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Management Process

In any organization there must be some kind of measures such as control that help managers in the organization to set goals with certain procedures that enable the organization to be success in its ongoing operation to accomplish its aims and objectives . There are standards to set, measuring the performance, compare with standards, Identify deviations and analysis deviations. (D. R, May & RL Flanders, (1995). According to Kenneth and Van Deer State (2012) it stated that Management control is a critical function in organizations.

Management control failures can lead large financial loses, reputation damage and possible even to organization failure. This essay will be focusing on the organization control process which to describe the intro process, identify the problems with those control system and how managers can regain organization effective control system. Basic control process involves a regulatory process of establishing standardize will achieve organizational goals, comparing actual performance to these standards and If necessary taking corrective action to recapture performance to these standards. D.

R, May & RL Flamingly, (1 95), in the case study of the Apple product Phone, Steven P Jobs spokes that not long ago all of its products were made in America but today only few

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as of 70 million ‘Phones, 0 million pads and an additional 50 million apple products sold was manufacture overseas. Digging , (2012) It was reveal because of the fact that Apple choose this option because of the Apple executives believes that with the scale of foreign factories as well as its flexibility , diligence and Industrial skills of foreign workers outpace their American Counter parts, that made in the USA .

Duping & KGB, (2012). It is further explained in Mackenzie, (2013) that control process involves standards that are a basis of comparison for measuring the extent to which organizational performance is satisfactory or unsatisfactory. It must be achievable, developed by listening to customers’ comment and determined by benchmarking other companies.

The other step of the control process Is comparing the actual performance to the standards as this is heavily depends on the measurement and the information system a company uses to keep track of performance and the corrective actions to fix the performance problems as It Is to Identify deviations like delivery ,customer service, quality, product range analyses those deviations and develop to Implement programs to correct them and keeping on course as this is a continue process as it is yeoman and requires daily, weekly and monthly attention from managers to within an organization regarding to the control process in which in the case study of Apple company of America the executives finds out that there is a major problem within the production of its products to maintain its customers/ demand both in the domestic and the international markets . Dubbing & KGB , (1995) in which the company identify that Apple faced the challenge of finding a technical work which the company reported that they need engineers with that high school, but not necessarily a bachelor’s degree. Americans at that skills level are hard to find the executives said… They are good Jobs, but the country has the do not have the capacity to feed the demand form the customer’s both within the country and elsewhere around the globe.

According to Kenneth and Van Deer Steed, (2012) lack of direction is another problem faced by organization. For example, survey evidence collected in 2005 by KEMP from approximately 4000 US employees from all levels of jobs responsibility across a wide area of industrial and organizational size revealed that 55% of the sample respondents had a lack of understanding of the standards hat applied to their Jobs. The other problem is the motivation problem according to Kenneth and Van Deer Steed, (2012) which in the control process employees sometimes act in their own interest at the expense of the organization’s interest. It is common because individual and organizational objectives do not naturally link individuals are self-interested.

Mackenzie, (2013) stated that control loss occurs when behavior and work procedures do not conform to standards to determine whether control is worthwhile, managers must examine regulation costs which include the cost of controlling and unlimited consequences of controlling and flexibility, which is the extent to which it is possible to implement each stage in the control process. There are alternatives that managers can do to exercise effective control in any organizations as it described according to Mackenzie, (2013) Managers can use the five different methods to achieve control in their organizations which are bureaucratic, objective, normative, concoctive and self-control. Bureaucratic control is top -down control, in which managers try to influence employees behavior by rewarding or punishing employees for compliance or noncompliance with organizational policies, rules and procedures For example, sales representatives field expense reports within 30 days, as specified by the company policy.

In addition to that objective is another effective method that managers can use to maintain control in the organization where objective control is use to observe measures of employees behavior or outputs to asses performance and influence behavior. For example, measuring whether sales representative met their sales quotas, or returned phone calls in a timely manner would be an example of objective control. Another method that managers can use to maintain control effectively is normative control which is created in two ways. First, companies that use normative controls are very careful about whom they hire for certain task, they screen potential applications on the basis of their abilities and values. Secondly managers and employees learn what they should understand not to do by observing experience employees and by listening to the stories they tell about the companies.

Contrive control is another method whereby Autonomous groups were creates into two stages as they develop conceptive control. In stage one, autonomous work group members learn to work with each guide and control their behavior and because they develop these values and beliefs themselves, work group members feel strongly about following them. The second stage is the emergence and formulation of objective rules to guide and control behavior. The beliefs and values develop in stage one usually develops into more objective, rules as new members Join the teams. The other methods that mangers can use is self-control in which managers and employees control their own behaviors but, self-control is not disorder in which everyone can do whatever they ant.

Self-control method is when leaders and managers provide workers with clear boundaries within which they may guide and control their own goals and behaviors. Leaders and managers also contribute to self-control by reaching others the skills they need to maximize and monitor their own work effectively. In turn individuals monitor their own work by setting goals, monitor their own progress, rewarding themselves or even punishing them for not achieving their self-set goals. These are the main areas in any organizations when it is all about control process, which is known as the basis control paces namely establishment of standards, comparing actual performance to these standards and if necessary taking corrective actions to reorganize these performance of these standards .

While there are certain problems within these control process which are the lack of understanding where employees do not know well of what they are expect to do to achieving the organizational aims and objectives and the lack of motivations that employees sometimes do thing at their own interest at the expenses of the organization interest, but managers can do certain methods to maintain the control process by using Hess methods as their core foundation to maintain its control process effectively, Bureaucratic control atop down approach which managers can do to influence employees by rewarding or by punishing them, Objective control which managers can do by measuring employees behaviors and outputs to asses performance and influence behaviors.

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