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Management (Stevens) Exam 1

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman noted that globalization has leveled the competitive playing fields between industrial and emerging-market countries. This phenomenon proposes that ____.
the world is flat
Mintzberg proposed that managers utilize written communication more than verbal communication.
Don works diligently to accomplish the company goals in an efficient and effective manner, utilizing his employees through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling company resources. Don is ___.
When Paul, a new restaurant owner, is determining which products to offer on his menu, he is involved in the management function of planning.
George is developing a new employee schedule for his lawncare service due to the increase in business during the summer. While doing this, George is involved in organizing.
At ABC Manufacturing, employees work together to achieve the company goals and purposes. This describes ___.
an organization
Controlling is the arranging of jobs, people, and other resources to accomplish tasks and responsibilities.
When Greg meets regularly with his workers to provide encouraging words so that they work hard to achieve the company’s goals, he is engaged in the management function of controlling.
The owners of a local restaurant routinely try to develop new menu items and seek better ways of helping their customers; this is an example of ___.
When building a new residential development or mall, a national real estate organization typically does not remove many trees, basing its decision on the belief that natural resources are limited, and we need to not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This management philosophy is known as ___.
Efficiency and effectiveness means to use resources—people, money, raw materials, and the like—wisely and cost effectively.
To help maintain a competitive advantage, the emphasis for most companies is on _____.
production efficiency
A national sales organization has implemented a sets of training courses on its intranet, with a link that allows employees to find and share answers to questions that arise with customers. A system that allows the sharing of knowledge and information throughout an organization is known as ___.
knowledge management
Greg, a supervisor, is known by his managers to be sharp in his decisions and has a good track record of meeting his goals. Greg is a(n) ____ manager.
The management functions are sometimes called the six management parts.
Robert is a district manager who oversees several store managers in a national chain of restaurants. Robert reports directly to the vice president of stores and marketing, a member of top management. Robert is a middle manager.
There are two levels of management in an organization: top and first-line.
Tom, a restaurant general manager, carefully watches his restaurant costs by reusing some items that in the past were immediately thrown away. Tom is an example of a(n) _____ manager.
Mintzberg concluded that managers play three broad types of roles: interpersonal, analytical, and critical.
ABC Manufacturing employs some of the top professionals in its field, and because of their skills and experience, ABC is highly efficient and outperforms its competitors. ABC Manufacturing has a(n) ____ over its competition.
competitive advantage
Max Weber believed that a company that is a bureaucracy never achieves a competitive advantage because it is inefficient and is plagued with management problems.
The human relations movement was based on increasing sales by utilizing improved marketing and customer service techniques with customers.
Within her company, Maria utilizes a management style that varies according to the individual and environmental situation, with a strategy for minimizing errors by managing each stage of production. She has also set up a system with inputs, outputs, transformation processes, and feedback. Maria’s management perspective is best described as _____.
After customers buy a computer or receive service from Top Computers and Service, a service representative contacts each customer to conduct a survey. The survey information is a form of output.
Theory Y managers are pessimistic and have a negative view of employees. This type of manager believes that workers are irresponsible, lack ambition, and hate work.
Don feels that inefficiency is the cause of increased costs in his production facility. Therefore, he is interested in making improvements in his factory by utilizing all components of a system, which include design, inputs, production processes, outputs, sales, and feedback.
Behavioral science includes the fields of psychology, marketing, accounting, and geology.
The Johnsons decided to beautify their home by investing in landscaping. While doing this, they dealt with employees from various departments of the landscaping company, including a sales representative, a designer, the individuals who oversaw and did the work, the office and billing personnel, and also the maintenance personnel. Using the systems perspective, the people required to provide the landscaping services are considered ______.
The father of industrial psychology is ____.
Hugo Munsterberg
When more efficient workers earn higher wages, this is known as a _____ pay structure.
differential rate
Quantitative management emphasizes the use of accounting to provide the needed internal controls related to inventory.
Tom, a production manager, believes that some of his workers are unhappy with their job, so they are not working as hard as they could be. This reduction in effort is also known as ____.
A closed-ended system continually interacts with its environment, so it receives feedback from the outside environment.
Ann is the owner of a family-owned grocery store. The culture and belief of Ann and the previous owners, her grandfather and father, is to hire good people you believe in and then trust them with responsibility so that they grow into valuable employees. Ann and the previous owners are an example of ___ managers.
Theory Y
The managers of a restaurant have decided to utilize the Hawthorne effect to increase productivity, which means using cameras to film employees at work in order to isolate the parts of a job.
The classical management viewpoint emphasized ____.
ways to manage work more efficiently
Abraham Maslow’s listing of physiological, safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization needs, and his belief that some of these needs must be satisfied before others, was proposed in his _________.
hierarchy of human needs
Managers in a plumbing company have been having problems with employees starting cliques. To develop more of a team culture, the CEO suggested utilizing Mary Parker Follett’s belief: companies should _____.
operate as a community, with employees working in harmony
Sofia, a restaurant manager, has been observing and analyzing the work process of each task because she would like to increase the productivity of employees in the restaurant. This is an example of ____ management.
Abraham Maslow said that all customers and their needs are equal in importance.
The board of directors are elected by the employees.
Internal stakeholders include the owners, board of directors, customers, suppliers, distributors, and the community.
An ethical dilemma is a situation ____.
in which you have to decide whether to pursue a course of action that may benefit you or your organization but is unethical or even illegal
Tom, the CEO of a large landscaping company, has been studying an article in a business publication that instructs managers how to increase profits through boosting worker efficiency. This is the aim of corporate social responsibility, which states that it is the responsibility of corporations to be profitable even if the other goals in the community are not met.
The macroenvironment, which includes sociocultural, demographic, political-legal and international forces, cannot easily be controlled by organizations.
Ethics are _____.
standards of right and wrong that influence behavior
The system of governing a company so that the interests of corporate owners and other stakeholders are protected is known as corporate governance.
While setting up their corporation, Ming and Jie implement a system of governing their organization so that the interests of corporate owners and other stakeholders are protected. This is an example of a _____.
corporate governance
When individuals or groups are in the process of purchasing a company, this action is known as being a stakeholder.
Tom and Susan, a young couple, are in need of assistance after Tom lost his job as a manager. Receiving unemployment payments and food stamps from the government are examples of philanthropy.
Dawn, a young single mother, found a wallet with a large amount of money inside. In the past she has always tried to return the cash to the owner, knowing it is the right thing to do. However, with tough times, she has decided to keep the cash. She told a friend, “I don’t normally do this, but we really need the money. So I really have to do it this one time.” The most likely explanation for Dawn’s behavior is _____.
motivated blindness
Having some clients who are less knowledgeable about investing and seem to be more trusting of their firm, the management of a financial advising organization has decided to use cash from newer investors to pay off older ones. The actions of management are an example of ____.
a Ponzi scheme
To save money, Paul, the owner of a struggling restaurant produce supplier, has been considering reducing the amount of produce in some cases delivered to busy restaurants, knowing the customers will probably never notice. This decision is an example of an ethical dilemma.
Paul and Anna Jones are wealthy entrepreneurs who are very interested in helping children who have been abused. Their goal is to donate a percentage of their company profits to helping these children. The Jones’s actions are an example of _____.
The notion that corporations are expected to go above and beyond following the law and making a profit to help society known is ____.
corporate social responsibility
A distributor is a person or an organization that helps another company sell its goods and services to customers. Distributors are considered external stakeholders.
A social audit is a systematic assessment of employee happiness within a company.
An organization’s external stakeholders include ____.
customers, competitors, suppliers, distributors, strategic allies, employee associations, local communities, financial institutions, government regulators, special-interest groups, and the mass media
The board of directors, employees, and owners are the organization’s ___.
internal stakeholders
The triple bottom line represents ______, also known as the ____.
people, planet, and profit; 3 Ps
Alan, a retired doctor, is interested in starting a nonprofit organization that will include doctors and other medical professionals who travel to low income areas in the United States and internationally to assist with medical needs and open hospitals. Alan’s organization is an example of a multinational organization.
The American research committee that promoted one world government and one world economy was known as the GLOBE project.
The trend of the world economy toward becoming a more interdependent system is known as ____.
The shared set of beliefs, values, knowledge, and patterns of behavior common to its people is a nation’s _____.
Free trade is when companies offer their goods and services at little or no cost to consumers through bartering, coupons, and donations to enter a new market or with business start-ups.
Luis, the owner of a shoe factory in Panama, is unhappy due to a tax that the U.S. government has implemented on shoes exported there to protect U.S. shoe companies. This is an example of a tariff.
The United States has prohibited the import of products from Iran due to the political situation in that nation. This ban is an example of a(n) ____.
Dave and his wife are expecting their first child this week, but Dave had to attend a very important meeting in Mexico City. While in Mexico, Dave was able to check his phone for text messages every hour, and as soon as his wife went into labor, he was able to return home in less than six hours. This “shrinking” of time and space with air travel and electronic media is known as ____.
the global village
In discussing Americans as global citizens, Keith Reinhard from the nonprofit group Business for Diplomatic Action said, “Globally, Americans are viewed by the world as quiet humanitarians striving for equality and accord.”
The global village refers to the “shrinking” of time and space as air travel and the electronic media have made it easier for people worldwide to communicate with one another.
Maquiladoras are manufacturing plants allowed to operate in Mexico with special privileges in return for employing Mexican citizens.
During the annual planning meeting, Alexandria, president of a Fortune 500 company, discussed with the upper management the strategic goal of expanding company operations across the globe. This long-term vision by Alexandria is an example of e-commerce.
Best Builders, a home builder in the U.S., makes use of many suppliers to provide quality products in the homes it builds, such as a roofer in the same city and Belize International in Guatemala, which provides some of the highest-quality cabinets available. This use of outside suppliers to help the contractor build homes for customers is known as ____.
A multinational corporation is a(n) ____
business firm with operations in several countries
Steve, a recent college graduate in computer programming, is interested in several positions with global companies because he knows that working in other countries exhibits ____ to potential employers according to management recruiters.
independence, resourcefulness, and entrepreneurship
International Fabric buys products for its customers from over 30 countries. The retailer is an example of a company that ____.
Dave’s Furniture in South Carolina produces high-quality furniture and ships its products to customers in over 40 countries. This is an example of ____.
Managers who believe that their native country, culture, language, and behavior are superior to all others are ____ managers.
Franchising allows restaurants internationally to pay a fee plus a percentage of the profits in return for using a company’s name and assistance with management, marketing, and the training of managers and nonmanagement employees.
Central American farmers sell their produce to American customers at a price that is above the price charged by American companies to increase the price of the American products, this is an example of dumping.
A music teacher asked her students to set a really hard goal, such as increasing your practice time by 10 hours per week, which would cause her students to stretch beyond what they think is possible, this is known as a(n) ____.
stretch goal
Thomas, the fire chief, told his employees to “Think big and endeavor to be more detailed and caring while at work and in setting goals. Therefore, when you give me your goals, I want them to be specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented, and have target dates.” Thomas was asking for his workers’ _____.
SMART goals
A declaration that expresses what the organization should become and where it wants to go strategically is its ____.
vision statement
An organization should adopt planning and strategic management to ____.
provide direction and momentum, encourage new ideas, and develop a sustainable competitive advantage
Don, a middle manager for a large restaurant chain, received an e-mail from the CEO outlining the new goal of decreasing company costs over the next three years. This is an example of a strategic goal.
The planning/control cycle is an order planning system in which employees work with customers to plan orders and discuss delivery times.
To start work every day, David sits down and sets his goals for the day and then he decides how to achieve them, formulating future courses of action to achieve the specified results. This is the definition of planning.
Donna is the service desk coordinator in a department store, and she has set a goal this month of finishing her daily office work quicker so she can assist at the Service Desk earlier in the morning. She knows this will also help decrease theft, which will assist the company in achieving its goal of decreasing costs. Donna’s goal of finishing her office work quicker is a(n) _____.
operational goal
Setting goals and deciding how to achieve them is the definition of ____.
In the office of every general manager of Relaxing Hotel there is a small poster that reads, “We want to become the only place our customers want to stay for the night while traveling.” This is the vision statement for Relaxing Hotels.
A goal is _____.
a specific commitment to achieve a measurable result within a stated period of time
Strategic management is a process in the formulation, implementation, and execution of strategies and strategic goals to advance the purposes of the organization.
Mr. Jones, the department manager, told his employees that he wanted them to write down their work goals for the year. To help his workers achieve their stated goals, the next thing that he should ask for are each worker’s ____.
action plan
Quality Vacuum has been manufacturing excellent vacuum cleaners for over 50 years. In the employee break room is a banner that reads, “We will always provide the highest-quality vacuums at the lowest cost to our customers and always give honest, winning customer service, thereby earning a fair profit for our stakeholders.” This statement is Quality Vacuum’s ____.
mission statement
mission statement
Alex, a district manager for a retail hardware store, asked his store managers for their store goals next year. Denise, one of the store managers, said, “I am going to increase my market share significantly next year by visiting businesses.” Alex then responded to Denise with “Precisely how much are you going to increase your market share and by what date?” Alex is asking Denise to formulate a SMART goal.
A business plan is a tool used by the federal government to determine how to strengthen the business sector through macroeconomics and microeconomics.
There is little proof that writing out goals helps an individual feel more confident and energetic when entering a new group.
A standing plan that outlines the general response to a designated problem or situation is a(n) _____.
A goal is a specific commitment to achieve a measurable result within a stated period of time.

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