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Management theory and practice

The human resources management in many organizations performs various administrative, managerial as well as the resource planning functions. The main objective of the human resource managements in various organizations is to highly maximize the return of the company’s investment from the organizations human capital as well as highly maximize the financial risks in the organization. The human resources have been given the duty to conduct these activities in a just and fair manner and also in a consistent and legal way.

The human resources however serves various key functions and they include; the recruitment or hiring of the company’s employees, the employees compensation, the employees performance management and evaluation, employees promotions, managing the employees relations and also the company’s planning and payroll. First and foremost the human resource management is involved in the process of recruitment and staffing of the organization. This is a very important task since it determines the kind of people who will be allowed to work for the organizations.

The human resource management should ensure that through their recruitment process they find the right people for the right functions in an organization. They should also ensure that the job suits their recruits in accordance to their skills, abilities, prior experiences similar fields and also educational and professional qualifications. The recruitment function of the human resource management highly affects an organizations performance such that if the candidates recruited do not match up to the organizations expectations then their work output will be very poor and this will affect the organizations general performance.

An organization like starbucks takes a lot of caution in their recruitment processes and the senior recruiter contributes to the company’s performance successes by developing and also implementing modern staffing strategies. This helps the organization place high quality personnel with key talents at the top most positions throughout the company’s chain stores.