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Management of People at Work

Bob Knowles is the team leader at Photon Lab headed by DRP. Corroded. All of sudden a new member Simon Fester was introduced to the lab with being proper introduction and defining his role and position. Fester in intelligent man looking deep into the projects under execution In lab and start to cross over Bob and take his position with his aggressive and potlucks approach. Bob, who believes In team work, starts feeling Inferior to his new member and feels that he cannot voice his concern to his superiors.

DRP Corroded is ignorant of this tension building among his members, when he starts giving undue importance to Fester without concerning his team leader. All of this disturbed Knowles and without consulting anyone, he began to look for Job somewhere else. Problems: The Newcomer Bob Knowles felt threatened by the newcomer because he wasn’t properly introduced to him. Fester Just showed up without warning and began looking Into things. DRP. Corroded didn’t Introduce Fester to Knowles or didn’t even mention It to him that someone probably will be Joining his team.

Simon Fester was too confident and arrogant to accept the way people do things and embrace it. Communication Bob Knowles – Did

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not voice his queries or Insecurities ; Simply assumed that Fester was there to replace him – Did not consider speaking to his supervisor regarding his problem and started looking for another Job instead DRP. Corroded – Did not Indicate that Foster’s place in Knoll’s team was temporary- Did not give earner warning regarding Foster’s transfer to another project – Did not make any intentions of caring for Knoll’s well being

Simon Fester – Too much of an opportunist to work in a team with others – Did not heed the advice of Bob, who was rightfully his team leader – Remained Personality Bob Knowles was more of an introvert. He did not share his feelings,opinions and conflicts with his team mates, Fester or Jeered. He lacked also lacked of strong of communication skills. He did not know how to voice his concerns to Jeered or properly inform an guide Fester on his responsibilities in the team, which lead to Fester doing his own thing most of the time, without consulting with others.

Simon Fester on the other hand was someone very self involved and confident. He had no qualms speaking openly of his ideas and what he wanted to do. Fester was also aggressive in his approach. He did not care for group work and was more individualistic, even to the point of making others feel inferior. DRP. Corroded was being ignorant most of the times of what has been happening around and was more concerned with the matters related to him. He never observed the situations around him among his subordinates and would see the picture as shown to him.

He never tried to look up into the matters by himself rather was believing as what was told by Fester. In short he was ignorant and non observer laboratory head. Organizational characteristic: Team / Work Group Knowles had regular morning meetings with his members as a way to keep up to date of what was going on in the project, and discuss problems faced. However, Fester took over some of these meetings plastering himself as the team leader, and spear heading discussions, undermining Knoll’s authority and the intelligence of the team at many an occasion.

Corroded and Knowles shared a mostly open relationship, Knowles even mentioned that he enjoyed Jeered coming over to talk to him at the end of the day. However, Knowles did not share his problems with his superior when he had the chance of voicing them; mainly when he felt threatened by Foster’s place in the team. Possible solutions DRP. Corroded could have utilized a better interpersonal communication skill. Had he made clear that he was going to hire Simon Fester and taken into consideration Bob Knoll’s personality, explaining his intentions to train him to dead another project, things might have worked out very differently.

Knowles could have been less insecure regarding his position and would probably been more willing to overlook Foster’s lone ranger tendencies. Ensuring that Fester should try to work under the conditions laid out by his team leader, Fester might have better understood where he stood within the team and made more of an effort to be a team player as intelligent or talented as he may be. DRP. Corroded could have also been more involved with the meetings, and taken an initiative to ensure that all employees were happy and satisfied.

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