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Mario Badescu brand

Skincare products under Mario Badescu brand are extremely specific, personal, and almost intimate. Psychologically, women and men refuse speaking about the products they use to stay young and attractive. Mario Badescu meets a serious challenge: it combines the discussed “secrecy” by promoting natural looks, and makes its products popular. Usually, make-up has several substitutes. There are traditional cosmetic products, and those which promote natural looks. Where natural looks is preferable, the sales of cosmetic products may decline. (2, p. 18).

Mario Badescu products initially promote “natural” looks. By choosing Mario Badescu skincare products, consumers make a choice towards particular appearance. The brand is well-protected from the threat of possible substitutes by offering “natural” shining skin, without any sign of artificiality. The three product lines Mario Badescu products are new to Brazilian market. We should carefully choose the products with which Mario Badescu will enter Brazilian market. We will avoid excessive product diversification and will concentrate on the most important products for the major consumer groups.

Mario Badescu presents three different product lines: for teen care, aging, and pregnant skin. The official website of Mario Badescu brand separately describes each product line. The information is presented in simple words, to make it comprehensible for the mass consumer. This information can later be used in our online and real-time promotion campaigns. Each group of product targets specific consumer groups. By offering the three different types of products, we meet several promotion criteria. First, consumers become aware of the wide product list and product opportunities.

Second, Mario Badescu initially targets the three most vulnerable consumer groups. Third, the strict product line division suggests that consumers will hardly confuse the products. Fourth, Brazilian culture promotes shining appearance, sexuality and luxury. The three lines of skincare products from Mario Badescu solve the three major skin problems for Brazilian population: teen acne, aging, and skin changes during pregnancy. These product lines allow Mario Badescu conquering the major portion of the market without excessive product diversification.