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Marketing part 3

a new product line, a new-to-the-world product, an addition to an existing product line, an improvement or revision of an existing product
what can be considered a new product?
repositioning strategy
After declining sales of Diet Dr. Pepper as a diet drink, the company is attempting to present it as an alternative to having a dessert which is an example of a ______strategy.
addition to existing product line
Oakley, a manufacturer of protective eyewear, has introduced sunglasses that play music which is an example of_________.
new product strategy
A(n)______links the new product development process with objectives of the marketing department, the business unit, and the corporation.
establishing the new-product strategy
first stage of the new-product development process is:
process where a group thinks of as many ways to vary a product or solve a problem as possible without considering the practicality of ideas
focus group
A manufacturer assembled a group of nine regular customers and asked them to discuss what they like and do not like about its current product line for full-figured women and to suggest new-product ideas. The manufacturer used a research technique called a:
eliminate undesirable ideas and predict consumer acceptance
the screening and concept testing stage of the new-product development process is used to:
business analysis
In the___ stage of new-product development, preliminary demand, cost, sales, and profitability estimates are made.
where the demographics and purchasing habits mirror the overall market for the product
when selecting a test market city, a researcher should look for a city
late majority
they adopt a product because most of their friends have already done so, and their adoption is usually the result of pressure to conform because they rely on group norms
relative advantage
product characteristic affecting the rate of adoption characterized by the degree to which a product is perceived as superior to existing substitutes is:
the phase of the product life cycle in which healthy profits usually begin to appear is the ______stage.
stage of the product life cycle where marginal competitors start dropping out of the market
intangible, inseparable, heterogeneous, perishable
unique characteristics that distinguish services from goods
search quality
characteristic that can be easily assessed prior to purchase, such as the softness of a mattress or the color of curtains
credence quality
characteristic that consumers have difficulty assessing even after purchase because they do not have the necessary knowledge or experience
auto repair, manicures, and landscaping are all services that are produced and consumed at the same time. All of these exhibit the service characteristic of :
the service characteristic that makes it hard to achieve consistency and standardization of services
core service
Western Union is in the business of providing a medium for international money transfers. The wire transfer of funds is the __________ the company provides.
operations oriented
which service pricing objective seeks to match supply and demand by varying prices?
many nonprofit organizations are pressured or required to serve the max number of people by targeting the average user, which pressures them to adopt which type of targeting strategy?
public service advertising
announcement in mass media for which no charge is made and which promotes programs, activities or services of federal, state, or local govt or the programs, activities or services of nonprofit organizations.
relationship integration
ability of two or more companies to develop social connections that serve to guide their interactions when working together
customer relationship management
process that allows companies to prioritize their marketing focus on different customer groups according to each group’s long-term value to the company or the supply chain
customer data collection, forecasting of future demand, sales and operations planning, the development of activities that tend to smooth out demand
the activities that enable the demand management process to work include:
returns management
Mattel ordered 18 million toys made in China to be recalled because of hazards such as the use of lead paint. Mattel’s _____ process allowed it to handle the product recall efficiently
safety stock
an extra allotment of inventory that companies sometimes choose to hold in the event that demand spikes, or if forecasts regarding the amount of demand are too low.
Papa John’s uses UPS trucks in its deliveries to establishments painted with the Papa John’s logo and company colors. Papa John’s is using:
customer data collection, forecasting of future demand, sales and operations planning, the development of activities that tend to smooth out demand
the activities that enable the demand management process to work include:
take title to the products they sell
major characteristic that is used to differentiate among types on intermediaries is whether they:
agents and brokers
intermediaries who facilitate the sales of a product from producer to end user by representing retailers, wholesalers, or manufacturers and providing little input as to the terms of the sale.
multiple distribution arrangement
when customers can purchase HP computers from retail stores like Best Buy and Office Depot, online directly from HP, and through various catalogs
intensive distribution strategy
distribution strategy that is used when chewing gum and soft drinks are sold in grocery stores, service stations, convenience stores, drugstores, discount stores, and motel vending machines
selective distribution
achieved by screening dealers to eliminate all but a few in any single geographic area
arm’s length channel relationship
both parties retain their independence and pursue their own interests while attempting to benefit from the goods or services provided by the other
channel power
capacity of a particular marketing channel member to control or influence the behavior of other channel members is known as
channel captain
A company controls over 90 percent of the market and has great power over its distributors. In its marketing channel, it would be considered a….
contact efficiency
marketing channels make distribution simpler by reducing the number of transactions required to get products from manufacturers to consumers. This is called:
vertical conflict
channel conflict that occurs btwn different levels in a marketing channel
business format franchisors
franchisee buys the right to use the franchisor’s approach to doing business
convince the target customers that a firm’s products offer competitive advantages over those of its competition
main function of promotional strategy
unique aspect of an organization that causes target customers to patronize that firm rather than competitors
competitive advantage
encoding, decoding, channel, sender, and receiver
communication process
Campbell’s soup has been promoting through television commercials, radio spots, newspaper coupons and magazine advertisements. These media served as_____ for the message
anything that interferes, distorts, or slows down the transmission of information
informing, persuading, reminding, and connecting
four basic tasks of promotion
the product enters the growth stage of the product life cycle
persuasion normally becomes the primary promotion goal when:
advertising, public relations, sales promotion, personal selling, and social media
promotional mix consists of:
pull strategy
The American Plastics Council wants to stimulate more consumer demand for products that are packaged in plastic. The ads will be run in consumer magazines and will hopefully cause customers to ask retailers to carry more products packaged in plastic. The American Plastics Council is planning to use a (n)__________ strategy.
returns management
channel conflict
is often caused by by an inability of some channel members to keep up with the changing times

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