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Management Test Practice 1

Increased opportunities for growth
Which of the following is a primary reason why companies are operating globally today?
Workers whose primary contributions are ideas and problem-solving expertise are often referred to as _____ workers.
One of the most important processes of knowledge management is:
Checking for defects after the work is completed
Which of the following is true of the traditional approach to quality?
cost competitiveness.
Keeping costs low to achieve profits and be able to offer prices that are attractive to consumers is called:
By monitoring performance and make needed changes
Beyond motivating workers to execute top management’s plans by doing their jobs, how can today’s managers lead in order to stimulate people to be high performers?
It involves monitoring performance and making necessary changes.
Which of the following is true about the management function of controlling?
_____ managers must create and articulate a broad corporate purpose with which people can identify, and one to which people will enthusiastically commit.
conceptual skills become more important than technical skills.
As a person rises higher in a company:
Social capital
_____ is the goodwill stemming from one’s interpersonal relationships.
business atmosphere
The immediate environment surrounding a firm including suppliers, customers, rivals, and new entrants is called the _____.
Which of the following is categorized under the internal environment of an organization?
_____ are specific government organizations in a firm’s immediate task environment that have the power to investigate company practices and take legal action to ensure compliance with laws.
The age, education, and occupation of those in the workforce are important _____ measures for managers.
substitute and complementary products
The components of Porter’s competitive environment model include rivalry among current competitors and the impact of the new entrants, customers, suppliers, and _____.
the switching costs for buyers are high.
According to Porter’s competitive environment model, suppliers are powerful when:
In deciding to expand or downsize a business, firms may try to predict future levels of demand for a product, which is an example of _____.
Strategic maneuvering
_____ refers to an organization’s conscious efforts to change the boundaries of its task environment.
Organization culture
Which of the following refers to the set of important assumptions about an organization and its goals and practices that members of the company share?
Which of the following is a dominant attribute of rational culture?
Brian’s company has a policy to do background checks on all new hires for any accounting function. His decision to run this check on his new accounting clerk is a _____ decision.
Diagnose the problem.
Which of the following is the first step of the six phase decision making process?
make the choice.
Of the six phases of the decision making process, after evaluating alternative solutions, the manager should then:
Valerie was looking for a temporary worker who can fill in for her administrative assistant this Friday. She grabs a stack of resumes sent over by the temp agency, and selects the one on top that seems okay. Here, Valerie is using _____ in her decision.
discounting the future
A manager is hesitant to invest in promising research and development that will not pay off until far into the future. He wants the company to invest in immediate earnings. This is referred to as _____.
Gives room for goal displacement
In decision making, which of the following is a potential disadvantage of using a group?
goal displacement
If saving face and winning an argument become more important to team members than solving the problem, a decision-making group is experiencing _____.
It increases the knowledge and diverse viewpoints that individuals bring to the group.
How can constructive conflict improve group decision making?
Creating an environment where there is no criticism.
Which of the following encourages brainstorming?
Garbage can model
Which of the following is the organizational decision process model that arises when people aren’t sure of their goals, or disagree on what to do, so much so that decisions seems chaotic and almost random?
Formal planning
_____ is similar to the decision-making process in that both have a series of steps that are typically repeated as a cycle.
Which of the following is one of the five specific characteristics of effective goals that together form the acronym SMART?
select the one that is most appropriate and feasible.
Once managers have assessed the various goals and plans, they will:
The planning level with the longest time horizon is known as _____ planning.
SWOT analysis.
One among the six components of strategic management is:
Macroeconomic analysis
Which of the following is included when analyzing an organization’s external opportunities and threats?
The letter “S” in SWOT analysis stands for _____.
expansion into unrelated businesses to minimize risks.
Conglomerate diversification is a corporate strategy that involves:
low-cost strategy.
The generic business strategy that is associated with efficiency and a standard, no-frills product is known as a(n):
Strategic control
Which of the following stages of the strategic management process includes a budget?
The Caux Principles are most closely associated with which of the following ethical systems?
When everyone does what promotes the greatest good for the greatest number of people, then the wellbeing of society should increase.
Which of the following describes the argument behind the ethical system of utilitarianism?
Which of the following best describes a moral philosophy that bases ethical behavior on the opinions and behaviors of relevant other people?
In Kohlberg’s model of cognitive moral development, people who see beyond authority, laws, and norms and follow their self-chosen ethical principles are categorized under the _____ stage.
Consideration of ethics solely as a legal issue or a public relations tool
Which of the following is most likely to be a danger sign of unethical behavior by employees?
Understand all moral standards
In an ideal ethical decision making process, which of the following is most likely to be the first step?
telling others, inside or outside the organization, of wrongdoing.
Whistleblowing refers to:
In the pyramid of global corporate social responsibility and performance, doing what is required by global capitalism forms the base and is known as _____ responsibility.
fundamental sources of risk in modern society.
Excessive production of hazards and ecologically unsustainable consumption of natural resources are considered:
Companies that use misleading marketing claims about the green attributes of their products are most likely to be accused of _____.

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