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Marketing Plan For Safe For Men

This marketing plan consists of the whole planning for launching our new product which is Safe For Men. Safe For Men concern of the men consumers who really care about their appearance or well known as metronome’s guys. In this marketing plan, we provide the information included the company description, strategic focus and plan, SOOT analysis, industry analysis, competitor analysis, consumer analysis, product-market focus, marketing program as well as marketing budget planning.

In the end of this marketing plan, we provide a few pictures of our new products as the appendices. Safe was founded in 2011 started to lead the Hall brand which consists of a unique and comprehensive range of skincare, personal care and toiletry products developed exclusively to meet the needs of modern Muslim women and men.

Made with the finest natural ingredients that conform to Syrah requirements and certified HALL by a stringent independent body SAFE is firmly steeped in Muslims traditions with products that are alcohol and gluten- marketing plan (simple example) By Anis-Aziza Safe is manufactured in ISO and “Good Manufacturing Practice” (IGMP) certified reduction facilities. Safe endeavourers to provide the best quality products to meet the growing needs of our consumers. To ensure product quality, consistency

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and flexibility of supply, Safe are manufactured 100% in factories located in Malaysia.

All Safari’s products conform to international standards, including Federal Drug Authority (FDA), European Economic Community (SEC)/COLLIE, the British Pharmacopoeia (BP), Cosmetics, Toiletries & Fragrance Association (ACTA). Safe had succeeded in marketing their products include skin care and personal care such as toothpaste and fragrance. The latest one is Safe Shall which targeted to female consumer who are wearing scarves.

This will give opportunities to Safe in producing products for sun care since the average growth is quite high for the past five years. According to Sarah (2009), the vitamins in camel’s ilk is higher compare to goat milks. In contrast, goat’s milk contains higher calcium in its component. Therefore, Safe take this opportunity to enter the market by producing skin care for male consumers by offering the camel’s milk based skin care products. Garner Garner is a mass market cosmetics brand of L’Oreal©al that produces hair care and skin care products. The company started as Laboratories Garner in 1904, and was acquired by L’Oreal©al in the sass. Current product lines include Fruits shampoos and conditioners, and Nutrients hair color.

Garner is sold in numerous countries worldwide, with specific product lines targeted for different skin types and cultures. In 2011, Garner partnered with Tetracycline to promote up-cycling of product containers and the introduction of biodegradable products. Market Share: 26% Strength: Wide range of product brand Product Range: Ultraist Pro, Retinal, Pure Active, Vital Restore and others Price: RUM. O – ARMS. O Unit of sales: Per bottles Positioning: Garner offers a wide range of product for skin care customers Advertising Campaign: Television commercials and promotions 4. 3. 2 Clean & Clear Clean & Clear is a line of dermatology products owned by Johnson & Johnson.

The brand was originally developed by Reveal as a line of sensitive skin personal care items in 1957. The “Clean & Clear” name was based on products that contained no fragrance or dyes, and left no residue after rinsing. In 1991, Reveal sold Clean & Clear extended their range to include products treating a wider range of conditions, recently launching a line of products “SOFT” focused on facial moisturizing. Clean & Clear is currently available in 46 countries. Market Share: 8% Product Range: Deep Action, Active Clear, Clear Fairness and others Price: RUM. O – ARMS. O Positioning: Clean & Clear offers a wide range of product, especially for young adults 4. 3. 3 L’oreal The L’Oreal Group is the world’s largest cosmetics and beauty company.

With its registered office in Paris and head office in the Paris suburb of Chicly, Haute-De- Seine,France, it has developed activities in the field of cosmetics. Concentrating on hair color, skin care, sun protection, make-up, perfumes and hair care,the company is active in the dermatological, tissue engineering and pharmaceutical fields and is the top nanotechnology patent-holder in the United States. Market Share: 19% Product Range: L’Oreal Paris, L’Oreal Luke and others price: RUM. O – ARMS. O Positioning: L’Oreal offers a wide range of product for female consumers Advertising Campaign: Television commercials and promotions 4. 4 – CUSTOMER ANALYSIS According to Bryant (2013), more men are participating in a skin care regime.

A new report on the male grooming sector from Minute reveals that some 58% of men aged 18-24 and 63% of those 25-34 report that they use a facial moisturizing product. This is in stark contrast to the 32% of those aged 55-64 and 29% of men over 65 from there age demographics claiming to do the same thing. When it comes to personal care products, men are nothing if they’re not loyal. More than half of all men (52%) say they tend to stick to the same brands of toiletries and grooming products. In addition, 34% of men like to smell their personal care products before buying them and 20% favor 2-in-l products to save time. Multi functionality and proof of high efficacy should be key, as these would tend to be the main characteristics that men expect from a product (Remuneration, 2012).

In another study shows that, in terms of product offerings, many companies are boning beyond basic skin care and shaving with products segmented by skin type, such as sensitive skin, anti-acne and anti aging (Kantian, 2006). Remuneration (2012) report that one common factor that defines category dynamics, however, is the fact that men, either urged by employment instability or greater and adopting a beauty routine ever more appealing. This has coincided with the release of numerous new products at different price points, from male-targeted shampoos, to men’s specific eye treatments and even Blemish Balm creams and congealers, inspired from the female market. Marketing and Product Objectives Our marketing objective is to successfully reach men consumer who is really concerned about their appearance or well known as metronome’s. Therefore, we applied marketing strategies as much as we can in order to achieve our objectives. Our strategies are as follows: Advertising through media such as television and radio. Advertising through website and social network such as create a page in Backbone and through Mainstream. Hire Seize Islam as the ambassador for our Safe For Men. Offer with low price at the beginning and later will increase the price as well as the emend is increasing. Bundle promotion such as buy Safe For Men, get a free Chick razor. On the other hand, our product objective is to close the gap exist between products offered to the market.

By entering to male market in skin care segmentation, plus a new product development which is camel’s milk based products, we are hoping to increase our sales and larger market coverage as the Hall products offered. Safe For Men offered products that can handle such oily face, whitening, moisturizing as well as acne problem. 5. 2 – Target Market Our target market is men consumer ages between 18 to 35 years old. As the best study shows that men who are concerned more about their appearance are those who are between this age. 5. 3 – Customer Value Proposition Hall products for those who are concern of using hall products. Our new products, Safe For Men is a totally new product development, whereas we are using camel’s milk as the based for this product offered.

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