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Marketing Plan Selling Tablets

The aim of a school tailored tablet would be for students to compress all of their textbooks, workbooks, folders, and papers into an easy to carry, easy to use electronic device that would cut down on paper waste and allowing interaction with the school easier than ever before. BIB Marketing Plan Selling Tablets By deckle use of a wide range of functions to be used.

Accessories will include a full keyboard, book light, and a mouse. Another accessory would be a case for the tablet that can be school customized for color and logo. The tablet, manufactured by ETCH, will be tailored to any specifications of the schools choosing and allow each school to have their own customized tablet. The tablets will be interactive in the classroom and a learning tool outside of it. Producing a low priced, highly customizable item will push this tablet to the front of the industry, causing it to gain a lot of interest among higher education schools causing sales to skyrocket.

This product will be a hot item in the area of schools going green as the tablet could extinguish the use of school books completely. All of the books would be E-copies able to download

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onto the tablet itself. The student will also be able to take notes, record lectures, and share notes while in the classroom with the tablets. ETCH will also sell the tablets directly to the schools taking out the middleman. Once the school purchases the tablets they will rent the tablets out to all the students because every student will need one to be able to keep up with the integrated campus.

Ultimately the tablet is designed for ease of use and to make classroom learning more functional to keep up with the technological times. The main competitor for this tablet will be Apple with their l- pad, but the S-tab is already one step ahead being fully customizable. Brief discussion of product/service The product will be a tablet computer manufactured by ETCH. The tablet will vary among schools as the schools will be able to select certain features and benefits for the tablet to make it completely customized for each school it is delivered to. The tablets will be a low priced, highly capable item. Related: Management of a pediatric unit Hesi Case Study

In the classroom the tablets will be interactive in the way that they will be able to link to each other and the professor for the ability to take a test or possibly share notes. For the student it will be easy to carry, easy to use, and reduce paper waste. The tablet will be able to hold E-books, be able to take notes, share notes, record lectures, and be a great classroom learning tool. Mission Statement Itch’s mission statement is: “Itch’s mission is to become the leading, innovative provider of mobile information and communication terminals by providing innovative design, production and word- class logistics and service opportunities. Marketing Objectives Create product awareness though free trials and demos at trade shows the first year of production. Inform target audience about features and benefits of our product and its competitive advantage, leading to a 10 percent increase in sales in one year. Reach at least 5,000 visits per year. Increase number of visits to our website. * Get the tablet system implemented in at least 3 major universities with pending contracts with at least 5. Generate 1,000 leads over a one year period with a 3% sales ratio, selling to 30 schools in one year. Start developing a database specifically for the school tablet.

After here are 20 institutions in the database then start to create a best customer profile Industry Sales Trends: I. 2011 sales of tablets: * Forecasted 24. 1 million units in the United States it. 2010 sales of tablets * 10. 3 million units in the United States iii. Apple I-Pad expected to hold majority of market through 2012 lb. 201 5 sales of tablets 1. 82 million US consumers are estimated to be using tablets Competition: Kinney: 1. Geared toward K-12 learning 2. Features 2. 3. 4. Wi-If HID hook up USB port Google’s Android operating system 3. Controlled security features White listed websites approved by school 5.

Messaging can be disabled by fault 6. 4. E-Book reader 7. I-pad 2: Focuses on instruction and assessment * Currently the major tablet being sold in the US to public and private * Targeted toward middle school, and elementary aged students institutions * Hundreds of teaching applications, numbers and alphabets * Lower grade level schools will focus on applications to be downloaded for phonics, building words, letter recognition and letter formation * High school level will be focused on: problem solving, research, communications, interpersonal, and self direction SOOT Strengths: * Low price, high function tablet makes it easy to sell.

Being school tailored makes this tablet more desirable for higher education schools to purchase. * Fully customizable for each school. * Easy to use and lightweight makes this tablet a go to for learning capabilities. Weaknesses: * Hard to produce a low price high function tablet. * First generation tablet, possible having technical problems with it. * No Current customer database * First tablet by ETCH might be hard to sell due to being a first generation tablet. Switching to digital copies of books instead of printed ones the publishers should be able to dramatically lower the cost of textbooks while maintaining the name profit margins for the publishers. By creating a school specific tablet that is integrated with the schools network we would also be able to minimize fraudulent copping of textbooks. * Using digital books reduces much of the waste associated with print textbooks and could be marketed as a green alternative.

This could be fit into the current trend of health and wellness that tends to include green/sustainable products. * Would make it easier to have up to date information and theories included in the textbook as well as integrating a news function for current events. Threats: Could be hard to implement a tablet that does less. * Narrow target market at first (only private universities could afford) * Similar products would be easy for larger competitors to copy. Competitive Analysis Tablets are the new computing trend that has taken the corporate world by storm.

The initial entry into the tablet market and the current industry leader is the Apple pad. Followed by the pad. The majority of the top market players consist of; The Motorola Zoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and LOG G-Slate. These four tablets have the superior brand awareness making them the top competitors in the market. Pad 2. Apple is currently selling the pad 2. The pad is a computer tablet used primarily as a platform for audio-visual media including books, periodicals, movies, music, games, and web content.

This tablet is the top competitor. The number one strength of the pad is the brand it carries, Apple. Apple sold 3 million of the first pad in only 30 when first released in April 2010. During 2010, Apple sold 14. 8 million pads worldwide, representing 75 percent of tablet PC sales at the end of 2010. By the release of the pad 2 in March 2011, more than 15 million pads had been sold more than all other tablet PC’s combined. The pad is available for purchase through many retailers including Amazon, Wall-Mart, Best Buy, Verizon, and AT&T.

The pad has been launched in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore, Israel, and China. Many colleges and universities have used the pad. Youngstown State University began offering three- hour rentals for the pad for its Fall 2010 semester, in addition to rentals for the Amazon Kindle, laptop computers, and Flip cameras. Apple’s tunes U is home to more than 350,000 free lectures, videos, books, and bedposts from learning institutions all over the world.

Universities such as Yale, Stanford, US Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, Belling Open University, and the University of Tokyo, as well as broadcasters such as PBS, offer free content on tunes U. The two largest drawbacks are the lack of multi tasking capabilities and the fact that the ‘pad does not support flash player. No flash means it can not play many videos or graphics currently used online. Without the ability to multicast, the ‘pad can only run one program at a time. Other drawbacks include the lack of a camera and no USB or fire basic computing needs.

Motorola Zoom The Motorola Zoom is an Android-based tablet computer by Motorola, introduced at CUES 2011 on January 5, 2011. It is the first tablet to run Android 3. 0 Honeycomb. It was released on February 24, 2011. * 10. 1-inch Zoom for $599 with a two-year contract and $799 off contract. * dual-core, 1 GHz processor; dual cameras; and G upgrade capabilities. * Google Honeycomb is suffering from frequent application freezes and crashes. * The battery life is very inconsistent, sometimes lasting for 2 hours and sometimes for 6 hours.

The battery standby life is mere a 10 to 12 hours versus 30 days on Apple pad. * Auto-wrap, if text is magnified, is completely missing, which Just shows Google is missing attention to simple details. Samsung Galaxy Tab Based on a similar design to the Samsung Galaxy S smoothness, this 7-inch Android 2. 2 tablet is loaded with strong specs and will be available on many different carriers, including all of the big four in the US. It is the pad’s most serious competitor to arrive in 2010. Over two million sales worldwide.

LOG G-Slate LOG G-Slate is speculated to be released in the first quarter of this year 2011 by LOG gather with T-Mobile; it is expected to be one of the top-of the-bill brands. The computer will possess great features like the Google maps in AD and a camera placed at the front of the phone. Add to this are other features like the 1 GHz dual core with Tiger 2 processor, internal storage capacity of 32 gigabytes, including gyroscope and accelerometer. Customer Analysis Four quadrants: Consultative quadrant (has long selling cycle and requires an ongoing assistance to set up) I.

Allows for consultations while the systems are integrated into institutions Target customer: Introduction of Tablet into university setting (years 1-3): Private Universities 20,000 or more student enrollment $25,000 (+) a year in tuition (not including boarding, books, other expenses. ) 2nd Phase of Tablet into university setting (years 3-5) Private and Public Universities * Private Institution * 10,000 or more enrollment * Public Institution * 25,000 or more enrollment $6,000 (+) a year in tuition (not including boarding, books, other expenses. * User Influencer: Student body president/Faculty * Decision Influencer: CICS department/on campus computer techs * Gate Keeper: Secretaries of the school administrator would play critical role. Purchaser: Accounts payable * Advocate Influencer: The students, IT departments Marketing Research * Focus Groups Survey for school administrators (decision maker) Survey for students (end users) system Surveys would be distributed through the schools networking I. E.

Metro Connect Surveys could also be distributed in school admission applications this would allow for prospective students to give input Getting information from the not only the end user but people that would be utilizing the tab for education Survey Questions Purposes We will conduct a survey with both the administration and the students of major institutions across the country. The survey for the students will be directed at finding out what features are most important to them and how much they’re willing to pay for E-books this will help us develop our pull strategy.

The survey for the administrators will be directed at determining a price point and features that are important to them and their faculty. Student Survey: 1 . ) What would be a reasonable price point for E-Textbooks? A. $10-$20 B. $21-$30 c. $31-$40 D. $41 (+) 2. ) Would you pay more for an E-book with an audio copy? 3. ) How much money do students generally spend on books per semester? 50 B. $50-$100 c. $100-$200 D. $200-$400 E. $400* 4. ) What applications/features would be important to you as a student? 5. ) How important is having a key board to you?

A. Very B. Somewhat C. Not Really D. Not At All Administration Survey: 1 . ) What would be a reasonable price point for a student orientated tablet? $200 B. $250-$300 c. $350-$400 D. $450 (+) A. $150- clickers, etc. ) 3. ) Are students bringing personal computer into the classroom already? What percent of students already are? 4. ) What applications would be best suited for students and faculty at your institution? 5. What amount of course content is available through students online already? The student survey questions are mainly price oriented.

Costs when considering which university to attend play a major rule in selecting a school. When students see an opportunity to further their education while lowering cost with cheaper text books, we can use the survey to find reasonable price points for the tab, e- books, applications and accessories. Also getting a feel for pricing with the student survey it can help us market our product aligned with our USPS. The administrative survey will focus on applications and usage for the tab. Institutions can highlight the areas where they feel the tab can be best used.

If instructors feel using technology as an important part of their teaching techniques, the S-tab can be integrated with teaching. Positioning: Itch’s S-Tab is entering the market to be a cheaper tablet relevant to its competitors. ETCH will act as a wholesaler by means of selling the S-Tab, having Institutions being the target market. It’s expected that an institution will purchase a mass quantity, allowing ETCH to capitalize on being cheaper than competitors. * As a wholesaler ETCH is able to drive down the price per tablet by integrating with pricing strategy designed around bulk sales. Having less components and features attached with it, also allows institutions to purchase tablets at a lower price per tablet. Itch’s S-Tab is focused on more than Just price conscious. ETCH is entering a new market in the convenience of technology and will provide a quality tablet geared towards improving education. * The S-Tab will change the way educational institutions are communicating to students * Making the ETCH brand better than its competitors. * A school specific tablet containing specific applications and software dedicated to ACH individual school is a feature no other tablet in the market offers.

To capture the approval of the end user, the S-Tab is created to be a student friendly technology device. The S-Tab has been created to be more durable than competitors. * Easy to use software programs and applications.. * Lightweight and easy to carry. * Providing a harder shell, rubber caps covering USB and HTML ports. Itch’s current USPS: “Quietly Brilliant” ETCH will you being using a unique selling proposition (USPS) in the selling campaign of the S-Tab. The USPS for the S-Tab will highlight the positioning strategy, “cheaper amp; better,” while integrating Itch’s current USPS.

The goal of the USPS is to be able and its product offer. This statement will make a lasting impression standing out from competitors. Itch’s S-TAB Quietly Integrating a Campus the Cost Effective Way…… Brilliant! Develop elements of marketing mix Product Strategy Tablets are a form of new technology to the market. Most all tablets are designed for personal use. With the S-Tab ETCH is providing a school specific tablet to enhance a student’s education. The core benefit that the tab offers is a way to better integrate a school enhancing a student’s education.

Greatly benefit an environmentally friendly focused campus, cutting cost of paper and reducing waste. * For the student, the S-Tab will be easy to carry, easy to use, and improving the ability to learn. By means of the actual product, the strategy is to ensure that potential customers purchase the S-Tab over competitors offering. Itch’s strategy at this level involves branding, adding features and benefits specific to school institutions to ensure that this product offers a differential advantage from competitors. * Created with the newest from of technology providing users with newest up-to- date software.

School’s content integrated with the tablet. * School institutions will be able to provide/sell E-books over the Internet, allowing students to purchase and download E-books directly to their tablet. * Option to have tablets designed to their institution’s specific wants and needs. * Schools can select standard applications they would like. * The S-Tab will have a wireless connection with the Internet allowing in the classroom integration between students tablets and classroom smart-board technology. At the third level of the product strategy is the augmented product.

This is what additional non-tangible benefits ETCH will offer. The strategy at this level is based around after sales service, warranties, delivery and so on. * ETCH will offer a free five year guarantee on purchases of S-Tabs, this gives clientele the added benefit of peace of mind over the five years should their tablets develop a fault. When placing the S-Tab into the market some factor and decision that will be taken into consideration include: Product design, product quality, product features, and branding. * The design of the S-tab is a thin lightweight piece of technology that has contemporary and sleek look. With sales price strategy including discount rising with mass quantity purchases customers may perceive the S-Tab as holding greater value over quality, but when prospects see the bundle of features and benefits, the S-Tab will be perceived as also being a quality product relative to Integrating individual school’s content with tablet. Providing newest technology and software. Optional keyboard: will keep the cost of the base tab low but allows people who wish to pay a little more to the option of an actual keyboard.

Pricing Strategy Pricing for our tab will be kept low generally less than half of competition. Volume pricing will be: 1-1,000 full price $450 per tab * $425 per tab * $400 per tab * $350 per tab * $300 per tab * 50,000+ $225 per tab Cross sell accessories such as(keyboards, mouse, book-light, web-cam, carry-case, mini projector. E-books are generally 12% of the cost off hard cover copy. Place Strategy Since the S-Tab will be sold to the schools for them to rent to the students as part of tuition the sales chain will be manufacturer to consumer even though the students are the technical end users.

Promotion Strategy Advertising/PR/Promotion/Lead Generation Database Marketing- Because ETCH doesn’t currently market directly to schools the database marketing strategy will be based on using a business list rented from specialization’s. Com. The Marketing efforts will be directed towards the decisions makers who are the school administrators and members of the school board. * Direct mail- The direct mail piece will consist of a five page color catalog outlining the strengths and benefits of the S-Tab. Email- The email piece will be very similar to the direct mail piece and will include a PDF of the five page catalog. Telemarketing- telemarketing will be used as a follow up for the direct mail and email pieces. SEEM- Utilization of Search Engine Management techniques such as Search Engine Optimization SEE will increase traffic to the website. We expect 8% of the traffic will turn into a basic lead, 10% of those basic leads to become qualified leads, and 3% of the qualified leads to become actual sales.

There for we will need to put 4,167 potential customers into the top of our website sales funnel per sale. Pull strategy- Since the students and facility are the end users we will employ a pull strategy and market directly to them using the following: 12. Fliers- distributing fliers on school campuses will raise awareness of the S-Tab and start creating a buzz among the student body. 13. Billboards/Banners- the use of billboards and banners will similar to the billboards and banners the magazine ads will help boost product recognition.

Press release- Since our product is a new take on tablets as well as impacting education it will be easy to get press coverage on our product. To help ensure we get positive coverage we will issue press kits outlining the strengths and benefits of our S-Tab to all major publications. There will also be realism party featuring demos following the official realism of the tablet. Free Demos- With new technology products such as the S-Tab it is important to get them into the hands of the consumer to get feedback, reduce purchase risk, and build product recognition.

For prospect schools- By providing free demos to key people (user influences, decision makers, tech influences) at qualified prospect schools reduces the risk for the institutions and allows them to become familiar with the product. Tech journalists- Providing free demos to tech Journalists is a good way to get a write up on the product in major publications and provides a third party source. At events/ trade shows- Having demos at events and trade shows allows potential customers to use the product and provides a good channel for collecting feed back on the S-Tab.

Trade Show/educators conference- Attending trade shows and educators conferences is a great way to get the S-Tab in front of the target market. One of the biggest advantages of going to these type of events is that they are very industry specific and so marketing efforts aren’t being wasted on people who are outside the target market. As mentioned above providing free demos at the events will increase he effectiveness and product recognition. Sales/Sales Management Sales Model: Consultative Selling I.

This is a high tech sale and will required knowledge of the networking systems and the tablets themselves. It. Performing a initial needs analysis to see what features will be the most appropriate for each institution allows us to customize the rest of our presentation material to match their specific situation. Iii. The expertise of our sales and tech teams is part of the sale. Since the technology is new to the market and requires a long implementation process a large part of what we’re selling s our knowledge of that process and the customer service that goes along with it.

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