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Management & Organizational Essay

Managerial and organizational dynamics have an effect to the company whether the changes are perceived as small or large. These dynamics affect the way work is performed and also affects the staff. These changes could be to the operation of organization and size of work force, change in practices and working hours and change in the structure of the organization (Giovanni, Richard & Sidney, 2000). The change could also be to the way roles are carried out and also change to the working situations and condition of the working environment.

Management and consultants in an organization can make changes in an organization to how they want it to be but the challenge is getting the right method or approach. CULTURE IN NATIONAL UNION OF KUWAITI STUDENTS Culture in every organization shows the values, beliefs, experience and attitude of an organization. It involves collection of norms and values that groups and individual share in an organization. Culture helps control the way people in an organization relate with each other and with community outside the organization.

The culture of National Union of Kuwaiti Students in United States has changed and it aims in reuniting all students in Kuwaiti who leave abroad. It also aim

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at solving the students large and small problems in an academic way and also create a climate which is academic in solving of problems and issues that prevent achievement in academic (David 2000). The democratic culture of National Union of Kuwaiti Students can be recognized easily by how election of student government is done by the Kuwaiti students.

Prominent figures and the Kuwaiti government and institutions in Kuwaiti give sponsorship to the National Union of Kuwaiti Students in order for them to give assistance to Kuwaiti students who are in America. The culture there directs the union to guide students especially those who are fresh on how to live in America. The union also communicates the students’ issues and concern to the authorities in Kuwaiti and also sponsor and organize leisure time activities for students who live around United State of America.

The cultural change in National Union of Kuwaiti Students has also some negativities and people are warned from participating in the unions activities because some people do not perceive it to a respectable social union that can treat all students from any where fairly. Also by talking of a home in exile does not give a good direction of how the group should serve the student because exile is related with mistreatment and lack of freedom. LEADERSHIP IN NATIONAL UNION OF KUWAITI STUDENTS Leadership in any company determines its success. Good leadership gives employees a mission, vision and goals to work for.

Leadership helps in setting goals and implementing the goal achievement process . Leaders should be given goals that are easy to understand fulfill and manage in order for them to be on the right track to success. In National Union of Kuwaiti students in united state the leaders are elected by the students and are called the board members of the union. This board is composed of nine members who are qualified to communicate to and receive call concerning any subject. The nine board members are at the highest level of decision making of the National Union of Kuwaiti students in United State of America.

They also give their services to the students observing high sensitivity in order to serve their interests properly (Bruke 2007). The leadership in the union is not very effective because there are cities which have no representatives because those areas have few students. This makes it difficult for the students to participate in the unions activities because the students have to inform the members of the National Union of Students to add the city in activity list. This thus shows that the leadership does not represent all the cities equally.

The board consists of only nine members. This number is not enough to serve all the students in the different cities. This is because in their goals they did not consider serving all the students effectively and this is why they have few board members. The union’s goal should state how the students will be assisted on matters related to legal problem. Only a hot line is given for the students to call in case of any problem instead of laying down the procedures that the students should take incase faced with a legal issue (Ian 2006).

The leadership in National Union of Kuwaiti students does not have an orientation program which guides the students on how the union operations are carried out. This is because the student asks many questions like how the union will help one academically, how it will help incase of legal problems and how and when one is supposed to contact the union. The leaders should have made sure that all these issues are well stipulated for the students to read thus prevent confusion and lack of direction. CULTURE CHANGE The culture of an organization moulds the people’s expectations and influences their working style.

It is a pattern of shared human beliefs, knowledge, attitude goal and practices. The culture of the National Union of Kuwaiti students was not giving direction to the students (Bernard 2004). The students didn’t know how their problems could be solved and also how the union could assist them academically. The union should come up with a common culture which will help in achievement of its mission and vision. The culture should include such qualities as the specific norms of the union, certain values that the group will sustain and an environment created by the group.

It should also include implicit expectation for the behaviour of the members. With these aspects the managers can change the working style of an organization, its positioning and strategic decision. The National Union Of Kuwaiti students should come up with a culture that make students feel as if they are at home and by so doing the members should try to visit as many cities as possible organizing some activities like dinners, soccer tournaments and bowling. A web page for students should also be developed in order to see what the union is doing and also develop a public forum link for students to air their day in day out issues.

The National Union of Kuwaiti Students should come up with several monthly students magazine online which should have topics on issues concerning Kuwaiti. The union should also perform radio shows where some students will be interviewed or give the students the right to write article. A good organizational culture helps in building a competitive edge for the company. It helps an organization work towards excellency and quality by creating a working environment that encourages believe in transparency, high involvement and encouraging.

An organization which has a good culture works towards ensuring that the employees and customers get satisfied with the facilities that are provided to them. Taking care of the employees motivates them which results to organizational effectiveness. A good culture will help the students to learn in an environment which is comfortable and this will be reflected in their academic performance. A good culture in an organization will confirm the concept that unity is strength because when an environment which is health is created both outside and inside the organization it ensures organizational cohesiveness to be achieved.

Therefore the company having a strong, internalized culture will help in organizations success and also its continued growth and existence Giovanni, Richard & Sidney 2000). The members of any organization should live by its culture in order to maintain the interests of the organization. Ways of changing the organizational culture It is very difficult to change an old culture of an existing organization and have a new culture because people need to learn the assumptions, values and behaviour of the new culture (David 2000).

Therefore in order for managers in an organization to succeed in culture changing activity they have to consider the following elements: Executive support Organization’s executives must help in the cultural change verbally and financially. Executives should show support of behaviour for the change of culture in the organization and must start by changing their own behaviour. Create value and belief statement Employee focus groups should be used by departments to help come up with the vision, mission and values and that show their effect on the employees job.

This helps all the employees to an understanding which is common of the culture that is desired and also reflects the actions that these employees are supposed to commit in their work. Review organizational structure The physical structure of an organization should be changed to rhyme with the desired culture of the organization. The business units in an organization should be changed to align with the new culture in order to help in the business overall success. Practical and effective communication In order to ensure success and commitment in the organization all members must be informed about the organizational process of culture change.

Informing the employees of what is needed of them is very important for organizational culture change. Training Once the new behaviour has been defined all the members of an organization must know how to adopt the new behaviors and what is expected of them. Therefore training will be very necessary for the employees to be taught on the new behaviors and communicate what is expected of them. Review all work system Pay practices, employee promotions, employees selection and performance management should be reviewed to ensure that they are aligned with the culture desired.

This will help in proper implementation of the new culture which will result to the success of the organization operations. LEADERSHIP CHANGE All organizations require a leader to show the others the way as the company works towards defining its goals and achieving them. One of the strategic objectives in an organization is to identify, develop and sustain a good leadership. Lack of good leadership in a company will make the organization to underutilize employees, under perform, stifle innovations, miss strategic opportunities and fail to achieve its goals in customer service, productivity, profitability and quality.

National Union of Kuwaiti Students leadership had some fall backs because the leaders of the union or the board members were only nine and it was difficult for them to represent all the cities (Bruke 2000). The objective of the union was to serve the interests of the students and solve their issues either academic or legal maters or other issue but with these few board members these objectives were hard to achieve. Due to poor leadership of the union most students were confused and lacked direction because they didn’t know what to do when faced with a legal problem and they also didn’t know who to contact in the union and when to contact.

The student were also not aware of how the union would assist them both in academic issues and also in other issue thus making it hard for them to achieve the goal of serving the students with a lot of sensitivity (Ian 2006). Result based leadership model Leadership which is good makes the foundation for an organization which is strong. Organization leadership must change in order to survive in the changing environment. In result based leadership model leaders must give their employee leadership mission, vision and goal to strive for by: Telling your employees where you they are going

When measurable and manageable goals are set, they give the employees a direction which is an end result. Employees can feel it, see it and measure increments along the way. Give employees the tools to get there Leaders need to give the employees in an organization the processes of reaching the desired edge. All operations in the organization should be integrated to the plan so that everything that happens is directed towards achievement. Good leadership involves setting goals and thus organization requires a procedure to ensure the defined results will be achieved.

The process of achieving goals starts with formulation following the SMART criteria meaning that the goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. When the leaders are given goals which are easy to understand, fulfill and manage they will be in a position to get them on the success path. Consequently they will also be in a position to define clearly what must be accomplished by the subordinates to achieve the company’s goals. CHANGE PROCESS Create urgency A sense of urgency should be developed in order to spark the first motivation of getting change process taking place.

This is achieved by identifying threats which are potential and developing scenarios which will indicate what will happen in future. The probable opportunities should be examined that should be exploited and then support should be requested from the outside stakeholders, customers and customers to strengthen the idea of change. For change to be successful in an organization at least seventy five percent of the management in the company requires to support it. Hard work is required in the first step of change and spending a lot of time and energy in building urgency (Ian 2006).

Form a powerful coalition This stage involves convincing people that change is necessary. For this to happen, visible support from prominent people within the organization and strong leadership is necessary. In order to lead change one need to form a coalition or bring together a team of people with influence and whose power come from various sources like status, expertise, political importance and job title. Once the coalition is formed, it needs to work as a team and continue building momentum and urgency on the need for change in an organization.

One can achieve this by identifying the true leaders in a company, asking for their emotional commitment and work on building the team in the change coalition. One should also identify the team’s weak areas in order to ensure a good combination of people from different levels and departments in the organization. Create a vision for change A good vision will help people understand the need of a change and the directives given will make sense to them. One can achieve this by the central values to the change and developing a summary which is short but captures all what is seen as the future of the company.

A strategy should be formulated to execute that vision and ensure that the change coalition in the company is in a position to describe the vision. Communicate the vision Vision determines the company’s success and so it should be communicated powerfully and frequently and incorporated in everything done in the company. The vision should be used daily to solve problems and make decisions so that it will remain fresh in everybody’s mind which will make it easy for them to remember and respond to it.

It is necessary to walk the talk because whatever is done is more important that whatever is said and thus one should show the kind of behavior that is expected from others. Communicating the vision can be achieved through talking about the change vision often and addressing people’s anxieties and concern honestly and openly. One should also apply the vision in all the company’s operations like performance reviews and training and lead as an example. Remove obstacles Structures for change should be put in place and continued checking of barriers should be done.

Removing barriers help in empowering the people one want to execute the vision with and also helps the change process to continue. This can be achieved by hiring change leaders whose main duties will be change delivery. One also needs to check the structure of the organization, compensation systems, performance and job description in order to ensure that they are aligning with the vision. People who are making the change happen should be recognized and rewarded and those resisting the change should be identified and helped to know what is needed. Finally action should be taken to remove barriers. Create short term wins

Short term targets should be created and should be achievable with low probability of failure. The change team should need to work hard to formulate these targets. Creation of short term wins can be created by identifying projects which can be implemented, early and expensive targets should not be chosen and one should analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the targets. Build on the change This can be achieved by analyzing every win to know what is right and what needs to be improved. Goals should be set to continue building on the achieved momentum and ideas should be maintained fresh by hiring new leaders for the change coalition.

Anchor the changes in corporate culture In order to make changes in an organization stick they should be made part of the core of the business. Since the corporate culture shows what gets done, the values of the vision should be shown. Continuous efforts should be made to ensure that the change can be seen in all aspects of the business which will give the change a strong foundation in the organizations culture (Bernard 2004). CONCLUSION In conclusion this article analyses culture and leadership of National Union of Kuwaiti student.

It explains how culture change should be implemented in the union and also how the leadership change should be done. The article also looks at how change in the organization is done by listing and explaining the steps involved. References list Bernard, B. (2004). Managing change Financial Times Prentice Hall, Burke, W. (2007). organizational change: theory & practice, sage-usa, David, E. (2000). How to manage organizational change, Kogan Giovanni, B, Richard, R & Sidney, G. (2000). The nature and dynamics of organizational capabilities, Oxford University Press, Ian, B. (2006). Organizational behaviour, Financial Times Prentice Hall,

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