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Market for Indian Handicrafts Essay

The number of women and people belonging to the weaker sections of the society. The Handicrafts Sector plays a significant & important role in the country economy. It provides employment to a vast segment of craft persons in rural & semi urban areas and generates substantial foreign exchange for the country, while preserving its cultural heritage. Handicrafts have great potential, as they hold the key for sustaining not only the existing set of millions of artisans spread over length and breadth of the country, but also for the increasingly large number of new entrants in the crafts activity.

Presently, handicrafts contribute substantially to employment generation and exports. The Handicraft sector has, however, suffered due to its being unrecognized, with the additional constraints of lack of education, low capital, and poor exposure to new technologies, absence of market Intelligence, and a poor institutional framework. In spite of these constraints, sector has witnessed a significant growth of 3 % annually.

In addition to the high potential for employment, the sector is economically important from the point of low capital investment, high ratio of value addition, and high potential for export and foreign exchange earnings for the country. AIM The paper seeks to highlight the

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importance of Indian Handicrafts Industry as a contributor to Indian Economy by studying the existing and potential Market and possible threats. OBJECTIVES ; To study the various destinations where Indian Handicrafts are exported ; To study the comparative handicraft product and market of a developed country. To study the strengths of the Indian Handicrafts ; To elaborate the possible threats to the Indian Handicrafts HYPOTHESES ; HI The major demand of Indian Handicrafts Is In the US ; H2O:- Compares Poorly with Handicraft product and market of Germany ; HE:- Availability of cheap labor, low investment cost being traditional profession of many ; HE:; Better quality products Research Methodology The data is secondary obtained from archives of Government -Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Textiles, Trade Papers, bulletins etc.

Page 1 Present situation and Types of Handicrafts in India Although exports of handicrafts appear to be sizeable, Indian’s share in world imports is miniscule. It is a sector that is still not completely explored from the point of view of hidden potential areas. India, a country with 26 states and 18 languages and more than 1500 dialects offers an enormous range of handicrafts from each of the states. Major centers in Attar Pradesh are Mortarboard also known as the “Paternalism” (City of Brass), Sharpener for its wooden articles, Proofread for Glass.

The North Western state of Restaurants has to offer the famous Spiritualist, Bagger and Gangers printed textiles and woodenandwroughtironfurniture from Jodhpurs. The coastal state of Gujarat comes with unpredictability’s from Ketch. Narrators in Andorra Pradesh is famous for its Illogicalness. But this is only a small part of the total product range. India offers much more. Handicrafts are classified into two categories: 1. Articles of everyday use 2. Decorative items The craftsmen use different media to express their originality.

The diversity of the handicrafts is expressed on textiles, metals – precious and semi-precious, wood, precious and semi-precious stones, ceramic and glass. ; Textile based handicrafts: Hand printed textiles including block and screen printing, batik, calamari (hand printing by pen) and bandanna (tie and die) are used in products ranging from bed- covers to sheets, dress material to upholstery and tapestry. The famous embroidered articles of silk and cotton, often embellished with mirrors, shells, beads, and metallic ices are also found in India. Embroidery is done too on leather, felt and velvet etc.

This segment of the industry accounts for almost half a million strong employment in addition to a large number of designers, block makers, weavers and packers involved in the trade. ; Clay, Metal and Jewelry: Brass, copper, bronze, bell metals are used for a variety of wares and in a variety of finishes. Scintillating ornaments are available in a wide range of patterns, styles and compositions. Made from precious metals, base metals, precious and semi-precious stones; these ornaments have traditional as well as modern styles. Woodwork: Wooden articles in India range from the ornately bearing the art and individuality of the craftsman.

India is known particularly for its lacquered wood articles. ; Stone Craft: The intricately carved stoneware made of marble, alabaster or soapstone, etc. , inlaid with semiprecious stones carry on the heritage of Indian stone crafts. Page 2 ; Glass and Ceramic: Glass and ceramic products are a fast upcoming segment in the handicrafts from India. The age-old production process of mouth-blowing the glass instills a nostalgic feeling. The varied shapes of ceramic and glass in a number of lour, would appeal to Western aesthetics while retaining the Indian touch.

Craft concentration Areas: A wide range of handicrafts are produced all over Indian earthenware / PENS ware, wood carvings and other wooden art wares, imitation Jewelry, hand printed textiles, shawls as art wares, embroidered goods, lace and lace goods, toys, dolls, crafts made of leather, lacquer ware, marble crafts etc. Although it is difficult to limit a specific place for the particular craft, the following places are listed for their particular crafts. Mortarboard, Samba, Aligarh’s, Jodhpurs, Jasper, Earthenware : Delhi, Rewire,

Thankful, Madras, Amanda, Beaded, Kraal & Jihads, Jailers Sharpener, Angina, Hesitator, Agrarians, Wooden Art wares : Amorists, Jasper, Jodhpurs, Jugular, Bangor, Moser, Concatenate, Madras, Kraal & Paramour (WEB) Amphora, Jodhpurs, Jasper, Abracadabra, Sugar & Hand printed Textiles : Gangers & Scarves Ketch (Gujarat), Smarmier, Abroad, Locknut, Embroidered goods : Jodhpurs, Agar, Amorists, Skull, Thermals / Champ & Agrarians Agar, Madras, Bastes, Jodhpurs Marble & Soft Stone : Crafts Kashmir, Jasper Paper Mach Crafts : Agar, Madras, Bastes, Jodhpurs Terracotta : Restaurants, Madras, Bastes Kari & Kari Goods : Delhi,

The 6 million craft persons who are the backbones of Indian Handicraft Industry as provided with inherent skill, technique, traditional craftsmanship but that is quite sufficient for primary platform. However, in changing world market these craft persons need an institutional support, at their places I. . Craft pockets for value addition and for the edge with other competitors like China, Korea, Thailand etc. H 0 2:- The German handicrafts and Software Market With over 82 million inhabitants, Germany is the largest market for software and handicrafts items in Europe.

A member of and situated within the European Union, Germany is supplied with software and handicrafts from Germany as well as the surrounding European countries such as France, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and from all other parts of the world: Russia, Latin America, Africa and Asia. The size of the total German software and handicrafts market varies according to the definition of software and handicrafts. With its present size around DIM 29. Billion it corresponds to a broad definition of software and handicrafts that includes the following items: home furnishings, earthenware, table accessories, Christmas decoration, wood ware and furniture, imitation Jeweler’s, artificial flowers/plants, jewelry, certain apparel/textile items and others. The substantial supply of software and handicrafts has transformed the German software and handicrafts market into a fiercely overprotective market place. Page 4 Nevertheless, innovative and new to market software and handicrafts items place still have good market prospects.

It is essential for the German software and handicrafts marketers to find new products to stay competitive. Although German consumers may be willing to pay a high price for exclusive items they are very price conscious and want value for money. Among traditional gift items, candles, festive items, including Christmas decoration, exclusive gift boxes and gift-wrap, ribbons, nostalgic calendars and all types of scented items have best prospects. The German market shows a strong demand for low-priced candles. Thus imports from Poland and China have increased substantially.

The average growth for the overall software and handicrafts is estimated at 4-5 percent over 2010-11. Competitive Situation German software and handicrafts consumption is growing more or less in line with the relatively slow growth rate of income during the last years. Thus, expectations for additional growth are not very high. Annual growth rates of between 1. 5-2 percent are forecast for the next few years for the overall software and handicrafts market. In general the market shows good business opportunities if prices and quality are nominative and delivery schedules are fulfilled.

Apart from its own producers, Germany is supplied by software and handicrafts from nearly all of the European countries. German firms often import specific product groups from a particular country. Major suppliers of pottery are, for example, Spain and Portugal; fine exclusive stationery comes from Italy, France and Switzerland; candles from Poland, China and Portugal; dried flowers from the Netherlands etc. Fierce price competition in Germany is intensified by the increasing quantity of Chinese and Asian made products on the market.

For India this situation coupled with the relatively strong Indian rupee which means that firms proving to be most successful in the recent past have offered niche market software and handicrafts, I. E. , exclusive to Indian handicrafts items or new-automaker products. Market Access EX. member states and Asian countries, China and India in particular, are major suppliers of software and handicrafts to the German market. Indian firms making a first approach to the German market are advised to have comprehensive product literature and data sheets professionally translated into German.

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