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Market demand into account Essay

Accountability It is the responsibility for answering he/she has to take for every action and for the results of consequences of that action. Since in a job an individual or a team is doing the job for the organization so every one has to be answerable to the senior or line management for any action or the outcome of the action which is said as consequence of the action . This can be understood in terms of Freedom: up to which a job holder can make decisions within the limits of rules, procedures, policies, precedents or senior direction.

It should not be like that one should have to ask for even for a very small decision for the sake of organization at any point of time, but against it one has to wait for the simple yes or no then the sake of the organization will be given up. Magnitude: Indicates the extent of area of the organization upon which the job effects. It makes us know that every decision is not having same effect in the organization. It depends upon the factor that to how many part that decision touches the firm or put its impact.

The magnitude has to be

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considered while the accountability factor has to considered in hays approach before giving the evaluation points. Type of Impact: It establishes relationship between the potential of impact on the chosen magnitude. The meaning is that one should understand that how much deep effect of the decision has been stamped on the chosen amount of area of organization. And that too in positive or negative aspect for the organization. Some of the additional factors in the process of hay method as discussed earlier are physical and environmental factors are to be discussed here for the perfect understanding of Hay Process.

These factors are about the presence of quality of physical and environmental conditions in the office and can be seen in any normal office. These can very importance in the finalization of the evaluation of the job size as the entire thing is to be carried out in the presence of these two factors and can be briefed by the following two factors. 1. Physical effort and/or strain — The physical effort and/or strain that are provided to a job holder in performing the job helps him/her to meet the required standards of the company/organization.

As the more will be the comfort in supplying the physical effort or strain in the finalizing of the job evaluation grading system because dedication is seen only by the strain measurement. 2. Working Environment — When a job holder is exposed to the unfavorable working conditions and is compelled to give the end results to the required standards, it gives the limit to which a talented, skillful and educated candidate is dedicated to do the job to give the desired results.

This works as the last point of interest in the evaluation technique as the conditions made against the favorable ones evaluates the original potential of the job holder and gives an image to the organization that this individual is good in the worst working situation in the company and can be of any magical use by it to give the results of required standards without compromising with the quality of task supplied by the individual .

Mistakes in the Hay Method Hence by the above grading system we can evaluate approximately the right job size and therefore it is adopted by many of the public and private sector organization in the world. But there are some of the disadvantages or mistakes present in this method also as it depends only upon the number game on the written format for a particular job size excluding the future working capabilities of a candidate or a job holder.

It is also based irrespective of the gender of the job holder, but in many cases with some of the organizations around the world, job holders still face gender discrimination. To quote a true incident, a European lady lodged a complaint and a three member tribunal was created to investigate the case with an outside expert to analyze the case and this tribunal was supposed to be inexpensive and quick to solve the case but it took 17. 5 months. As this evaluation task for a job is quite subjective and different experts define a same job differently so it becomes cumbersome to solve the case.

At the same time different companies pay different salary for the same job, there are few jobs which are over paid if only job content is considered because whole salary hierarchy is not considered and only the particular job size is considered so it becomes much more difficult to apply the equal pay method. finally the right payments for the job could not be explained correctly here as this technique do not take the market demand into account.

These few mistakes make this system non-ideal for evaluation of the job size as alone these grading technique with research analysis of market data cannot work. There is a need with regards to the analysis of job content and the market demand, as even an ideal payment method will not be able to define the right payments for the job. The taste of the employees are heterogeneous which is in the daily practice situation, hence equal pay methods will show every sort of inefficiency in the economy.

Another mistake is that the present trend in the pay system technique is taking it away from the compensation depending upon the narrow based jobs to the compensation based upon the individual characteristics as the jobholders are these days shifted from one role to another role so no efficiency can be measured in a small span of shifting where as the fixed role is the underlying of grading system and also there is no fixed management/organizational structures. Therefore it is no longer good for the large organization and was never suitable for smaller organizations.

So the above were the few disadvantages of the grading system by Hay method. The conclusion After the detailed study of the grading system of Hay including the Process and the mistakes in it, we arrive at the final points of the Hay Method. There are some questions that stand at the end of this paper like what exactly should be the format of a grading paper and how to analysis the market data so that it proves helpful? How it makes it provable at the management end and too at the job holder’s end as it is totally point driven technique?

But the mistakes seen in this technique are not avoidable as it does not counts the future capabilities of a job holder because it counts only the number driven fact but not the psychological facts as those are also necessary and should be taken into account as well as gender gap which we can assume has been eradicated mostly today but will be of no accountability in future due to the literacy about abilities of feminine. But till the fixed management or organizational system is not there no grading technique is appropriate and this can be of no use but in turn can give more instability in the economy .

But above all if these discrepancies as discussed earlier will be removed then this one is the best technique when used paralleled with the market demanding data can be of universal use . Despite the looks of scientific rationality, Job evaluation is inherently subjective as choice of factors and weights and the assignment of scores involve subjective judgment. Moreover, job evaluation often reward dishonest job description and encourage point grabbing behavior because the best way for employees getting a higher rating for their jobs is to belittle the importance of other jobs.

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