resources.
_____ conveys understanding, accumulated learning, and expertise as they apply to a current problem
The list of all your purchases from Amazon (books bought, price paid, dates) is defined as ___________
A listing of all courses offered at your university would be considered _____, whereas a listing of all courses required in your major would be considered _____.
Data, information
Which of the following is NOT a benefit of being an informed user of IT?
Working in the IT side of the organization
HR information systems, POM information systems, CRM information systems, and marketing information systems are usually classified as:
Functional area information systems
An organization’s _____ consists of the physical facilities, IT components, IT services, and IT management that will support the entire organization.
information technology infrastructure
An organization’s IT components include all of the following except:
Today’s customers have ________ .
higher expectations
In today’s business environment, it is rare for a company not to have a significant Web presence. This trend can be attributed primarily to:
technological pressures
The digital divide is an example of which type of societal pressure?
social responsibility
Which of the following is not an example of the growing initiative called green IT?
Building computer applications that use less energy.
Which strategy for competitive advantage involves offering different products, services, or product features?
The Surui Tribe of the Amazon: The Surui Tribe’s use of technology demonstrates how IT can be used to
to prevent deforestation
Reconciling bank accounts is an example of a(n):
Accounting Business Process
Which of the following statements concerning business processes is false?
A process cannot cross functional area boundaries.
Producing identical items in large quantities is called:
mass production
While referring to competitive advantage and strategic information systems, which of the following is NOT a primary activity?
A(n) _____ is a collection of related activities that produce a product or a service of value to an organization.
business process
Which of the following processes involves the warehouse, purchasing, and accounting functional areas?
Which of the following statements concerning technology pressures on modern businesses is true?
New technologies offer alternative service options.
Which of the following processes involves the warehouse, sales, and accounting functional areas?
The term “digital divide” refers to the gap between:
Individuals who have access to information and communication technologies and those who do not.
Which strategy for competitive advantage involves improving the manner in which an organization executes its internal business processes?
operational effectiveness
Business pressures on organizations are created when there are changes in
Business pressures on organizations are created when there are changes in
Which one of the following statements is false?
Government deregulation reduces competition.
Market pressures include which of the following?
the global economy
The radical redesign of business practices to reduce costs and increase quality is called:
___ is a less radical, less disruptive approach to redesigning business processes
Which strategy for competitive advantage involves introducing new products and putting new features in existing products?
The workforce in developed countries is exhibiting all of the following trends except:
It includes fewer people with disabilities
Managing pay and payroll is an example of a(n):
Human Resources Business Process
Business-IT alignment refers to the synchronization of a company’s IT operations with its:
business objectives
Producing customized items in large quantities is called:
mass customization
A _____ is a document that grants the holder exclusive rights on an invention for 20 years
The term _____ refers to clandestine software that is installed on your PC through duplicitous channels but is not particularly malicious.
alien software
In _____, the organization takes concrete actions against risks.
risk mitigation
Which of the following statements is false?
it is easy to assess the value of a hypothetical attack
Biometrics are an example of:
something the user is
A _____ is any danger to which an information resource may be exposed.
Which of the following is(are) designed to use your computer as a launch pad for sending unsolicited e-mail to other computers?
The most overlooked people in information security are:
janitors and guards
Employees in which functional areas of the organization pose particularly grave threats to information security?
human resources, management information systems
Access controls involve _____ before _____.
authentication, authorization
_____ are segments of computer code that attach to existing computer programs and perform malicious acts.
_____ involves building an inappropriate trust relationship with employees for the purpose of gaining sensitive information or unauthorized access privileges.
social engineering
Organizations use hot sites, warm sites, and cold sites to insure business continuity. Which of the following statements is not true?
a hot site needs to be located close to the organization’s offices
In a _____ attack, a coordinated stream of requests is launched against a target system from many compromised computers at the same time.
distributed denial-of-service
Which of the following is not a strategy for mitigating the risk of threats against information?
continue operating with no controls and absorb any damages that occur;
transfer the risk by purchasing insurance;
install controls that block the risk;
implement controls that minimize the impact of the threat
A pharmaceutical company’s research and development plan for a new class of drugs would be best described as which of the following?
a trade secret
_____ are segments of computer code embedded within an organization’s existing computer programs that activate and perform a destructive action at a certain time or date
logic bombs
The cost of a stolen laptop includes all of the following except:
backup costs
Voice and signature recognition are examples of:
something the user does
_____ are software programs that hide in other computer programs and reveal their designed behavior only when they are activated
trojan horses
Passwords and passphrases are examples of:
something the user knows
An information system’s _____ is the possibility that the system will be harmed by a threat
A _____ is intellectual work that is known only to a company and is not based on public information.
trade secret
_____ is the process in which an organization assesses the value of each asset being protected, estimates the probability that it will be compromised, and compares the probable costs of an attack with the costs of protecting the asset
risk analysis
In _____, the organization purchases insurance as a means to compensate for any loss.
risk transference
You start a new job, and human resources gives you a ten-page document that outlines the employee responsibilities for information security. Which of the following statements is most likely to be true?
you are expected to read the document, and you could be reprimanded if you don’t follow its guidelines
Cybercriminals can obtain the information they need in order to assume another person’s identity by
infiltrating an organization that stores large amounts of personal information;
hacking into a corporate database;
stealing mail
A _____ attack uses deception to fraudulently acquire sensitive personal information by masquerading as an official e-mail.
_____ controls are concerned with user identification, and they restrict unauthorized individuals from using information resources.
If broadband is not available in your area, which fo the following Internet connection methods would allow you to connect to the Internet?
A collection of the following devices ? two desktop computers, three laptops, two smart phones and a printer ? can be described as a(n):
_____ portals support communities such as hobby groups or a political party.
The popularity of online classes and online universities can be attributed to which of the following network applications?
Network protocols describe
The rules for communication within the network.
__________ are high speed central networks to which multiple smaller networks connect
corporate backbone networks
A single point of entry to an entire community of common interests is:
affinity portal
Most Internet search engines maintain an index of billions of Web pages. These indexes are updated using:
automated webcrawlers
Networks enable which of the following applications?
With _____, phone calls are treated as just another kind of data.
voice over IP
Place the different types of computer networks in size order, ranging from smallest to largest.
Workflow, groupware, and telepresence systems are examples of which network application?
The least expensive cable medium is:
twisted-pair wire
Many organizations have implemented corporate portals for which of the following reasons?
To cut costs
To free up time for busy managers
To improve profitability
To offer customers self-service opportunities
Which of the following is not a basic function of transmission control protocol?
analyzing the packets for size
A network that connects computing devices within the same building is:
IPv6 will allow for ___ unique IP addresses
An Intranet that allows limited access to its partners, suppliers, and customers is called a(n):
Where in a domain name do you find the top-level domain (TLD)?
all the way to the right
With _____, phone calls are treated as just another kind of data
voice over internet protocol
Workflow, groupware, and telepresence systems are examples of which network application?
A high-speed network that connects a firm’s LANs and WANS is:
backbone network

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