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Management of change

Management of change Name Course Tutor Date of submission Dislike to change- addressing this reason for resistance to change the management need to communicate the change to the workforce early in advance. The management should explain the change in details to the workers that will be affected (Cameron, 2012). Communicating change in advance will help those prepare both physically and mentally for the change and hence they will be calmer.

Discomfort with uncertainty- to address this reason for resistance to change the management should help their employees to come Into terms or embrace uncertainty. The management will achieve this through organizing seminars to educate its workforce the need to embrace uncertainty (Egret, 2013). The management can also deal with this reason to resistance to change by informing the employees in advance what will come with the change. By so doing the workers will be ready and comfortable to face the uncertainty that comes with change.

Perceived negative effects on interests- to reduce resistance to change due to this reason, the management should Inform the workforce the Individual, departmental and the organizational benefits that the change will bring about (Cameron, 2012). The employee will therefore be receptive to change as they will know

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the impacts of their job. Attachment to established culture/ways of doing things: to overcome this huddle, the management should fully involve the employees In all the aspects of change that they can handle.

Let them contribute on the new ways of doing things. Let them own the change process as this will encourage them to accept the change (Cameron, 2012). Perceived breach of psychological contract: here the management should allow their employees to a self-actualization psychological contract during the hang period as this will assure them that the expected change won’t breach psychological contract with the employer (Cameron, 2012). Lack of conviction that change is needed: to overcome this huddle the management should be good listeners to their employees.

The management shouldn’t ignore any employees view on the proposed change as different employees will have deferent viewpoints (Egret, 2013). This Is because the change will have different Impacts on different employees. Empathetically listening to employees will reduce their resistance to change. Lack of 1 OFF tit the employees on the change and not let employees make assumptions on what they expect. Clearly communicating the change will reduce resistance from employees and also win so many to support the change efforts (Cameron, 2012).

Belief that the specific change being proposed is inappropriate: in most cases when an organization is undergoing change the employees lack enough information. To overcome this huddle, the management should comprehensively explain to the employees every detail about the change so that they have adequate information to enable them make a decision (Egret, 2013). By giving them information the management will win the support of many employees in their change endeavors. Belief that the timing is wrong-when introducing change, timing is very crucial.

The management should therefore make sure that when implementing change every employee is aware of the implementation lest many are disappointed hence making the change ineffective. “Excessive change”: employees will not be confident in an organization that is constantly changing its ways of doing things. However there are some organizations that are built on excessive change. In such cases the management should communicate to the employees that the organization is all about change such that they will always be expectant of change.

Cumulative effect of other changes in one’s life: sometimes you find that the lives of most employees are involves in a lot of change. In such cases it is very hard to successfully implement change (Egret, 2013). To manage this huddle the management should be empathetic with the employees and take is easy with their involvement. Perceived clash with ethics: in some cases change may collide with the ethics of employees. In such situations its very hard to convince employees to support change efforts and be involved.

The management, to manage this shortcoming should look for a way to involve employees but with inactive roles. Involve the employees without having them to participate as this will increase ethics and morals. Reaction to the experience of previous changes: sometimes employees may be resistant to change due to unpleasant change experiences they have gone through previously. The management should therefore look back and address those experiences before asking employees to support their efforts. The management should assure the employees that this time round the change will yield good fruits.

Disagreement with the way the change is being managed: to overcome this huddle the management should ensure that there is an agreement all through the organization on the process that will be used to implement change (Egret, 2013). They should a question and answers session to handle questions on the change process. Question two I study in an university where there is high prevalence of unprotected premarital sex and abortion. We lose so many young people through aids and Stir’s How many people would it make sense to involve? I would involve each student in the university.

I would also call youths from the community around university. Where and when would you hold it? I would hold it at the graduation square during o concert of sample of relevant people in the room at the same time? This will be easy as a music concert will be attended by nearly piety youth in the university and the numbering community. What data sources would you need to achieve this? I will use the internet trot get information on aids and other Stir’s Who are the key decision makers in elation to this issue? The major decision makers in this issue are all the youths especially those in the university.

What arguments will you use to get them to attend the meeting? This meeting will not need to be marketed a lot. I will organize a music concert and invite top musicians in the country. This will be the selling point as it will attract a lot of youth. How will you structure the agenda of the meeting? This wont be a very long meeting it will only take 30 minutes before the performance of a top musician. This will ensure that ill have full attention of everyone. What would be the best way of doing this so that people who attend on that day have appropriate buy-in to it?

As the concert continues I will run clips featuring people infected with aid on the screens in the graduation square.. How would you run the actual meeting? Introduction -Testimonials by infected People – AIDS Statistics- -Conclude. What technology would you need to make it work well? I will make use of public address system and the graduation square screens. What would you like people to take away from the meeting? The dangers of engaging in unprotected premarital sex ND abortion What follow-up actions would you plan to ensure that actions and decisions flowed from it?

I would do follow up through text messages and phone calls. What possible funding sources might you draw on to finance the meeting? I would get finances to pay the musicians from the student leadership body. As a result of considering such questions, what new issues emerge for you, as a large- scale change intervention agent, to consider? How this get the youth avoid will unprotected sex? How will this get those that engage in sex for pay looking for other income generating activities? Just but a few. What specific skills would you need to make such an event work well?

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