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Management Test 3

In informal planning, goals are usually ________ shared with others in the organization.
unwritten, and little is
Which of the following is NOT a reason for managers to plan?
to establish responsibility for mistakes
Organizations that don’t formally plan may be more likely to have ________.
multiple departments performing the same task
Failing to discard successful plans from the past is likely to lead to ________.
failure because conditions are likely to change in the future
A mission statement includes identification of an organization’s ________.
purpose and basic philosophy
Together, an organization’s resources and core competencies make up which of the following?
competitive weapons
An organization’s capabilities identify ________.
what the organization can do
SWOT analysis combines ________.
external and internal analyses
A salad dressing company that buys a large olive grove to produce olive oil is practicing which of the following
backward vertical integration
According to Michael Porter, a company with good products that has no clear competitive advantage is said to be ________.
stuck in the middle
This term describes an electric shaver company that carefully observes its competitor’s production line to look for ways to improve its own manufacturing process.
Which of the following best defines plans?
documents that describe how goals will be met
In reality, all organizations have ________.
multiple goals
Directional plans ________.
are flexible general guidelines
The more uncertain a situation is, the more ________ plans must be.
In formal planning, ________.
specific goals covering a period of years are defined
Planning gives organizations direction that primarily helps them ________.
improve their teamwork and coordinate activities
One effect of planning on managers is that it forces them to ________.
anticipate and consider the effect of change
The first step in the six-step strategic management process is to ________.
identify the organization’s mission
A mission statement does NOT include which of the following?
major competitors
Which term refers to an organization’s capital, workers, and patents?
Once SWOT analysis is complete, managers ________ to address the issues that came up during the analysis.
formulate strategies
Which of the following makes up the three main types of corporate strategies?
growth, stability, renewal
General Mills expanding its line so that it sells several different types of Cheerios is an example of which of the following?
To address limited, short-term problems, a company is most likely to employ a ________ strategy
A company that looks for a niche in the market is following which strategy?
An organization’s real goals and priorities are best revealed by ________.
its actions in the marketplace
In traditional goal setting, as they work their way from top management to employees, goals are likely to ________.
become more specific
MBO programs usually are successful largely because they ________.
give employees a sense of ownership of goals
Organizational design requires a manager to ________.
Change or develop the structure of an organization
Which statement accurately defines work specialization?
Individual employees specialize in doing part of an activity rather than the entire activity.
Functional departmentalization groups jobs by ________.
tasks they perform
What kind of departmentalization would be in place in a government agency in which there are separate departments that provide services for employers, employed workers, unemployed workers, and the disabled?
The personal secretary of a top manager may have ________.
power but not authority
As represented in a hierarchical organization diagram, authority is based on ________.
vertical position
In recent years, organizations have become more ________ to be responsive to a dynamic business environment
Strategy, size, technology, and the degree of uncertainty in the environment together make up what are called ________.
contingency variables
Larger organizations tend to have ________ than smaller organizations.
more specialization
The greater the environmental uncertainty, the more an organization needs to become ________.
A simple structure is ________ like a mechanistic organization, but ________ like an organic organization.
centralized; informal
This is a key characteristic in an organization with a functional structure.
A key difference between a team structure and a matrix structure is that a team structure ________ while a matrix structure does not.
empowers group members
Which of the following is the biggest concern when doing work at anytime and anywhere?
Organizational learning can’t take place without ________.
a shared vision of the future
Which of the following are NOT basic elements of organizational design?
chain of command, line authority
Early users of work specialization in the early twentieth century found that the practice ultimately resulted in ________.
bored workers with low morale
A soap company that features a bath soap department, a laundry detergent department, and a dish soap department is using which of the following?
product departmentalization
State motor vehicle offices usually use this kind of departmentalization.
In the chain of command, each person above you ________.
has line authority
Your firm’s attorney has ________ power when giving legal advice.
Modern managers find that they can ________ if their employees are experienced, well-trained, and motivated
increase their span of control
Today’s managers expect employees to ________.
use discretion when it comes to following the rules
Which of the following would likely be found in mechanistic organizations
standardized jobs
Together, contingency variables determine the ________.
structure of an organization
Avoiding redundancy is a strength of which structure?
Having separate payroll departments in each division of a divisional structure is an example of which of the following?
duplication, because a single payroll department could do the job
In a ________, employees are recruited from functional departments to work on a specific project for a limited time period.
matrix structure
Global competition forces firms to ________.
A learning organization requires employees to ________.
share information and collaborate with one another
The first three activities of the human resource management (HRM) process are about ________.
The last steps of the HRM process deal with ________.
performance and compensation
Affirmative action programs seek to make sure that employers ________ minority groups.
enhance employment opportunities for
Frances begins her career working in the human resources department of a major corporation. She is asked to help ensure the organization is following the federal guidelines for employment. Prior to setting up the interviews for the executive position, Frances spent a great deal of time analyzing the position and determining what skills, attitudes, and actions it would require. This lengthy review is called a ________.
job analysis
HR managers can accurately estimate human resource needs for an organization by evaluating which of the following?
employment and unemployment statistics
If employment planning shows a large surplus of employees, management may want to ________.
Which of the following is NOT a voluntary form of downsizing?
early retirement
________ indicates how consistently a selection device measures a criterion
A(n) ________ selection device shows a clear link between test performance and job performance.
Which of the following is NOT a source of bias in a typical interview?
how articulate the interviewer is
All of the following are goals of the orientation process EXCEPT ________.
discuss payments and benefits
All of the following are true of an adjective rating scale for employee evaluation EXCEPT ________.
provides the most thorough view of the employee
A 360-degree feedback process differs from other appraisal methods in that it includes ________.
feedback from an employee’s supervisor
Which of the following would be most likely to result in a manager recommending counseling for an employee?
lack of desire to do job
This is the most important factor in determining how much pay an employee receives.
the type of job the employee has
Human resource management is concerned with ________ competent employees.
obtaining, training, motivating, and retaining
The most important environmental factor in the HRM process is ________.
The most important environmental factor in the HRM process is ________.
Which of the following countries’ laws pertaining to HRM practices most closely parallel those in the United States?
The first step in any employment planning process involves making a ________.
human resource inventory
A job specification is ________
a list of job qualifications only
This is a key disadvantage to recruiting through employee referrals.
no diversity increase
While ________ can reach the greatest number of applicants for a job, many of those candidates may be unqualified for the job itself.
An accept error occurs when an applicant ________.
who is hired performs poorly on the job
Today, selection techniques that result in reject errors can open the organization to ________.
charges of employment discrimination
To use a physical test as a selection device, a company must demonstrate that ________.
physical ability is related to job performance
The most important reason for why managers are increasingly using performance-simulation tests is that they have been found to be ________.
valid predictors of job performance
Interviews are valid predictors of success in the workplace if ________.
questions are structured
Organizational orientation informs a new employee about ________.
the history and philosophy of the organization
Nine out of ten organizations in the United States pay their workers on a scale that is based primarily on ________.
To improve workplace diversity, a manager might ________.
advertising in ethnic newspapers
Change can’t be eliminated, so managers must learn to ________ successfully
manage it
Which of the following is an example of a technology change within an organization?
workers using new software
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is an example of which of the following forms of environmental change?
government laws and regulations
To compete with rival company X, company Y changes its management structure. This is an example of ________.
an external change causing an internal change
In organizations, people who act as catalysts and assume the responsibility for managing the change process are called ________.
change agents
The “calm waters” metaphor envisions an organization as ________.
a large ship on a calm sea
Organization development (OD) helps employees ________.
deal with planned change
The most popular OD efforts involve cooperation and these kinds of activities.
group interactions
Uncertainty causes people to resist change because it ________.
replaces the known with the unknown
Older workers tend to resist change more than younger workers because they ________.
have more invested in the current system
Stress in the workplace is an adverse reaction that people have in response to ________.
demands, constraints, and opportunities
A constraint causes stress because it ________.
prevents you from achieving your goal
Which of the following countries reports the highest level of employee stress?
Which type of demand is related to working conditions, such as having an office that is too loud or overcrowded?
Task demands
The first step in creativity involves ________.
putting ideas together
Which of the following is an organizational “people change”?
attitudes that people have
Which of the following is an organizational structure change?
a new way to package chocolate cake
Falling interest rates are an example of what kind of external force that causes a company to need to make an organizational change?
economic forces
A company’s workers asking to be able to celebrate Mexican holidays is an example of ________ force for change
an internal workforce composition
The “white-water rapids” metaphor envisions an organization as ________.
a small raft on a raging river
The first step in Lewin’s three-step description of the change process involves ________.
unfreezing the status quo
The primary goal of the OD method called teambuilding is to ________.
increase trust and openness
Which of the following is a term borrowed from the physical sciences that accurately describes people’s resistance to change?
A technique that helps employees deal with change that appeals to their sense of logic is ________.
education and communication
A technique that helps employees deal with change that includes them in the decision-making process is ________.
When an entire workforce threatens to go on strike to protest a work change, managers might try this method of reducing resistance to change.
When managers threaten to fire workers unless they agree to go along with new company policies, they are using which of the following?
Which of the following might be a source of stress for an employee who is very happy with her job with respect to the tasks she performs, what is expected from her, and how she is supervised?
interpersonal demands
To reduce stress, managers need to make sure that employees ________.
have jobs that match their abilities
________ variables are thought to promote innovation.
structural, cultural, human resource
The control management function ensures that ________ in an organization
goals are met
The major part of the controlling function of management is to
correct performance problems
A well-run company that has well thought out plans, motivated and productive workers and an efficient organizational structure
may not always attain its goal
the value of the controlling function is seen in 3 specific areas, planning
empowering employees, and protecting the workplace.
controlling is the______ in the management process
final step
the first step in the control process is to
measure actual performance
Managers always use these for performance standards during the control process
employee opinions
An advantage of management by walking around is
personal contact
What managers choose to measure is largely determined by
what an organization does well
A car company that puts more effort into measuring quality than total units sold most likely wants to excel at
customer satisfaction
Which of the following performance measurement categories must be measured in objective or quantifiable terms?
job satisfaction
The second step in the control process is to
compare performance against a standard
The third step in the control process is
take action
When actual performance falls outside an acceptable range of variation, it is termed a
significant deviation
If a manager of a tennis store sees sales totals for a particular racquet significantly exceeding goals and deviating from acceptable range of variation, she might
inquire about ordering more racquets
In may cases, immediate corrective action rather than basic corrective action is taken by managers because they
lack time
When might a manager be justified in revising a standard rather than taking corrective action to remedy a significant performance deviation?
When the standard is unrealistic
Which kind of control takes place before the actual work is carried out?
When feedback control shows that planning goals and actual performance were dramatically different, the most likely conclusion is that
planning was not on target
all of the following are important in efforts to protect information in an organization except
search engines

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