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Management Skills Midterm

Define problem-solving teams.
Groups of 5 to 12 employees from the same department who meet for a few hours each week to discuss ways of improving quality, efficiency, and the work environment.
What is management?
getting the right work done well
Define self-managed teams.
Groups of 10-15 people who take on responsibilities of their former supervisors- no supervisor, equal responsibility
Define cross-functional teams.
Employees from about the same hierarchical level, but from different works areas, who come together to accomplish a task -very common -task forces -committees
Define virtual teams.
Teams that use computer technology to tie together physically dispersed members in order do achieve a common goal.
Define emotions.
Intense feelings that are directed at someone or something.
Define moods
Feelings that tend to be less intense than emotions and that lack a context stimulus.
Name the sources of mood and emotions.
personality, day and time of the week, weather, stress, social activities
Name the personality traits of an effective manager.
OCEAN O-openness C-Conscientiousness E-Extroversion A-Agreeableness N- Neuroticism
What are the consequences of openness?
enhanced leadership, more adaptable to change
What are the consequences of conscientiousness?
Higher performance, enhanced leadership
What are the consequences of extroversion?
higher performance (sometimes), enhanced leader, hgher job and life satisfaction
What are the consequences of agreeableness?
higher performance, lower levels of deviant behavior
What are the consequences of neuroticism?
lower job and life satisfaction, high stress, better leadership, better performance (sometimes)
How can you increase individual and team EQ (emotional intelligence)?
Greater self-awareness
Define glass ceiling.
An invisible ceiling making it difficult for women and minorities to move beyond a certain level.
Define comparable worth.
different jobs of equal worth, same pay
What are the challenges in diversity and inclusion?
unexamined assumptions, mistrust and tension, stereotyping, communicating problems, lower cohesiveness
What are the three types of organizations?
monolithic, pluralistic, multicultural
What is the difference in skills between work groups and work teams?
work groups- random and varies work teams- complementary
What is the difference in accountability between work groups and work teams?
work groups: individual works teams: individual and mutual
What is the difference in synergy between work groups and work teams?
work groups: natural sometimes negative
work teams: positive
What is the difference in goals between work groups and work teams?
work groups: share information
work teams: collective performance
What is the difference between work group and work teams?
work groups: a group that interacts primarily to share information and to make decisions to help each group member perform within his or her area of responsibility, no joint effort required
work teams: generates positive synergy through coordinated effort, the individual efforts result in a performance that is greater than the same of the individual inputs
Name the types of teams
problem solving teams, self-managed work teams, cross-functional teams, virtual teams
Define social skills.
proficiency in managing relationships and building networks, an ability to find common ground and build support
Define empathy
the ability to understand the emotional makeup of other people, skill in treating people according to their emotional reactions
Define motivation.
a passion to work for reasons that go beyond money or status, a propensity to pursue goals with energy and persistance
Define self-regulation.
ability to control or redirect disruptive impulses and moods, the propensity to suspend judgement-to think before acting
Define self-awareness
the ability to recognize and understand your moods, emotions, and drivers, as well as their effect on other
What are the fine parts of emotional intelligence?
self-awareness, self-regulations, motivation, empathy, social skills
Explain a monolithic organization.
have a homogeneous employee population
having a low degree of structural integration
few women, minorities and other groups
norms are set by white majority
lack of social equality
Explain a pluralistic organization.
diverse employee population
involves employees from different genders, race, cultures
more heterogeneous
Explain multicultural organizations.
value cultural diversity and seek to utilize and encourage
creates synergy
Define synergy.
when all employees contribute at their maximum with minimum inter-group conflict
What are Hofsteds cultural values?
Power distance
Individualism vs. Collectivism
Uncertainty Avoidance
What are four barriers to multi-cultural teams?
Direct vs. Indirect communication
Trouble with ACCENTS and fluency
Differing attitudes toward hierarchy
Conflicting decision making
Define values
Core beliefs or desires that guide or motivate attitudes and actions
What are the two attributes of values?
content attribute, intensity attribute
Define content attribute
when the mode of conduct or end-state result is important
Define intensity attribute
how important the content is
What are six different types of values?
Define justice.
A personal evaluation about the ethical and moral standing of managerial conduct.
What are the three dimensions of justice?
distributive, procedural, interactional
Define distributive justice.
appropriateness of resource allocation decision
Define procedural justice.
appropriateness of how decisions are made and implemented.
Define interactional justice.
appropriateness of how one person treats another.
What types of justice do employees focus on?
procedural, interactional
What type of justice do management focus on?
distributive justice
Define feedback
Results of behavior relayed to individuals for their use and learning
Define motivation.
forces that energize, direct and sustain a person’s efforts
What are the 3 factors that determine motivation?
internal, external, characteristics of the work situation
According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, what are the 5 types of needs?
self actualization needs
esteem needs
belongingness needs
safety needs
physiological needs
What are examples of self actualization needs?
education, religion, hobbies, personal growth (off-the job)
opportunities for training, advancement, growth, and creativity (on the-job)
What are examples of esteem needs?
approval of friends, family, community (off-the-job)
What are the examples of belongingness needs?
family, friends, community groups (off-the-job)
work groups, clients , co-workers, supervisors (on-the-job)
What are examples of safety needs?
Freedom from war, pollution, violence (off-the-job)
safe work, fringe benefits, job security (on-the-job)
What are examples of physiological needs?
food, water, oxygen (off-the-job)
heat. air, base salary (on-the-job)
Explain theory x
People do not like to work
employees need to be directed
employees will not work unless monitored
Explain theory y.
People like to work if they can relate to their job
Employees will be self-directed if they know the goal
Employees are motivated by attainable and perceived valuable goals
What is the traditional model of job satisfaction?
Dissatisfied………..Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied……..Satisfied
What are the two parts of Herzberg’s two factor theory?
Explain the hygiene part of Herzberg’s theory.
elements associated with conditions surrounding the job
dissatisfied…..social or physical context of the job……neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
Explain the motivators part of Herzberg’s theory.
factors directly related to doing a job
Neither dissatisfied or satisfied…..content of the job….satisfied
What are the 3 parts of Acquired Needs Theory?
needs for achievement
need for affiliation
need for power
Define the need for achievement.
desire to accomplish something difficult, master complex tasks and surpass others
Define need for affiliation.
desire to form close personal relationships, avoid conflict, and establish warm friendships
Define need for power.
desire to influence or control others
What is the basic goal theory?
people have conscious goals that energize them and direct their thoughts and behaviors toward a particular end
Goals that motivate should be….
challenging but attainable
SMART goal
Time Measured
Define extrinsic needs.
Rewards bestowed by others
ex. pay, title, recognition, praise and promotion
Define intrinsic needs.
Internal rewards to elf; not perceived by others
ex. feeling of accomplishment after completion of a task
Explain Expectancy Theory.
-motivation depends on individuals’ expectations about their ability to perform tasks and receive desired rewards
-concerned not with identifying types of needs but with the thinking process that individuals use to achieve rewards
-based on the effort, performance and desirability of outcomes
Explain the Equity Theory
my rewards (outcomes) and my contributions (inputs) = others rewards and others contributions
How can you restore equity?
ask for a raise
work less hard
distort perceptions of comparison others inputs
choose a different comparison other
Define coaching
face to face discussion which results in giving advice, guidance and information
What are the 5 characteristics in the job characteristics model?
skills variety- meaningfulness
task identity-meaningfulness
task significance-meaningfulness
autonomy- responsibility

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