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Market Study on Establishing Essay

It must take into consideration the needs of the people around, the environment issues that may be involved, and the impact of it as a whole. Thus. It is of great importance that the business sectors take part in the development of the nation’s youth. The needs that evolve on the existence of a youth are food, shelter, clothing and education. The last element mentioned plays a vital function in shaping the youth of the nation. It provides the necessary tools to manage a nation, and to understand the essence of survival. Yet there are many hindrances in attaining completion of education. One of the ajar reasons is poverty.

Although it is of huge importance to tackle the issue at hand, there are some minor issues that give the same blow as that. As a student in school, the youth may be influenced by his or her environment, the people around, the facilities, and the events taking place. In lieu to this, the student has to struggle balancing freedom and independence at the same time and most of all perseverance and self-reliance. Thus, the environment is one of the factors to make or break a student. Then a student, who is

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away form home, may get a lion’s share of the dilemma of adjustment o his or her environment.

That’s when the commencement of the collision of forces between the business sectors and the academe will start crackling a solution to this problem. 1. 1 Rationale of the Study Banal has been a lucrative place for unlettered and colleges these days. Yet In this bargain, only few boarding houses and dormitories provide the needs of the education here in Zebu City from neighboring provinces, the researchers ascertained that there is an increase demand for such housing. There are existing dormitories around the area but it is only exclusive for female students leaving the male students prided of such opportunity.

Parents wanted their children to be always safe. But how can the parents be assured that somebody will look after them since they are not around to take care of their children while studying in Zebu. Students need discipline, guidance and attention. This study is looking at a possibility of helping the parents in taking care of their children and assuring a bright future for them. It has been reported last September 9, 2005 in the Sun Star Zebu that 115 of 209 boarding houses near universities in Zebu City were found to have violated sanitary ND fire safety standards and are operating without the required permits.

To help the City improve this situation, the researchers are suggesting a construction of a dormitory, exclusively for male students. The lack of competitive boarding houses, affordable apartments and Co-De dormitories in the area fueled the study. The male students of the universities and colleges in Vanilla and neighboring bargain want this kind of service that will provide them their needs of quality and safe housing. 1. 2 Review of Related Literature Evolution is necessary for survival.

Darning’s evolutionary principles and coined expression “survival of the fittest” don’t Just apply to chipmunks and cheetahs. All college students have had to adapt and compete to stay alive in the college spectrum. It has long been understood that the fulfillment of the basic needs is the foundation on which facilitation of any kind of human development rests. There are nine basic human needs according to the theory of Adam Mascot and that includes security, adventure, freedom exchange, power, expansion, acceptance, community and expression.

As boldly stated in the July 9, 2003 edition of the Suntan Daily Newspaper “Shelter is right, not a commodity. ” These past few years, Vanilla has been a booming hotshot for schools and universities and it has greatly contributed to the city’s bustling economy especially in the lodging business, among others. Boarding houses, apartments and dormitories emerged from the busy streets of Vanilla to accommodate the dramatic increase in number of students. It is for this reason that the government of Zebu is concerned with the housing condition of students.

It was published in the May 25, 2005 edition of Zebu Daily News that the government took action in inspecting boarding houses to determine heir habitability and safety and whether or not they have complied with the building A research entitled “The Role of Residential Life in Obtaining Total Education” conducted by the University of the Philippines Dilemma in 1998 concluded that the objectives of residential life on campus are generally the provision of housing for the students who come from far places or provinces.

Residential life contributes very much in achieving the purpose of total education. The policies, practices and measures used to attain the goals of residential life are guidelines on the wows and what’s of residence hall living. Coming home on time, signing in and out, etc. Are measures which pertain to knowing one’s whereabouts; restrictions on visiting time, neighboring and the like are also rules which are believed to contribute to the safety and security of residents not to mention their contribution to the peaceful and orderly atmosphere in the halls.

Finally, the researchers of such study gave the conclusion that indeed the experiences they encountered in the residence halls have to a certain extent contributed to their well-being and eventually to their total education. (Villainies: 1998) According to a study conducted by Sir. Ma. Nellie B. Stared entitled “A Needs Assessment on RFM Dormitories in Zebu City: A Basis for a Development Plan”, the time the student spends in residence hall exceeds by far the time he spends in the classroom.

Hence the learning that occurs in residence halls may also surpass that which occurs in the classroom. The student spends only a few hours of his day in the classroom and devotes the time mainly to his intellectual development but the residence hall sees the student all through his day and his night, deals with all aspects of his personality, is very sensitive to the effect he has on other people, and ears the full responsibility for his immaturity. (Stared: 1994) Thus, student housing is recognized as a vital part of the total experience of higher education. . 3 Statement of the Problem This study is aimed to determine the market feasibility of establishing an All-Male Dormitory in Vanilla, Zebu City that seeks to answer the following sub-questions: 1 . What is the profile of the respondents in All-Male Dormitory in Vanilla, Zebu City in terms of: 1. 1 Age 1. 2 Gender 1. 3 Occupation 1. 4 Status 3. What benefits can be offered by the All-Male Dormitory to the targeted market? 4. How do proponents intend to promote the All-Male Dormitory? 5. What marketing strategy will best apply in an All-Male Dormitory? . How much budget would be allocated for the promotion of the All-Male Dormitory? 7. At what price are the respondents willing to pay for the All-Male Dormitory? 1. 4 Statement of the Research Objectives 1. 4. 1 General Objective The main purpose of this study is to determine the feasibility of establishing an All- Male Dormitory in Vanilla, Zebu City. 1. 4. 2 Specific Objectives 1 . To determine the profile of the respondents in an All-Male Dormitory in Vanilla, Zebu City in terms of: 2.

To identify the availability and demand of an All-Male Dormitory in Vanilla, Zebu City. 3. To determine the services and facilities to be offered in an All-Male Dormitory appropriate for the targeted market. 4. To identify the promotional strategies that would best suit the All-Male Dormitory. 5. To recommend marketing strategies that will appeal to the targeted market. 6. To determine he budget that would be allocated for the promotion of the proposed All-Male Dormitory. Dormitory. 1. 5 Statement of Assumptions The study has the following assumptions: 1 .

The proposed dormitory is to be situated at Vanilla, Zebu City. 2. The proposed dormitory is to be occupied by male residents only. 3. The respondents of this study are male students of the University of Zebu, Vanilla campus only. 4. The survey is conducted within the premises of University of Zebu, Vanilla Campus and within its vicinity There is no existing All-Male Dormitory within Vanilla, Zebu City as of the writing of this study. 1. 6 Significance of the Study The study benefits the following: 1 .

Schools, Colleges and Universities The construction of a dormitory in a progressive place like Vanilla will give confidence to schools, colleges, and universities. This will also probably increase the population of the students in schools. It will provide a foster environment conducive for studying, develop social interaction skills of students, and provide safety to students. Thus, the study will burgeon the schools, colleges and universities to consider the need for this matter. 2. Students Students will be provided with a safe and secure place while they’re away from home.

The research study aims to provide the basic needs of the students in terms of security, accessibility, convenience, a sense of belongingness and social awareness. Consequently, it helps promote independence among the students. Therefore, the duty aids in the discipline formation and enhancement of personal growth of the students. 3. Parents/ Guardians we offer a 24- hour security system. The study helps promote trust on the part of the parents to their children as they face the realities of life.

It will also foster the absence of discipline on the part of the parents since their children are far from home. 4. Government The government will benefit in the form of taxes that will be imposed upon the establishment. The study will open up the necessary insufficiency of the City of Zebu especially on significant matters where it concerns the people in the place. It will give an ambiance of order in the place where it will be located. 5. Business Sector In the field of business, investors will have interest in investing and at the same time will help provide temporary shelter to students.

The study will encourage these business sectors to help promote development to the City of Zebu and assistance to the needs of the society. 6. Future Researchers This will serve as a springboard for other future researchers who may be interested to enhance this research study. 1. 7 Operational Definition of Terms Action Research is a type of business research design done to develop or recommend ewe approaches, policies, strategies, or skills to solve problems in the conduct of the study for the proposed Male-Dormitory.

All-Male Dormitory is a dwelling place exclusively for male students which provides an atmosphere of a “home away from home” as well as convenience and safety to the student-residents who mostly came from outside Zebu City or the neighboring towns or provinces. Area Sampling pertains to the grouping of the Vanilla town residents into geographical divisions before selecting the respondents. Vanilla is a bargain found in the north of Zebu City where the proposed All-Male Dormitory can be located and where the university, subject to the researcher’s survey can be found.

University of Zebu (US), University of San Carols- Technological Center (USC-ETC) and Gullah Medical Center can be found in the area. Boarders are the students who are enrolled in an educational institution and who are Boarding House is another type of housing unit for students which is generally less expensive and lack of facilities and amenities compared to dormitories. Coeducational Dormitories (COED) are a kind of dormitory for students both male and female. Demand as per study pertains to the pressing need for quality and safe housing to dents which can be possibly mitigated by the proposed dormitory.

Feasibility is the practicability or the state of being viable of the proposed All-Male Dormitory in a given operating environment and satisfying all the limitations and constraints. Lodging Houses used to generalized all other types of housing units offered to students. This includes boarding houses, apartments, coed dormitories and others. Male is the gender relating to the masculine sex which is specifically required to be the subject of the study and are the qualified applicants of the All-Male Dormitory.

Market is the prospective consumer of the services to be catered by the proposed dormitory. Residence hall is used interchangeably with dormitory which refers to a residential accommodation for a large number of students and coveys a learning atmosphere. Respondents are the male enrollees of the University of Zebu-Vanilla for Summer 2006 who are randomly chosen by the researchers to provide the primary data for the study and are potential target market of the proposed Dormitory.

Sample is a portion of the male students who are randomly picked to provide responses to the administered survey questionnaires and is intended to represent he male student population of the University of Zebu-Vanilla Sampling is the process of choosing adequate and representative elements from the male student population of University of Zebu-Vanilla to be able to draw conclusions and generalize for the entire male enrollees as of Summer 2006. Service is an intangible to be offered to the target market by the proposed All-Male Shelter is one of man’s basic needs and a refuge where one can experience safety and security from outside elements. N Vanilla, Zebu City. 1. 8 Scope and Limitations This study is primarily aimed to determine the viability of establishing an exclusive ale dormitory with respect to the marketing aspect. This research investigated as well whether it will generate sufficient profits or benefits to offset estimated investment or construction, installation, and operation costs. The study was conducted in the University of Zebu- Vanilla, Zebu City. It is the university situated nearest to the anticipated site. Hence, the greatest possibility of prospective lodgers comes from this school.

Respondents include every male gender enrollees of the school for summer 2006 from different courses and year level that are not residing within the Vanilla vicinity. The total population of the students enrolled was 2,897 but only 165 will serve as sample for this study. The researchers’ tool for gathering primary data was through self-administered questionnaires. Collections of secondary data done by inquiry of present dorm owners/ managements and parents of certain male students who are interested to have their sons secured in a dormitory were also considered.

Profound research in books, other related literature, and the Internet were done to extract supplementary information. Moreover, maps and tables were included as aids in the process of analyzing and proper presentation of data. They’re essential to be able to visualize the results of the study and to facilitate quick understanding. Basically, this study covers only the whole summer. In the process of conducting this research, several constraints might be encountered which to some extent might have some bearing on the results of this endeavor.

These hindering factors were: Limited time Inconsiderateness of some respondents Unwillingness to disclose information/ respondent’s right to withhold some information which they considered as confidential Insincere answers of some respondents Non-availability of some data which might be very helpful for the research Inability to get correct responses from correct respondents Chapter 2 2. 1 Research Design The research revolved around the Market Feasibility Study, where it involved the gathering, analysis and interpretation of data from students, parents and other dormitories in Zebu City.

Action research was used as the research design of the study. The action research was chosen to determine the viability of All-Male Dormitory, specifically on its marketing aspect. The entire visual presentation of the research methodology is presented in Diagram 1 on Appendix A. 2. 2 Research Environment The male dormitory would be located in Gob. Quench Avenue, Vanilla, Zebu City. The proposed dormitory would be situated opposite Vanilla Town Center. The exact location of the building is shown in Appendix l. Vanilla is currently the desirable investment spot in Zebu and the home of established universities.

As educational institutions crop up from this town, businesses began to rush in. Vanilla is bounded by Bargain Taliban in the north, Bargain Papas in the South, Abdul-an in the west and Mandate City in the east. Vanilla is the home of University of Zebu (ICC), University of San Carols- Technological Center (USC-ETC) and Gullah Medical Center. The All-Male Dormitory would be located in Gob. Quench Avenue, Vanilla, Zebu City. (Please refer to Appendix l) The venue of the research chosen was University of Zebu (Vanilla Campus).

It was established in June 2002 in support of the government’s mandate to increase educational access for all. It offers degree programs in Law, Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Communications Engineering, and Accountancy as well as relevant associate programs and short-term courses. The College of Nursing was also transferred permanently from the main to the Vanilla Campus. The dormitories in Zebu City also formed part of the research environment. These dormitories are primarily administered by religious organizations and by business people in Zebu.

Most of them cater to female boarders. 2. 3 Research Respondents determine the factors that cause a student to reside to an All-Male Dormitory. Area sampling was employed by: (1) randomly selecting respondents from US-Vanilla and (2) determining the sample size of the area. The criterion in choosing the target market was based on that they must be male students of US-Vanilla Campus. Area sampling pertains to the grouping of the population into geographical divisions before selecting the respondents. Area sampling method was found very useful in analyzing the data gathered from US-Vanilla.

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