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REGILENT Project Management and IT Services started its operation since 2006. Although it was once a software developing company, it shifted its focus from selling IT products and services to recruitment or outsourcing talented Information Technology professionals on December of the same year. Further, the main objective of REGILENT Company is providing its clients with competent, skilled, and certified Information Technology specialists and engineers who are suitable for the client’s current job requirements and projects.

REGILENT always looks forward to business with their client that is the main reason that they have to ensure the quality and suitability of their existing pipeline of prospect candidates to the job available. Moreover, REGILENT Project Management and IT Services not only ensure the satisfaction of the customers or clients, but also, they carefully analyze the prospect talents or candidates whether the existing job offer matches their career objective in their respective field or specialization.

In order for the talents to be able to practice and enhance their skill set or apply them in their existing project offers, the recruitment workforce of REGILENT carefully shortlists and prescreens the candidates’ profile to evaluate which job is the best and is suitable for them. In so doing, REGILENT

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has become the leading outsourcing company which provides efficient IT workforce team and comes up with quick results and solutions to clients who are in need of reliable employees. This Manager Interview project purports to deliver an account of a manager’s style of strategic leadership or management.

This aims to inform the readers of the standard attitudes that a manager should behave and practice upon leading a team effectively. The life of Mr. Christopher Gutierrez would be the model of this project to introduce effective manner of strategic management, proper leadership style, and desirable organizational behavior. General Background and Responsibilities This first section aims to generalize the manager’s profile or background and overall job tasks and duties. It also summarizes the manager’s activities, accomplishments, and effective strategies in managing the recruitment workforce at REGILENT Project Management and IT Services.

Mr. Chris Gutierrez had his first job as a computer programmer from a different company. According to him, it was a very complicated and stressful job at his young age of 22. From there, he resigned and applied as a Sales Associate in REGILENT. Having a vast background in computer programming, he easily got the job and got employed in REGILENT as a Sales Associate selling computer products, gadgets, and providing services of troubleshooting and maintaining software of clients. However, Mr. Gutierrez, as he works on field and on site for EGILENT team realized the increasing demand of IT specialists among their clients.

Mr. Gutierrez related his observation to his employer and from there, Mr. Gutierrez suggested from his realization that they shift their specialization from sales of products and services to recruitment or business process outsourcing. The employer was amazed with Mr. Gutierrez’ ideas and that made the break of his lifetime as he was appointed to be the new Resource Manager of the new recruitment team of REGILENT. The promotion occurred within the latter year of 2006 making it a fresh start for the company.

As the newly appointed Resource Manager, he was appointed with the tasks and duties of monitoring the company’s overall target number of qualified IT professionals monthly, motivating the recruitment officers to meet the daily quota of sourcing 2-4 prospect IT candidates, and educating the recruitment officers of the company’s profile, systems, processes, and objectives. Mr. Gutierrez have been working for REGILENT for 3 years now and within 6 months of his employment, he has proven himself to be a deserving candidate for promotion as a Resource Manager of the company. For almost 2 years, Mr.

Gutierrez has been regarded as an effective manager for the leading company in outsourcing. According to him, what he enjoyed best from his 2 years of being a manager is that he continues to teach and at the same time learn from his job. Mr. Gutierrez explained that it is required for his job to learn what is always new especially that he is working on the field of Information Technology. For him, it is his responsibility to be aware of the emerging technologies, technicalities, terms and its various meanings and purposes so that he would be able to communicate effectively with applicants. In so doing, Mr.

Gutierrez explains that communicating effectively with candidates or applicants would assess the candidate’s suitability for the existing job requirement; and thus, if the applicant passes the interview, one should be considered as REGILENT’s prospect talent. On the other hand, Mr. Gutierrez narrated that he also encounters difficulties in talent management and recruitment. For instance, there are some difficult applicants who do not conform to the agreed schedule of client interview wherein the applicants sometimes get late from the time agreed or they just vanish and back-out when the client expects them for a schedule of interview.

Moreover, some clients who have impressive resume, do not pass the interview for they lack the interpersonal skills needed to communicate effectively with the client/employer; and vice versa, some have not that good resumes but are good practitioners of IT. These cases pose the challenge in effective talent management according to Mr. Gutierrez; however, he still looks forward to surpass such difficulties by using one’s rational and analytic mind in his decision making. Managing Employees Mr. Gutierrez find it very challenging to shortlist and prescreen qualified applicants in the pool of resumes from the company’s database.

Since the quantity does not seem appealing to recruitment, he make sure he teaches techniques among his associates or officers to browse on profiles easily determining the skill set of a short-listed candidate. First of all, Mr. Gutierrez’ general requirements for the candidates must be a graduate of a 4-year course or a degree holder of Bachelor of Science Major in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering and other computer-related courses at least a minimum of four years completed.

Second, associate recruiter must probe on the duration of using the skills (programming) and the hands-on projects completed using the skill, which could be done thorough phone interview. Moreover, Mr. Gutierrez manages and supervises a total of 3 teams for the entire company. 2 of the teams consist of the primary and secondary Recruitment officers, primary RO’s are those RO1 having more experience in recruitment, and RO2 are for the newcomers for the department. The last team consists of two members in the marketing team.

RO2’s or secondary recruitment officers could be promoted as RO1 once they have been regularized and also, depending on their performance on their jobs, where they can experience more compensation yet more challenging tasks. Recruitment Officers are motivated through the provision of incentives $31. 00 per count of the successfully hired talents. If the job is for abroad employment, the incentives are higher giving and additional $62. 00 per talent. In this way, Mr. Gutierrez reinforces the employees to exert their best performance in their sourcing tasks.

Further, he explained some factors that hinder employees to exert their best performance: their resistance and reactive attitude towards acceptance of new knowledge. According to Mr. Gutierrez, employees should be proactive and flexible to change (Zaccaro, et. al. , 1991). As a leader therefore, Mr. Gutierrez consider himself as a transformational and charismatic leader. He persuades employees to reach the team quota by rewarding leading officers with recognition and praise for a good job.

Such strategy of reward reinforcement is a technique to empower the recruitment associates in efficient and quality sourcing (Densten et. al. , 2009). Moreover, Mr. Gutierrez emphasizes that continues communication among employees via messaging system facilitates to answer obscurities and provide clarification to the employees. Performance appraisals are also provided every second week of the current month. In addition, also for ethical reasons, general meetings are always held to maintain rapport and accountability among employer and employee relationship.

This is advantageous for brainstorming of ideas and evaluation of new imposed plans or processes to measure the effectiveness of newly executed policies for improvement of processes in the system. Most of all, communication among employees is essential to hear from the employees side especially their positive feedbacks or comments, and also including their discrepancies and disputes to maintain harmonious and satisfying working relationship. Mr. Gutierrez evaluated REGILENT and its whole workforce as the leading outsourcing company that emerged in the country.

He considers his company as the best solutions to staffing qualified IT professionals who are interpersonally and analytically competent specialists. For him, it has met the overall objective of the company which is providing satisfaction to its customers: both for the clients’ and the talents’ part. Clients meet their goals of completing their projects and place IT personnel to carry out the projects. For the client’s part, they are rewarded with training, certification, plus the experience that they need to further enhance their career and skills. For Mr.

Gutierrez, REGILENT always ensure that the goals are met to make the company, the client, and the talent satisfied with their enjoyed profits and benefits in the business relationship. On the other hand, Mr. Gutierrez compared their job in recruitment as similar to the concept of Sales. If in sales, the objective is to sell and market products or render services, it is the same in recruitment for the recruitment officers/ associates would need to build a pipeline of prospect clients and talents to cater services and entrust the growth and advancement of their business and career from the prestigious the efficient REGILENT company.

But how is this carried out? RO1s search for clients who are in need of IT professionals and contact them to persuade them in rendering services from the outsourcing solutions of REGILENT. RO2s on the other hand, search for prospect talents in the pool of resume from the database and contact them should they qualify in fitting the requirements of current job during the prescreening stage.

Say, if the contacted prospect talent is currently employed, RO1’s duty is to negotiate with the client and persuade the client to schedule for an interview with the client after delivering the various benefits of the company like trainings and certification, and a chance to work abroad with higher-paying compensation. In attempt to persuade the client, the objective of the recruitment officer is to get the attention of the client and consider the alternative of new job offer and greater opportunities aside from existing job. Lastly, Mr.

Gutierrez evaluates his company as the best employer for he believes that REGILENT understand the needs of customers and therefore the company’s activities are grounded on attending to those needs. For Mr. Gutierrez, ensuring and implementing ways to provide customer/ client satisfaction is a way to promote management ethics in the workforce and as new policy (CIPD, 2009). Conclusion In conclusion, Mr. Gutierrez, a productive and effective Resource Manager is a transformational and charismatic leader who objectively strives to meet the demands of customers and attend to needs of the company’s talents as well.

For him, effectiveness of the workforce could be seen through results such that of meeting the monthly target quota among individual employees and the whole quota for the entire team. Being flexible and proactive, Mr. Gutierrez reflects an optimistic aura of empowering one’s subordinates to think out of the box and become innovative to create strategic ways of making recruitment of qualified employees easier, faster, and accountable.

He reinforces associates by motivating them to exert their best performance through affirmation and verbal praise. Upon successful candidates who are hired by proactive employees, Mr.Gutierrez provides incentives and additional pay among the individuals who get their talents hired by the clients.

References Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. (2009). Talent management: Understanding the dimensions. Densten, I. L. , & Gray, J. H. (2009). Leadership applications—Organizational effectiveness. Zaccaro, S. J. , Gilbert, J. A. , Thor, K. K. , & Mumford, M. D. (1991). Leadership and social intelligence: Linking social perspectiveness and behavioral flexibility to leader effectiveness. The Leadership Quarterly, 2(4), 317-342.

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