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Marketing plan for marketing 101 (Nokia 3310 mobile phone)

Marketing plan for marketing 101 (Nokia 3310 mobile phone)


This is the marketing plan of a Nokia 3310 mobile phone.

Company mission statement; Nokia connecting people.


Product description


Product category – – – ———–       Mobile phone

Product make    ——————       Nokia

Product model    —————–      3310

Product year of

manufacture      ——————       2008


Product range of

serial numbers      ——————   1000001-3000003


Product range of

chassis numbers    —————–   2222-9999


Product number of

colors                    ——————   3



Product colors    ——————      Blue, Cream, and White.


Product warrant ——————-     1 year warrant

Product accessories —————-    Charger, phone bag


Product features    ——————-   – Multiple ring tones

-80 messages storage, 450 characters.

-Phone book with special character storage.

– Call register with redial mode and quick redial

– All phone numbers with special register.


What advantages does our product/services have over those of the competition (consider things as unique features, patents, expertise, special training, etc)?

Mary.B (http://www.investors.about.com/library/bl/ toc/bimarket.htm


Unique features.


Usability:        It is user friendly since its manual is direct one torch explorer compared to


Durability:      It is covered in a brand plastic body so that when it fall it hardly receives a


marketing plan 2


Battery span:   Goes 4- 7 day when full charged. This is 2 day more compared to other

phone types.

What disadvantages does it have?

Mary.B (http://www.investors.about.com/library/bl/ toc/bimarket.htm


–          It is somehow bulk compared to other types which fall with in its price rage

–          Its Ring tones are dale

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and vibrator not as effective as compared other phones.

–          Buttons some how are hard

–          Its spares are scarce

List functionality and features that could be added



–          Headset can feature could be adjusted and the accessories are compatible with other    nokia phones

–          Can access internet when its data cable are put direct in computer with its software and connected to the web.


Relative advantage

of the product;         How superior is the innovation to the product or

other problem – solving methods it was designed to compete against.



Fairly good


Compatibility:       Does it fit current product usage and customer activity.




Complexity:         Will difficulty or confusion arise in understanding the innovation’s basic




Not sure


Divisibility:        How easily can trial portions of the product be purchased?


Still under survey

Communicability: How likely is the product to appear in public places where it is easily

seen and studied by potential users?


Most  likely



marketing plan 3



Market analysis


Niche or target market – Who are our customers. This can be an age-group or class of people


All adult ages and classes


We will be selling primary to (check all that apply) market segment


a. Private sector …………  15%

b. Wholesalers   ………….  35%

c. Retailers        …………..  15%

d. Government …………… 25%

e. Other           ……………. 10%


Mary.B (http://www.investors.about.com/library/bl/ toc/bimarket.htm


We will be targeting customers by

a. Product line

Specific lines.


Product lines


b. Geographic area? Which areas

Still under survey.


c.   Sales? We will target sales of?


Still under survey


d. Industry? Our target industry is


Not yet established


e. Other?


Still under survey


How much will our selected market spend on our product or service this coming year.





marketing plan 4


Business competition


(1)  Who are our business competitors?


Name                        ………….                 Samsung

Address                    ………….                South Korea

Years in business     …. ………               10 years

Price/strategy        …………..                   Still under survey


features                …………                      Not yet established


(2)  How competitive is the market?


(a)  Highly competitive market

(b) Media competitive market

(c) Low competitive   market

(d) Non-All competitive market



Medium competitive market


(3) List below your strength and weakness compared to your business competition (consider such areas as location, size of resources, reputation, services, personnel, etc.)


Strength                                                 Weaknesses



1…………location…………………  1   …Reputation……………………



2…………personnel……………….  2  …………services………………


3 ……resources……………………. 3 ……………?……………………












marketing plan 5



Market Environment


(4) Are these distribution channels functions considered?

(a)  Information;                  gathering and distribution marketing research




(b)  Promotion:                     developing and communicating offers





(c) Contact:                              communicating with prospective buyers


Not yet established


(d)  Matching:                          fitting the offer to the buyers’ needs


Not yet established


(e)  Negotiation:                      reaching agreement on price and terms


Not yet established


(f) Physical distribution:           transporting and storing


Already exists


(g) Financing:                  getting and using funds to cover the costs of channel   work


Already established


( www.determan.com)




(5) The following are some important economic factors that will affect our product

(such    as country growth, industry, health economic trends, taxes, rising

energy prices, etc.)


Taxes and rising energy prices


(6) The following are some important legal factors that will affect our market

marketing plan 6



Still under survey


(7) The following are some government factors


Still under survey.


(8) The following are other environment factors that will affect our market, but

over which we have no control


Harsh rains

Harsh sunshine


Mary.B (http://www.investors.about.com/library/bl/ toc/bimarket.htm



Marketing strategies-Market mix


A. Image

First what kind of image do we want to have (such as cheap but good,

or exclusiveness or customer oriented or highest quality, or convenience or speed, or..)


Customer oriented


B.  List the features we will emphasize

a. Good customer service

b. Customer satisfaction

c.   Experienced and well organized personnel


C.  We will be using the following pricing strategy

a. markup on cost

b. suggested price

c. competitive

d. Premium price

e. Other


D. Are our prices in line with our image








marketing plan 7




Customer service



1.  Customer services we provide


Still consideration.


2.  These are our sales/ credit terms


Still under considerations


3.   The competition offers the following services:


Still under survey.




1. These are the things we wish to say about the business


Still under consideration.


2. We will use the following advertising/ promotion sources:

a. Television

b. Radio

c.Direct mail

d. Personal contacts

e. Trade associations

f. Newspaper

g. Magazines

h. Yellow pages

j.   Billboard

k. Others


3.  The following are the reasons why we consider the media we have chosen to be most


Still under survey for the reasons.


Mary.B (http://www.investors.about.com/library/bl/ toc/bimarket.htm










Reference list



Mary.B (http://www.investors.about.com/library/bl/ toc/bimarket.htm









( www.determan.com)





















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