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McDonalds Marketing Report

If there wasn’t a questionnaire the small company wouldn’t do as well, this is because the company wouldn’t know what to sell customers and at what price. The small company would most probably do well to start off as it is something new, but if people don’t like it, they therefore will not go back. I have chosen to do a questionnaire because it gives a much better result than any other method. I did not choose to do secondary research, as it is information that already exists.

As I’m only just starting to do a small business, I don’t know about any information. This is why I chose to do a questionnaire. I chose to do a questionnaire as it is easy to record the results and is much easer to get the public to fill it in. I could have done secondary research, which involves using existing sources of information to research market. This is called desk research. From the questionnaire I did from section 3. 2, I found answers that are vital to my fast food restaurant. I asked a total of 49 people with a mix of sexes.

From my results I chose 4 questions from the questionnaire,

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which I found was the most important. I made bar charts and pie charts to show the result more clearly. I have found out that most people would prefer to go to a fast food restaurant in the afternoon and would go with their friends to McDonalds. I found out that when customers go to a fast food restaurant, they usually buy burgers or a value meal. This result shows that in my restaurant I will be building will have to sell a range of burgers and value meals.

But, I found out that customers want a much wider choice of food. From this result (see pie chart) it shows that customers prefer a mixture of food. So for my fast food restaurant I will do a bit everything. I will not do Vegan as this had a low result. Offering a wide range of food will attract more customers, as there is band to be something there the customers like. It will also make my business different from the competition. There can be problems making a much wider range of food, will there be enough space?

I will have more staff working in the afternoons and evenings as that is when a higher numbers of customers visit. I will have to make sure that all the food sold is at the right price, not too expensive. If it is sold at a good price, you get much more customers. From my results, the questionnaire showed that most people would spend i?? 2-i?? 3 per visit. Location From my results, I found that the best place to build my fast food restaurant would be in the town centre. This result surprised me as I thought the best place would be near the motorway in a shopping centre. Read about Lush vision and mission

I thought this, as people like to get food when they have been shopping or have had a long drive on the motorway and decided to get something to eat. I know people prefer the town centre, I must find out how much it would cost to rent a space. This can be a very high price as it is in town. Also I would have to find somewhere where there isn’t much competition near by. The main problem is finding somewhere in the town centre that is renting and it in the right place where there isn’t much competition.

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